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Cowboys Focused On Dak Prescott, Not Russell Wilson

Outside of the NFL Draft, the time right after the Super Bowl and before free agency kicks off is typically a quiet time of year for the league.

But in the modern NFL, there is never a quiet time for the league.

Player empowerment has evolved across all sports, with the modern star athlete taking his fate into his own hands. If Deshaun Watson doesn’t want to be in Houston anymore, even after signing a long term contract, then guess what? He’s going to force his way out of Houston.

If James Harden doesn’t want to be in Houston anymore…yeah, you get it. Players are speaking up and out, looking to create better situations for themselves and get out from under team control.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is now the latest player to come out and (sort of) demand a trade. The official report was that Wilson isn’t demanding a trade from Seattle, but if he were to be traded, he’d prefer a very specific list of four teams.

I’ll pin this great tweet from Ryen Russillo to explain my feelings on that report here.

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“I like my wife but here are four women I’d leave her for.”

The report brought immediate drama across football Twitter, with the biggest question being, should the Cowboys consider making this move? Is trading for Russell Wilson, who may be a better quarterback than Dak Prescott, a smart play for the Cowboys? How much better (if at all) is Wilson than Prescott? Enough to warrant trading away draft picks in the deal?

Well, regardless of what you think the answers are here, the latest reports make it clear this isn’t happening. As Mike Fisher pointed out on Twitter, the Cowboys are solely focused on ending their own starting quarterback drama, and not getting involved in anyone else’s.

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Cowboys front office is aware of the #RussellWilson ‘drama,’ but is focused – with optimistic – about working out its own drama with #DakPrescott

Prescott, of course, is entering unrestricted free agency once again this offseason, with no long term contract seeming to be in sight. There does feel to be more general optimism than last year that a deal will get done, but another franchise tag could be in Prescott’s future.

Exploring a trade for Wilson simply doesn’t make sense for the Cowboys. Not when they have a franchise quarterback in house already who they can simply extend without losing much needed draft capital.

The number one argument I’ve seen made against extending Prescott has been that his cap hit will take away from an already depleted defense.

But if that’s the case, then what will Russell Wilson’s cap hit plus losing draft picks in the trade do for this team’s defense?

Please, just sign Dak Prescott.

What do you think?

Kevin Brady

Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.


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  1. I believe that if Dak wants to continue to be the QB for the most recognized sports team in the world he might ought to blink first and sign a contract that helps him and the Cowboys! It wouldn’t surprise me to read in the near further that Dallas has cut Ties with Dak and pick up ole R W! Dak better do some thinking for himself and tell his agent to get the deal done before he gets shipped out!

  2. The Cowboys have to sign Dak you have no other better options. Jerry Jones paid everyone else but the position that matters the most…just pay the man please!!!!

  3. I don’t frankly don’t know how people can sign contracts and then not honor them. Just try to tell your mortgage company, well I’m done paying the bill every month. See how far that gets you before your out in the street.

    These spoiled players are paid “I hit the lottery money” every year, and still they complain and pout when things don’t go as they want. Well, life isn’t a bowl of cherries, folks. A lot of folks are living hand to mouth, barely scraping by, and these multimillionaires have the nerve to complain. Outrageous!!! More BS to turn fans off. The kneeling during our National Anthem and so called social justice BS wasn’t enough.

    Maybe a stint doing a nine to five, week in and week out, making minimum wage would straighten out their perspective on just how good they have it.

    BTW, they have focused on DP. The proof is the multiple generous offers they presented to him already. Don’t see the Wilson media driven trade story happening.

  4. You need to do your homework Kevin Brady ,

    I’m not gonna pretend I know exactly how much Russ will be , but based off my knowledge of D Watson , if someone traded for Watson , they’d only need to pay him , like 30 mill or so roughly compared to his 40 mill a year contract

    Even if Russ contract came down 5 mill, he would be worth 30 mill as well , if not more , which would be RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP compared to the going Rate of a QB

    Is Russ worth it ? He has yet to have a season where he’s finished less than 9 wins, which would be just about win our division every year yes he’s worth it for a cheaper better version of Dak , who’s proven he can win a super bowl .

    It wouldn’t cost us terribly much either , we could trade Dak , 10th pick and maybe a mid pick for Russ which should be really close , if not seal a deal

    To me it’s a no brainer to go with Russ , who’s also proven to put trash teams on his back unlike Dak

  5. Why do you guys continue to fixate on and waste ur time with scenarios that will never happen? Focus on what is likely to happen and work from there. This isn’t the magical world of madden football guys.

    If Jerry doesn’t sign him long term before that, Dak will sign the exclusive tag on March 9th and Jerry will be under immense pressure to sign Dak before free agency starts on March 17th. Dak can conceivably draw out negotiations and the cowboys are screwed if he does. Free agency could pass them by and they could be in limbo not knowing whether they are operating under the exclusive tag or a long term deal. They will need to have it resolved early in order to make the necessary personnel moves moving forward.

    Sorry guys but fair or not that’s where it stands.

  6. My questions are…will Dak ever be the same after his horrific injury? Can Dak even walk without some sort of aid? How is his whole rehab progressing?
    One of Dak’s biggest assets was he could effectively run the ball, and a lot of linebackers would bounce off his large muscular frame. Can He get back to his previous level of play?

    With so many physical questions regarding Dak, I’d be conferring with the team Dr., and trainers if I were Jerry.

  7. easy fix, sign dak and trade , dak, zeke and amari to jacksonville for the #1 pick and draft trevor lawrence and build the team around him. trade away tyron smith and focus on rebuilding the o line.

  8. The fact Jerry isn’t exploring all his options , speaks to the incompetence of Jerry as GM , ultimately , he’s gonna chase the money , paying Dak is the easiest way to keep the fan base happy , and willing to buy tickets to games , or merch ,

    The 49ers with John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan , do their due diligence in trying to get guys they believe they can win with , and they explore their options , they made calls about Jimmy G , even reportedly willing to give more than what they actually got him at with a 2nd round pick , they go a stretch of great drafts , overpay top FAs in order to make their team better and put them in position to win , which they were in the SB

    The Rams , with McVay and Snead , are always looking for ways to improve , they went all in on Goff , putting as much pieces they could around him , overpaying guys even , it worked somewhat as to getting them to a SB , but now it’s came back to bite them in the butt , they do the only thing they know to do , do what it takes to bring in someone better than Goff , we’ll see what results they’ll get , but I love the move

    Now ppl maybe saying but QB isn’t the problem , neither did the Eagles when they paid Wentz , but now look at him , players are not always as they seem , and for me if there’s a way to get Russ , then it should be a no brainer to get someone who’s proven to the point of winning a SB and going to another SB , his lowest win total a season is 9 , even with him dealing with a bad O-Line and bad D the past 4-5 years

    If Jerry isn’t willing to try and explore this , then he’s proving even more , how much of a fool he is , with no deal with Dak and no sign of them even making progress on a deal , you got to explore what options you have and he isn’t doing that

  9. The fact that once again , I’m upset at Dak is that last week , on the Herd with Colin Cowherd , Chris Simms from profootballtalk and former QB was on and they talked about the possibility of Russ going to Cowboys as well as they talked about if Dak and his agent have overplayed their leverage , here’s what he had to say

    ” Dak and his agent better be careful , I believe they are being too aggressive in this contract negotiations , Mahomes gave the Chiefs a VERY Team friendly contract compared to what he could’ve gotten , 10 years 500 mill dollar deal , if Dak isn’t careful , he’ll end up being like what Deshaun Watson was with Texans , lack of O-Line and lack of Defense . ”

    again this is what I’ve done said multiple times on this website , even if you believe Dak is that guy , what makes you think Jerry gonna find talent with lack of money better than Texans ?

  10. Dak is NOT the answer for the Cowboys.
    Die Hard Cowboy fan my whole life. What has he done.
    NOTHING. stats galore just like Romo with no postseason success.
    Of course we are better with him than Dalton but 25 teams can say that.
    Get Russell, he has been far in the playoffs multiple times and WON a super bowl.
    Better Yet let Dak walk and trade up for Zach Wilson at 5 Mil a year not 35 for another Tag.
    Then get your O line straightened out and run the ball like you did Dak’s first year.

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