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Cowboys’ Key to a Bounce-Back 2021 is a Healthy Offensive Line

It's no secret that the was a disaster in Dallas.

For all the hope and hype that surrounded the team during the , it all came crashing down early in the year due to injuries.

Massive injuries. Injuries to the team's best and most important players on the offensive side of the ball.

So while the Cowboys have done a decent job of turning over their room during , and will have a top ten pick to find a playmaker for next season, head coach Mike McCarthy realizes that health is the biggest factor to a bounce-back year.

McCarthy told the media recently that health across the offensive line of the upmost importance when trying to win games.

“I learned this in 2000 as the for the Saints: When your starting offensive line lines up and plays 16 games in a row, you're a good football team” – Mike McCarthy.

He's right, of course, but the Cowboys had no luck upfront in 2020.

After remaining intact for the majority of the 2010's, the Cowboys front five fell apart in a bad way last season. started just two games before undergoing surgery, missed the entire season, and was on and off the injury before missing each of the team's final five games.

Those three star offensive linemen were at the top of the list of why McCarthy chose to come back to the league and coach the Cowboys in 2020, and he made it clear how excited he is to have them back looking ready to go.

“I'm looking forward to lining up and playing with those guys…That was one of the big attractions of the job, frankly, a year and a half ago. And you can't have enough”

The Cowboys have also made sure to have a backup plan in case disaster strikes again. By bringing in they've added a veteran swing who can push and during camp.

With the three foundational pieces across the offensive line back and healthy, and returning to his rightful place as QB1, the is already looking more promising than last year's 6-10 campaign.

Now…let's see if these guys can stay healthy.

What do you think?


Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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  1. I prefer Slater at 10 over Sewell, he had a better pro day and seems more athletic, but I would still pick a CB at 10 and see if any good ones fall into round 2 like Eichenberg, Leatherwood, or Mayfield.

  2. DON- I’m not sure about ur rationale regarding LBs. We would have a LB for the first 5 years of their career (if a 1st round pick) which is their prime.

    I wouldn’t hate going OL but I think we’ll go defense with the #10 pick. Would rather have Slater or Parsons or one of the top CBs then Pitts though.

  3. I would never draft a LB in the top ten they like RBs take too much punishment to use that valuable pick and when you pay your average injured QB 169 mil I guess you need to protect him at all costs it seems to me the team has painted themselves in a corner

  4. This team needs an infusion of talent at nearly every position. The question will be which ones are deemed most pressing THIS YEAR. CB for us is # 1 if for no other reason we have very few viable options at that position on the roster. Same applies at Free Safety and a 1-tech DT that can create some push up the middle and play the run.

    I see us going CB/FS/DT with the first three picks. Then OL or LB with the next two. That said there is an outside chance we go OL with our #10 pick or Pitts in the unlikelihood he falls to us. Pitts is that shiny toy Jerry may not be able to resist.

    I still want Parsons at #10 then use our trade capital to trade back up for a CB. Then FS AND DT from there.

  5. Indeed , but at this point we need to try and slowly move on and rebuild our O-Line and get new LBs ,


    T Smith can’t stay healthy , nor can Collins stay healthy , and Martin is starting to be a question mark ,

    LVE can’t stay healthy

    and J Smith point blank imo a outdated LB , 6 or 7 years ago , he’d be a Elite LB , but now in today’s NFL , you got to be fast at LB , if not then you won’t be able to cover these TEs in the NFL , also the fact that many QBs will throw the ball quick to their playmakers as well and let them get some YAC

    We need new LBs and we need new O-Lineman , new LBs imo should be fixed first before O-Line as it’ll take a bunch of guys to fix that

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