Cowboys Draft: Why I’m Betting The Cowboys Take a CB in 1st Round

If you open a right now, chances are you’ll read about the taking a in the with the 17th pick of the . With prospects like ’s or Alabama’s , it just makes a ton of sense. The have had an important need at the position for a long time and it’s time for an upgrade over , who’s bound to hit this .

However, it’s hard to be certain about the Cowboys drafting a safety in the first round in Las Vegas next April. America’s Team hasn’t addressed safety in the first round since they took in 2002. Since then, they haven’t drafted one in the , either.

Of course, how a completely new staff values the position comes into question. Not only that but how much input will the coaches have on the scouts’ decisions in this regime? It’s hard to know what to expect.

But if we’re going to talk about how there will be great safety options at #17, we can’t stop talking about the cornerbacks that will be on the board as well. It’s just foolish to suggest the Cowboys have any shot at Ohio State’s Jeffrey Okudah, but what about the other top prospects?

C.J. Henderson (Florida), Kriston Fulton (LSU), (Alabama) and (TCU) could all be options as soon as the first round. There’s also a realistic shot the Cowboys can have their pick at any of these players when they’re on the clock.

Right now, Byron Jones’ future is very uncertain. It all points toward him getting a shot to taste free agency and if he does, what are the chances he stays in Dallas? He’s been one of the league’s top cornerbacks in the past couple of seasons and he has a chance to become the highest-paid CB in the league.

If the proposed is approved and the Cowboys can’t use two tags in 2020, it is even more probable that Jones will play elsewhere next season. If they can’t keep Byron around, how is cornerback not the team’s top need? has been inconsistent and despite being a promising young player, we haven’t seen enough from to be confident about him starting in the outside.

Not to mention, they’ll both be in 2021 and will also be testing the market in March.

As you can see, even if the Cowboys pay Byron, cornerback would still be a need. And there will be top prospects available in 2020. I’m on them drafting a cornerback when they’re on the clock in April.

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Written by Mauricio Rodriguez

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  1. I think safety is a bigger need than corner even if Byron don’t come back!! We’ll still have Jordan Lewis and chido on the team with starting experience, but we’ll only have woods with starting experience at safety!! If I had to choose I’d pick Mckinney at 17 or trade back and get Mckinney depending how the draft falls before pick 17, and then get Jeff Gladney in the 2nd round cause I’m sure he’s gonna be there when we pick in round 2!!if not him then there will be a couple other top corners like Damon Arnette, or Aj Terrell!! Safety has been a bigger need for us for too long now to pass up on Mckinney in the first!!

  2. I agree CB might be best value at 17. Talent and position value is higher than what would get at Safety at 17. BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE will probably be a WR but don’t think Cowboys will pick that though, so anything they take could be considered a reach at 17. So I agree with this article that there is very good chance they go CB if can’t trade back.

    For CB… I like Trevon Diggs. He’s #2 CB on my “board”. Tall, good size, former WR, and has NFL genes. Would be happy with him at 17 but do back-flips if they trade back.

    #3 (on my board) CJ Henderson seems like Byron Jones clone. Fast, athletic, hopefully will shut down a WR but won’t give you turn-overs. I’d be okay with him but prefer a trade-back, if possible, and get Diggs.

    Would address Safety in 2nd or third depending on best player available. D-Line, and LB are also big needs.

  3. I think if the cowboys can trade back into the first and still get mckinney or delpit along with a couple picks they could grab a good CB and DT in the 2nd and 3rd rd. I think damon arnette will still be around late 2nd early 3rd and that’d be a steal at corner back.

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