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Cowboys CB Maurice Canady Opts Out of 2020 Season due to COVID-19

The took a blow to their potential depth as , who signed as a in March, has voluntarily opted out of the due to concerns. He was expected to make the roster this year and perhaps contend for a large role in the CB rotation.

Canady signed a one-year deal to come to Dallas and compete with , , and for playing time. But the Cowboys would also go on to draft and Reggie Robinson and sign veteran .

The 5th-year veteran used his on Twitter account to confirm the and provide a brief, but clear, explanation for his decision.

Per the recent agreement between the NFL and , Canady's contract will now toll (or freeze, in layman terms) and he will be under contract again in 2021 for similar terms. Dallas does have the right to him between now and then, but Canady will be unable to play until next season.

This now gives veterans like Daryl Worley and easier shots at making the 2020 roster. They were going to be up against younger talent with more developmental potential, including Canady.

It's especially big for Goodwin, who is an outstanding player but doesn't offer much as a cornerback. It was looking like he might get edged out, but now Dallas will have an easier time giving him a roster spot.

Players have until this Saturday, August 1st, to take the opt-out provision. Will Maurice Canady be the only Cowboy to do so, or is he just the first?

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Under NFL covid money per report , Goodwin will get either 150,000 or 350,000 and keep an accrued year toward future retirement. Opting out is the clever thing for any player who is marginal and especially one who needs a year
of benefits accrual. I understand if they opt out their contract rolls over to next year.
Hopefully, most players are not smart enough to figure the scam of claiming a covid opt out year.


Sorry, it is Canady that opted out.


Good riddance to this p***Y. Get lost and don’t ever come back.

Peter S

I agree,he would’ve been given a fair shot to show other teams hey,you messed up,the Boys got me now .. I was a diamond in the rough,the Jets screwed up! But no,he just verified and justified why the Jets let him walk,he just don’t have any sand in them PANTS! When I was 25 wild horses wouldn’t keep me from the opportunity to play in the NFL…puts the Boys into an already contentious backup plan at CB

Cowboys fan

Who cares…. He wasn’t gonna be nothing more than a special teams player, if even that!! There’s way more corners on this team that are better than him!! He would’ve been lucky to even make the final 53!!


With Canady opting out, our depth at CB becomes a little more clearer. I think it’ll end up being Awuzie, Diggs, Brown, Robinson and Worsley. I think Lewis gets traded during camp. Much respect to Canady for doing this, family is always #1.

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