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Cowboys Cornerbacks Share Support of Jason Garrett

Now six days into the offseason and Jason Garrett remains the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. As the NFL world continues to wait for a resolution to the Dallas Cowboys coaching situation, a couple of Cowboys cornerbacks shared memories of Jason Garrett on Twitter yesterday.

Jourdan Lewis on Twitter

When I got into that trouble before the draft coach Garrett told me, he believed in me as a person and a football player. I really appreciate JG though, seriously.


Donovan Olumba on Twitter

When I first got to the Cowboys coach Garrett said our team over our history has many successful 1st round picks to undrafted free agents. We don’t care how you got in the door the only thing matters is what you do now. He gets nothin but love from myself.

It’s moments like these that you realize the humanity of a situation and are forced to take a step back. Jason Garrett may not be the right person to lead the Dallas Cowboys to a championship, but he was an impactful head coach on this franchise during his nearly 10 year tenure with the team.

Until this season, the overall narrative about Jason Garrett coached teams is that they play hard for him. Even in seasons, like 2015, when they weren’t very good on offense, they were competitive in most of those games.

These words from Jourdan Lewis and Donovan Olumba won’t likely change the future of Jason Garrett’s career with the Dallas Cowboys, but the words mean something. When the overwhelming feeling is that the Cowboys will be moving on from their longtime head coach it’s cool to see a couple of players take to social media to offer their thoughts on their coach. They didn’t have to go on Twitter to share stories about interactions with Jason Garrett. They didn’t have to say anything, yet they took the time to share something personal about their relationship with their head coach.

Jason Garrett has been criticized in the past by one former player in particular that he struggles to relate to players. One thing is certain, he’s made a positive impact on his players over the years.

Regardless of how the Cowboys coaching situation unfolds, Garrett’s time on the sidelines has left an impression that will stay with his players long after he’s gone. For most of the roster, he’s the only NFL Head Coach that they’ve known. For all of his faults he never “lost the room.”

The message may have worn out this season, but there was never a revolt in the locker room and that speaks to the respect they have for Garrett even during a tumultuous 2019 season

What do you think?

John Williams

Written by John Williams

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  1. Garrett is a high school coach. He runs out in front of his team, he throws the football before games, he gives the most immature post game speeches, he takes the team on field trips to 9/11, train rides, African American Museum…(all great places but not during football season), claps like a goof ball, pats players on the back at inappropriate times and smiles like the Cheshire Cat on his stupid TV show. Moreover, he is disloyal to his coaches from undermining Wade to firing his assistants for his own shortcomings. It’s never Smiling Dopey Opie’s fault. But he’s a puppet of the Jones’ and they have an even worse track record without Jimmy’s players

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