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Cooper Rush Named QB2 Behind Dak Prescott

During yesterday's , the Cowboys named Cooper Rush the behind .

Rush and Will Grier re-signed to the Cowboys yesterday after being released on Tuesday. Prescott is the only active QB on the as we sit and wait for one or both to jump back to the active roster, but what did Rush do that Grier did not this to allow him to earn the backup role?

In the battle for the backup QB position, Grier looked solid the entire . His numbers did not wow anybody, but the traits he displayed throughout the playing time he received compared to Rush looked more fluid. He moved through reads quickly, had fast progression in the pocket, and seemed comfortable throwing the football, but he also had extended work, while Rush only saw the limited snaps.

The staff is sticking with Rush for now; maybe it was the win Rush produced on the road last season against the Vikings, stepping in for Prescott when he was out due to . He won a game on the road against a team with its starting QB behind . That could be a testament to Dallas's talent last season, but Rush led a game-winning drive that ended with a touchdown pass to seal the victory.

Another idea to consider is that he has been in the system longer, and right now, he is the safer answer for QB2. In a flashback to 2017, Rush entered the year as the third-string behind Prescott and . He finished the preseason 38-51, with 398 passing yards, six touchdowns, and no interceptions. In week six, Rush was named the QB2, and Moore found himself on the practice squad. If Grier shows up on the practice squad and Rush struggles with the second team or is asked to step in if anything happens to Prescott, we could see a similar situation unfold.

As we noticed last season, the backup role is important enough to discuss who it should be. Prescott had to miss a game, and Rush stepped in and got a victory. I thought Grier would overtake him, but as mentioned above, the same situation could make its way to the forefront; the is constantly changing, especially with backups.

Shane Taylor

Written by Shane Taylor

Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside the Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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Jeff Tuggle

Consistently spinning their wheels. Getting nowhere. Rush too often doesn’t look or play like a pro…even at times in that Viking game. Jerry deserves what he gets. Sadly, we longtime fans are punished as well.


Unfortunately, this team has a QB problem, and it’s not just with the backup (although that is obvious with apparently Rush being inserted there). This FO hasn’t invested in a big school, top tier QBs EARLY in the draft since Aikman, like 33 YEARS AGO in the 80’s.

Since then, QBs drafted (outside of DP); Quincy Carter, Isaiah Stanback, Stephen McGee, Ben DiNucci. WOW what a list.

Other teams have invested and are getting great results. Case in point: Pat Mahomes. Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, etc. All younger QBs that have their teams SURPASSING the Cowboys in postseason success. And Hebert and Jackson, and maybe even others, are also younger and better.

Biggest part of this problem is the insane long-term contract given to the media hyped-up, overrated player at QB1 now. Even the owner says he “OVERPAID”. This locks the team up from even trying to improve at that position for the foreseeable future, outside of a trade which will probably never happen (who is stupid enough to take on that contract, etc). Of course, the DP lovers already have their yearly excuses lined up: the O-line, WRs injured, EE sucks, ETC. Jerry was hoodwinked and fans are paying the price. 6 and 1.


This team is doomed….. this will be the last year of McCarthy and the next puppet will get ushered in to start the insanity all over again… Prescott is NOT an elite QB, Elliott was WAY overpaid and the D…. yeah well.

al campagnone

Cowboys are best for drama not for winning games and getting to playoffs. Disgusting its been 25 yesrs since they have been in a SB…Jones is an egomaniac who needs to sell the team to someone who knows talent.

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