Cowboys’ Dak Prescott Expects 2021 NFL Draft to be ‘Defense Heavy’

    The time for speculation is nearly over as the of the kicks off tonight when takes the podium and announces the are officially on the clock.

    In the words of the great Bruce Buffer of the UFC, “IIIIIIIIIIIT's TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME!!!!!”

    For months, we've debated where the should go with the 10th overall pick. If the draft falls in such a way that they've got several players on both sides of the ball to choose from, should they go with the best player available at a position of need or should they just go with the best player available. It's , , and vs , , and .

    At some point this evening, we'll get an answer to the first-round question that has invaded our thoughts for the past four months. And regardless of where they go with the 10th overall pick, the assumption has been that this draft class, similar to the 2017 class will feature a heavy dose of defensive talent.

    Speaking to Tiki Barber and Brandon Tierney of , Dak Prescott expects the same thing.

    As infatuated as and I are with Kyle Pitts, the Cowboys still have a ton of talent on the offensive side of the football as Prescott laid out. , Michael Gallup, and continue to make up one of the best groups in the NFL. , looking to improve upon a solid 2020 is still one of the 10 best running backs in the league. and are solid tight ends with a ton of upside. If the is healthier than they were in 2020, there's no reason the Dallas Cowboys shouldn't be humming in 2021.

    The Dallas Cowboys have 10 picks and it is a deep defensive draft. There's a possibility they could find a defensive starter or at least a future starter in each of the first four rounds if that's the way the draft falls. But even if these guys outside of the first two rounds aren't starters at the NFL level, the Cowboys need depth at every level of the . They need a starter at and guys that could potentially develop into starters along the , at , and at .

    Most of the 10 picks the Dallas Cowboys have at this point will be spent on the defensive side of the football and it wouldn't surprise me if the Cowboys make a trade or two for an established veteran player to add to their defense.

    The Cowboys need their defense to take a substantial step forward in 's first year. They worked in to add players that can contribute right away, but they need to hit a few home runs in this draft on the defensive side of the football whether it's in the first round or later. The Cowboys' loaded offensive group needs a little help from the defensive side of the ball and the provides the next opportunity to give that help.

    John Williams
    John Williams
    Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could. Make sure you check out the Inside The Cowboys Podcast featuring John Williams and other analysts following America's Team.


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    Defense help seems to be the consensus, which makes sense, but don’t be too surprised if we draft some offensive prospects. IMO, we could use an augmentation to the RB position. I understand the stupid EE contract may preclude that decision, but if we look honestly at EE’s decline, it may be prudent. Of course the O-line is also a consideration.

    Cowboy Fan Ed

    We definitely need help on the The defensive side of the ball so on the offensive side Vam you brought out a good point in the fact that if EE is still regressing we could use help in the backfield! Also we need to shore up the OL too!


    Again if Pitts is there, there isn’t a choice cuz you’d be gifting him to Giants or Eagles at 11 and 12, he more than likely won’t be there but it’s the draft, S**t gets crazy on draft night.

    The 3 guys i’d be good with taking at 10 would be Parsons, Surtain, or Horn, IMO Parsons would be my number 1 target of those 3.

    I’d be Ok with taking Slater there though I wouldn’t love it, and I’d be against adding Waddle at 10, I’ve been back and forth on him, but I think you can find good quality WRs later in draft

    I agree VAM that we need to take a look at some RBs in draft but we don’t need to force it though, I think i’d wait to think about RBs in the 5th round or later

    My ideal 1st 3 picks would be Parsons, Holland, and McNeill


    TUTX88, I could go with your first three picks. Taking care of the three levels from jump. Of course if Pitts falls, Jerry can’t resist, and that would change the rotation for defensive prospects. But chances are Pitts will be taken already, so probably a moot point.