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Cowboys’ Elliott Looks Quick, Agile in Workout Video

After an that produced a successful and what most believed was a productive period, the were expected to win the East in 2020. derailed their season from the beginning, but one of the most alarming aspects of the Cowboys from a season ago was the struggles of .

He averaged a career-low in yards per rush (4.0) and yards per game (65.3) and had a career-high in fumbles (6) while failing to reach 1,000 yards for the first time in a full season. After the first down campaign of his career, the pressure for Elliott to return to the elite group of running backs begin immediately, and Elliott is already getting back in the lab.

He was seen recently along with teammates and working out with trainer J. Hicks, and the two-time rushing champion looked quick, agile, and elusive.

Elliott has all the motivation in the world to get back to being mentioned as one of the best at his position, and it started during the . When Elliott was ranked as the third-best running back by , an anonymous coach ranked Elliott the 11-best runner with this explanation why.

“Very few breakout runs, doesn’t look as strong anymore. Feels like he’s about 60 to 70 percent of what he was.”

This was a surprising take considering Elliott was fourth in rushing (1,357), fourth in rushing touchdowns (12), second in all-purpose yards (1,777), and first in 100-yard games (7) in 2019. The rumblings of Elliott's demise have gotten so loud this offseason that some have gone as far as to suggest that the Cowboys should part ways with him after the worst season of his five-year career.

Elliott had two major roadblocks going against him last season with and several members of the missing major time. With , , and back healthy, and the return of a newly signed Prescott as of Monday, nothing is holding Elliott back from being his regular 1,300/1,400-yard self in 2021.


Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
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Elliott has gone down for 5 seasons and is just a moderate power back now.
Runners that degrade do not get faster and quicker in year 6.
Advanced stats showed Elliott as rank #40 last season after being 38 in 2019.
So, no, Elliott is not going to return to 2016, his only exceptional year .


Bruh everybody looks faster in little videos like that , put a LB or Safety out there and see how he compares , it does look like Zeke has lost some weight but how significant is that ? IDK we’ll see , i feel if he doesn’t do good this year and continues to decline , i think I’d pull a play out of the Rams playbook and just straight up cut him


Lenix, like the article. we have in the past faired different opinions on things but this article hits the nail on the head. Elliott been plagued by poor line play. The major problem people have is his bloated salary. He is getting payed for what he has done not what he is doing. There bodes your problem. People don’t like contract talks. Always issues doesn’t matter what u do. Elliott did not have as much of a lucrative year as before and all of a sudden people don’t want him because pollard has a decent year. Personally they need to utilize them better and not be so predictable. Even last year there were some nice trick plays but when Elliott was in the play Calling was very predictable. Would like to see more split and I form in rotation. Allow for extra lead blocking. We shall see.
Bit odd the Garrett didn’t value fb as much as u would think. Think about it he was in the lineup with moose Johnson. Just saying. Believe we can do some damage if we get our skill positions some protection help. Instead of expensive rentals that are here for half the year and the other half on the bench for health.
I believe he will have a bounce back year. And truth be told will probably be trade bait next year if pollard continues his success. Sad but realistic.

Jesse Elizondo

You all are forgetting one huge factor he was sick with the virus first and you dont totally recove from that right a way ir affects you physically even if you dont realize it right a way.


From the video it appears he hasn’t been working on what he really needs to improve on… protecting the football.

John Williams

He improved upon that last season. Over the final nine games of the year, just one fumble.


The dude had covid19 and no one knows the effects it has on your body and conditioning. Jayson Tatum has mentioned this recently about his own conditioning. Plus let’s not forget he was playing behind a make shift line and getting hit at he line of scrimmage with 8 .an fronts. Stop hating and overlooking and let the process play out.

Don Howard

He must have been the first one in the world to get Covid because he’s been going down hill for 3 years


Yeah he must’ve gotten Covid when he was in Cabo , cuz he ain’t been the same since then lol

He’s been on a decline for 3 years , now does that have something to do with O-Line ? You can make a better case their , but i doubt even if you do give him one , i doubt he all of a sudden becomes a elite RB


The Elliott decline started in 2017 . Only media and some fans finally noticed last season.

Cwbyfan4 53 yrs

Yeah, the outrageous salary is the problem for many,,,BUT besides that, the NFL is a business. When your losses exceed the benefits, you CUT your losses. We can offer the usual hurt feelings of pretended alarm ploy, another mile of excuses and the usual pity party for catching Covid from whining multi-millionaires, but then again use some sense (which has been lacking almost every year with this guy) and stay away from overloaded house parties. Tough Jerry love,,,which it never is. should have corrected the BS by now (domestics, Covid, on and on). Like the commercial….NOT sorry!


Don’t care he is still better than most backs! Let’s go Zeke!

Andy Gilt

When your down by 17 points at halftime pounding a run game is impossible

Dave SC58

I don’t know if he is just wearing down or was just not in good enough shape last year. I didn’t think he looked like he was in the best shape he could be last year. Getting a huge contract and a huge head at the same time didn’t help matters. He can be much better with an improved line and improved conditioning but He has to want it.. Even if he isn’t the same runner he was 5 years ago, he can still be effective if he puts in the work.

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