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Cowboys, CB Patrick Surtain II Linked In Yet Another Mock Draft

As the 2021 NFL Draft approaches, the potential targets for the Cowboys with the tenth overall pick seems to narrow.

At this point there are three major camps: those who want Alabama’s Patrick Surtain II, those who favor South Carolina’s Jaycee Horn, and those who want to make the offense as unstoppable as possible with Florida tight end Kyle Pitts.

The national mock drafts are even more narrow than just those three, however. Everyone seems to expect the Cowboys to snag the Alabama cornerback with their first pick. Recent trades from the Dolphins and 49ers make it even more clear that offensive players will dominate the top ten, and give the Cowboys their pick of the litter for the top defensive prospect. recently released another mock draft, with the Cowboys taking Surtain II tenth overall.

“Team need and player value merge at the 10th overall pick, with the Cowboys getting the kind of physical outside corner they could have had in Jalen Ramsey a few years ago. Surtain is a technician who plays the ball as well as any corner I’ve seen over the past 20 years.”

Of course, no member of Cowboys Nation would find fault with this selection. But the race to be the fanbase’s favorite prospect has gotten tighter than expected in recent weeks.

Everyone knows how dynamic Kyle Pitts was in college, and he could help put this already explosive offense into another stratosphere. Then there’s Jaycee Horn, who had an incredible Pro Day where he showcased his absurd athletic traits.

But doesn’t Patrick Surtain II just feel like the perfect pick? Pairing Surtain II with his former college teammate, Trevon Diggs, would give the Cowboys two young talented building blocks as they re-form their secondary from scratch.

The Cowboys have spent much of free agency signing safeties galore, so with the tenth overall pick they should look to improve on the outside of their secondary.

Drafting Patrick Surtain II would do just that.

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Kevin Brady

Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.


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  1. If Surtain makes it to 10, it seems almost a lock the Cowboys will take him. I say almost because you never know if there’s a player out there that could change their mind.

  2. If Surtain goes in #1, I would add McNeil, NT, to Moehrig and Grant as really good options. Barrmore and Phillips could also drift downward into early #2 range. The Cowboys have many picks after #3 and should offer one or two to get into the top 5 of #2 and I believe one of these players will be there. We can’t fix everything in one draft- try to assure you hit on 2 or 3 defensive starters in this draft and there are enough holes where that is realistic. With the two CBs, Sewell and Pitts (both may HOF quality), I believe we will like our #1. A trade down for Farley and an extra premium pick also seems possible now (still don’t like his injury history for a #1 given our recent luck drafting those type of players. I heard Burrow is lobbying for Chase so Sewell might slide by them, still Miami might draft him, but may be thinking Pitts as well, it is unlikely Sewell falls to us but no longer a remote possibility.

  3. A top 10 pick should get you a future pro bowl player. A real star for the long term future. Just draft the very best player on the board, with the pro bowl in mind, regardless of the position.

  4. sparkman, not a bad idea, best available. Problem is, whose to say exactly who is “best” when number 10 comes up. It really is just opinions. While I like the idea of BA, I think we should also be mindful of our needs, to a certain extent.

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