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Cowboys’ CB Maurice Canady Could Compete for a Starting job in 2021

Maurice Canady could play an important role with Cowboys in 2021.

or ? That’s pretty much the extent of a lot of way of thinking around Nation right now and understandably so. The Cowboys desperately need to not only add depth to the cornerback position this , but hopefully find upgrades as well. Surprisingly enough, a 2020 opt out could be part of that solution.

After a one-year deal last year with the Dallas Cowboys Maurice Canady was expected to be a big part of Dallas’ cornerback depth for the . Instead, he ended up being one of three Cowboys players who decided to opt out the season due to the pandemic. Thankfully though that one-year deal rolls over to the 2021 season.

With , , and all possibly leaving in the Cowboys without a doubt need more depth at the cornerback position. With so many bodies heading out the door, Maurice Canady has a chance to emerge as a candidate who could compete for a starting job in 2021. However, there’s a lot that could happen between now and then.

At 6’1″, 193 pounds, Maurice Canady fits the mold prefers in his outside and his past experience gives him a bit of an advantage over any incoming the Cowboys may add through the draft. Any advantage, even a slight one, could go a long ways in earning that starting job that has eluded him most of his career.

Earning a starting job isn’t going to be easy though and could be even harder if the Dallas Cowboys are looking for players who could potentially be salary-cap casualties. In Maurice Canady’s case, the Cowboys could save a little over $1 million by making him a pre-June 1 cut. In an offseason where money could be tight, that alone could already seal his fate in Dallas.

As things stand right now though Canady has just as good a shot at not only playing a significant role with the Dallas Cowboys in 2021, but potentially earning a starting job as any other CB they may add in the offseason. He may be an afterthought by many around , but that doesn’t mean he’s not in the mix.

Maurice Canady might be a name you want to remember for future reference. He may seem like a long shot to earn a starting job with the Cowboys right now, but things can definitely change in a hurry depending on what happens the rest of the offseason. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he ends up playing a significant role in 2021, quite possibly as a starter.

What do you think?


Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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  1. @VAM EXACTLY with you on getting better at pressuring opponents QB’s and improving at our run stopping abilities. These things would help the back end considerably.

  2. Agree JV and X88, Parsons would be a great addition, not only at stopping the run, but can cover, and he can also blitz the QB, which happens very infrequently now with our current LBs. J Smith tries sometimes, but usually doesn’t get home.

    We have to put more pressure on the QB. The latest example of this dramatically helping you win games, look no further than this past SB.

    He would upgrade the whole defense, putting him right in the center of the second level.

  3. I agree with we need to pressure QB more , I like Parsons at 10 if he’s there which is a BIG IF , but I mean at this point I think we should try and add some surefire players like Kyle Pitts at TE with our 10th pick , even though that’s not a glaring need , it’s something we can improve at and with numerous players contracts coming up at TE and WR which Pitts can play both , I think go with him , the O will be hard to stop with him and these 3 WRs and if Dak is as good as everyone says he is .

    The Chiefs have continually been adding players on O even though that may not of been a need , they got some players on D but as was shown in Super Bowl vs. Bucs , it wasn’t working but if we got ANY shot of doing anything anytime soon we need to make ourselves unstoppable on one side of the ball , if we chase need then we risk something else becoming a need

    Don’t trip on Pitts he IMO as well as many others is one of the most sure things in this draft along T Lawrence and Sewell

  4. VAM, agree we need to have Defense with the 10th pick. However, I believe we are set at DE with Lawrence, Randy Gregory and possibly Aldon Smith. There is not a great DT in the draft. So IMO, Cowboys will select the best available CB, or a great LB (Micah Parsons ?). Agree with you on Chidobe. I think given the right price we should keep him. Canady might also bring additional depth to our CB positions.

  5. Maurice Canady? Really? I didn’t think the Cowboys brought him in as a possible starter, just as depth. Canady has been on IR every season he has been in the league, so I am not sure he has the physical ability to stay on the field for any length of time. Whatever Canady’s eventual status, I am hoping the Cowboys get a great player in the draft that can start along side Anthony Brown and Trevon Diggs. Caleb Farley or Patrick Surtain would be a step in the right direction. Then they need to grab a Safety as well. Trevon Moehrig or Jevon Holland would be good choices in Round 2, or maybe Richie Grant in Round 3.

  6. Brian, I think you have a point. If I remember correctly Canady was rated higher than Chido in 2019. He has experience and good size, which would put him in a better position over a rookie, at least in the near term. That said, I think we should also look hard at maybe signing Chido. This would give us more flexibility at draft time. Of course, all this is dependent on if we are intent on drafting a CB in first round. if they think Surtain/Farley is the answer. than things would changes.

    IMO, we should go with the highest rated LB, DE, or DT in first round, because we have to put much more pressure/sacking on the QB, and, of course, do a much better job at stopping the run. Doing those things will also help our backend, especially QB pressuring and sacking. Even the lowest rated QB can slice and dice a D backfield if they are given time, which is what happened to us way to often.

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