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Could Noah Brown be a Surprise Blake Jarwin Replacement?

Blake Jarwin’s injury could create an opportunity for Noah Brown.

Losing Tight End Blake Jarwin for the season is no doubt a heavy blow to the Dallas Cowboys offense. For the first time in about two decades there’s now a glaring hole at the TE position and unfortunately there’s no clear-cut answer to fixing the problem. For now, the best the Cowboys can do is plug it for the year and hope Jarwin can rebound next season.

As things stand right now, it looks as if Dalton Schultz and Blake Bell will be the plugs the Dallas Cowboys use now that Blake Jarwin is out of the picture. Neither really has much starting experience or production in the NFL, which is concerning to say the least. They will probably be given every opportunity to prove themselves, but they may be on a short leash.

If I’m being completely honest, I don’t have a whole lot of faith in either Dalton Schultz or Blake Bell. I think both of them are a pretty big downgrade in both talent and athleticism from Blake Jarwin. Because of that, I wouldn’t be completely surprised if the Cowboys turned to someone else currently on the roster.

Enter Noah Brown.

To the shock and awe of many I’m sure, I really believe Noah Brown is probably better suited to replace Blake Jarwin than anyone else the Dallas Cowboys currently have on the roster. Yes I know Brown is a receiver and doesn’t have the prototypical TE build, but from a skill set standpoint he checks a lot of the boxes.

At 6’2″, 225 pounds, Noah Brown has the size to play an H-back type of role with the Dallas Cowboys. Being a little light in the seat may prevent him from being an effective in-line blocker, but that wasn’t Blake Jarwin’s strength either. In an H-back role though, No. 85 can become a mismatch kind of player in my opinion.

For comparison standpoint, think former Tennessee Titans TE Delanie Walker, who is currently available on the open market. Noah Brown and Walker are roughly the same size, however, the latter is approximately 20 pounds heavier. Regardless though, that’s the kind of weapon I envision when I think of Brown as an H-back.

Now, I fully understand this is purely speculation on my part, but I do believe it’s something the Dallas Cowboys should at least consider. After all, Noah Brown supposedly had a pretty strong training camp and was kept around for a reason. Maybe it took losing Blake Jarwin for the season for the Cowboys to realize what that reason was.

What do you think? Could Noah Brown be Blake Jarwin’s replacement?

What do you think?

Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. The concern I would have is does N Brown have any exp. at all playing TE? Sure Schultz/Bell have played position since college……not to mention Schultz has been with the team a few yrs and knows the system as it relates to the position. An idea worth exploring though.

    • He has a little experience in an H-back role, which is how I think he should be utilized. It wouldn’t be dissimilar to the way he was utilized earlier in his career. The role would just be expanded. And if I’m not mistaken Blake Bell was a QB who converted to TE in college.

    • Not yet they haven’t, but maybe they can surprise us. I still wouldn’t mind seeing Noah Brown worked into the mix as well.

  2. Yea I think thats more feasible since Jarwin was a receiving TE himself. So the offense was already set up for TE in that role. I looked at Jarwin as a poor man’s J Novacek. I expected a good yr from him, but with all our receiving weapons inc. RBs wasn’t sure how everyone would get touches anyway……especially with Zeke needing to be fed.

  3. Nice article Martin, utilizing what we already have instead of automatically looking elsewhere for help. I personally believe we can do wonders with the main 3 wrs with brown in more 00,10,20 formations which ironically McCarthy was known for in GB. I defiantly like brown to fill that void as well. Even BRINGING in pollard with zeke. Just bring in your 11,12s on goaline situations.

  4. First thing I thought of when Jarwin got hurt was to bring Brown into the tight end mix. This isnt the first time its been mentioned of trying him there with his size and play making ability and its definitely a good way to get him on the field and involved more.

  5. Jordan Reed is with the Niners. Schultz had 2 drops and a penalty that cost a TD. I would start Bell, check out Walker, and use Brown. Even Dez would be a viable option at this point. They should sign Thomas III for his attitude and trade for a couple of LBs, sign Clay Matthews for hybrid role.

  6. With the new talent I expected a KC type of offensive attack. Maybe that type of attack would conceal constant flux in the line, as now with TE? We have already had too many years of “rush it to win”.

  7. Cowboys need someone better than Noah brown I’m sorry there’s no time for inexperienced players on the field . Delanie Walker is a good improvement we should test free agency

  8. Jordan Reed just signed with the 49ers this off season, he was with Washington all the way up until then!! And I agree about Schultz, he messed up his chances when he dropped both of his pass opportunities!! And I think it’s Bells turn to see what he can do, but Walker would be a waste of time, he’s too injury prone, he’s only played 8 games in the last 2 or 3 seasons!! Giving Dez a chance at the role isn’t that bad of an idea!! And I think we’re good at LB, we still have Joe Thomas and March, plus the 2 pet cats, the one from last season and the undrafted rookie we signed this year!! And Clay Matthews is too old to play the hybrid role now, he’s only good for pass rushing!!

  9. Brown has the skillset for sure just not the size. Unless McCarthy/Moore got super creative in designing run plays, having Brown lining up at TE would be a telltale sign that the play is a pass.

  10. As Jarwin is undersized and known as a receiving TE might not be as be drop off as it could be. Could also make the argument Brown is a better receiver. This is where position coaches earn their pay. Working around injuries and adversity is what good teams do.

  11. I love this! I been thinking of a similar scenario since BJ’s injury. heck, I wouldn’t mind bringing in Dez to fill that tight end role for the remainder of the season. Might be a viable cheap option and from what I recall he did good sealing off his side for Murray to get outside and up the field.

  12. Obviously Shultz showed up to play and took alot of stress of the QB with his willingness to block and consistantly be open in the middle for both DAK and Andy….Even Blake Bell when given the chance got open and made some really good catches, not to mention he made some really good blocks in the run game,not that Zeke took advantage of it because he fumbled to dad gum much….I would like to hear scenarios of what it would cost to trade Zeke financially, and who would even want him……thanks

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