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Could Dak Prescott’s Development Cost Another QB a Roster Spot?

When the decide their this year, some cuts will be very tough. Right now we assume the team will keep three quarterbacks, but could the growth of starter lead to one of their other prospects losing his spot?

With Prescott's starting job not being threatened, the need to keep three quarterbacks on the roster is up for debate. and rookie are both intriguing, but are they both worth keeping if it means losing talent at another position?

If Dak has a great camp and , that debate heats up even more. Not only are you increasingly confident in your young starter, but so far he's shown himself to be very durable. You'd essentially be stashing that third QB for security only, with little chance of getting anything from him during the season.

The Cowboys have often gone with just two quarterbacks during the era. It was usually Romo, the clear starter, and then a veteran backup such as , , or .

Neither Rush or White are experienced vets, of course. That may be good enough reason to keep both.

Mike White
Dallas Cowboys QB Mike White

Even by drafting White this year, considering Rush was already here, Dallas seems to have shifted philosophies about their QB depth. It appears they want to move to having more of a pipeline of talent at the position, similar to what we've seen from the .

But even if that's their intention, tough decisions still lie ahead. They will still have to look at Rush or White, and the prospect of that guy spending all season in street clothes, compared to cutting someone else who might be more useful in 2018.

When that time comes, will the stick to their new mentality or get pushed back into old habit?

If that happens, things get sticky for Cooper Rush. Even with the extra season under his belt, he doesn't have a four-year rookie contract like Mike White. He also wasn't a draft pick like White, who Dallas took in the fifth round this year.

This question could come up even without a big surge from Dak Prescott. It may come down to pure roster math and value across all positions.

But if Dak has a strong August, leaving no doubt as to his readiness for 2018 and beyond, then the Cowboys might start rethinking how much QB talent they need on the roster.

It's just another of the many hypotheticals to play with as we move closer to final cuts.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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John McClain

It’s not about what Dak does it’s all about what Cooper Rush shows in camp and the preseason games. If Rush shows the potential that he showed last year worst case scenario is trading him for future draft picks

Jess Haynie

I agree that he could be trade bait with another great preseason. But whether he gets traded or released, it still goes back to the Cowboys only wanting to keep two QBs on the roster. That was the point.


@Jess Haynie, this has got to be the most ignorant premise & title for an article that I’ve ever read. Let’s state this in a different way to show how silly the title of your article really sounds.

Could the development of your starting quarterback (Dak Prescott) who won Rookie of the Year, who posted career numbers and wins in his first season similar to Tony Romo’s best season ever cost an undrafted free agent and a low round draft pick a roster spot because last year his coaches asked him to force the ball to their alleged number one wide receiver who had problems getting open, couldn’t establish separation, and couldn’t run routes?

Between The star, The Landry Hat, and The Dallas Morning News, you people write some of the most ignorant articles I’ve ever read. I’d love to read other pundits however unfortunately we’re stuck with you guys if we want local information about the Dallas Cowboys which is just flat out sad.

Jess Haynie

So other than that, what did you think of the article?

I just want to make sure I understand you. It’s entirely ridiculous, or ignorant, to wonder if a team which has shown a propensity for only keeping two quarterbacks on its roster might do so again?

It seems that you’ve misinterpreted what I wrote as a backhanded slam against Dak Prescott. That was not the intent at all. I’m a firm believer in Dak as the QB of the future.

This was only to look at roster math and what the team might do if presented with similar circumstances to what they’ve had in the past.

Melvin S Edgmand

there not trading cooper rush the pats wanted him bad and jerry shut that off quick. cooper rush over the last three practices has taken a lot of first team snaps I know I am here right now. I see it. you all can fool yourselves into believing dak is going to do well. yesterday 7 straight incompletions. not the recievers fault bs, daks fault. while rush is killing it. he was the best qb in preseason in the nfl last year. and he will do it again. when does he get a shot when the seasons gone when these writer keep blaming the recievers which is bull they lie its 100% dak. its way different being here then listening to the bs they put on nfl network thee isn’t nothing wrong with these recievers. iam a huge cowboy fan been here from the beginning. no way we see a playoff ever. with dak as quarterback..

Jess Haynie

But…. we’ve already seen a playoff with Dak as the QB.

Thanks for all of your clearly unbiased and objective analysis.

Melvin S Edgmand

no we seen one with zeke dak just happen to be on the team what about the 7 plus games last year under 200 yds passing your argument holds no water you can ride that band wagon til the tires fall off dak will be siiting the pines by week 4


So your solution is to start a less athletic, less mobile, weaker-armed UDFA in place of the QB that won 22 games as a starter in two season despite serious struggles last year? You think Cooper Rush is a unique talent amongst NFL QBs? You’re looking at a right-handed Kellen Moore here. He has yet to prove himself among 1st-string talent and those lollipop rainbows he throws in practice (yes, we’ve all been watching) don’t cut it come game time.

Melvin S Edgmand

just your first sentence told me you no little about football and to walk away this is me walking

Melvin S Edgmand

oh fuck it ok dumb ass you need to know football. cooper is way faster smarter stronger throws the fall farther then Dak ever dreamed of he is 6 ft 5 235 how the fuck is heslower your just fucking idiot jesus I mean stupid do you even k own who cooper rush is wow read a stat watch a game you make no sense what a joke

Melvin S Edgmand

sorry Iwas gone they way you described cooper rush made me laugh so hard I had to tweet it and send it to my friends your to funny


Go ahead and walk away, Melvin. The game tape proves who’s the better QB.

Melvin S Edgmand

your arguing just to have conflict. you’ve commented 289 times on this site. oh didnt know they kept count.they do if you were smart you’d learn how and erase them. your a pathetic troll who basically insults everyone comments that dont align with yours. problem is your not football smart. I see it a lot in your crowd. your a beer swilling douchebag probably from the fucked up state of texas that goes around jerking off to anything cowboys. your football knowledge comes from your fading memories of being a second string jr varsity back up tight end or some shit who peaked in 7th grade so this will be my last comment on this matter for you. so now you have all the time in the world for that cowboys circle jerk and bbq you have coming up next weekend. your pathetic


Get back on your meds, Melvin. I didn’t even read that delusional rant. Come back at us with some facts and maybe learn some grammar, vocabulary and syntax while you’re at it.

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