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Cowboys Landed Will McClay’s “Pet Cat” in the 2020 NFL Draft

Will McClay gets his “pet cat” in Reggie Robinson II.

It’s probably fair to say we all identify certain prospects throughout the draft process who we really like and would love to see our favorite team draft come Draft Day. These type of players are generally referred to as “pet cats” and surprisingly enough Vice President of Player Personnel Will McClay just identified which prospect he had a draft crush on in the 2020 NFL Draft.

In an interview with 103.3 FM ESPN, Will McClay not only identified his “pet cat” in the 2020 NFL Draft, but also revealed he was one of the Dallas Cowboys draft picks.

Can you guess who it is?

It was none other than former Tulsa Cornerback Reggie Robinson II, the Dallas Cowboys fourth-round draft pick.

Jon Machota on Twitter

Will McClay said on @1033fmESPN he has a pet cat in every draft and entering this year’s it was CB Reggie Robinson II, who the Cowboys drafted in the fourth round: “I think he’s got a lot of potential. With the coaching that we have, I think he can be a good player.

As far as “pet cats” are concerned, Will McClay not only landed his with the Dallas Cowboys, but picked a player who could become a key fixture in the Cowboys secondary for years to come. To get that kind of potential in the fourth-round should be considered a steal.

Reggie Robinson II is a very intriguing defensive back. Like Trevon Diggs, the Dallas Cowboys second-round pick, Robinson is a big, long press man cornerback who can affect the ball. Both players have a “my ball” attitude when passes are thrown their way and the hope is that turns into more takeaways for the Cowboys defense.

Although Reggie Robinson will likely be utilized mostly as a corner early on, I think it would be unwise to pigeonhole him to just one position. He has a background playing safety and considering the Cowboys questionable depth and uncertain future of the position beyond 2020, Robinson could become a valuable chess piece.

All in all, I can see why Reggie Robinson II was Will McClay’s “pet cat”. He’s an intriguing player who hopefully is a fixture in the Dallas Cowboys secondary – whether at cornerback or safety – for years to come. As such, I can’t wait to see Robinson and the rest of the Cowboys 2020 draft picks suit up.

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Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. I hope he is right. We desperately need players like we used to have in the 90s. Last night I rewatched the entire 1993 Super Bowl (Dallas 52, Buffalo 17) and the Cowboys defense was a thing to behold. They created a Super Bowl record 9 turnovers! It was incredible. So many great players on that Number 1 ranked defense (No Pro-Bowlers!!!). Charles Haley was unstoppable. Tony Tolbert, Jimmie Jones, Ken Norton, Russell Maryland, Jim Jeffcoat, Tony Casillas, Robert Jones, Thomas Everett, James Washington, Kevin Smith, Larry Brown, Vinson Smith, Kenny Gant, Darren Woodson, Leon Lett, and Godfrey Myles! Wow. Those guys were fantastic. I won’t be able to watch a Cowboys game again without the re-energized memory of that defense!

    • Creating a No. 1 defense is the goal. The Cowboys have a lot of work to do, but I’m pretty impressed with what they’ve been able to put together this offseason.

  2. Really robinson was the only player I had a question mark on in the draft other than dinucci. The draft was magical.
    From what I seen is robinson can contribute as cb4 which isn’t bad at all as a rookie. I think he should turn out well.
    But my hope is chido moves to safety so everything is in front of him. He is a good cover corner but can’t locate the ball. You put everything in front of him and with his closing speed…. It’ll be like the opposite of moving Byron from safety to corner production increase. He’ll be a ball hawk safety with average tackling. Prob a better faster version of Clinton-dix. If I remember right chido has already played safety some previously so it wouldn’t be totally new to him.
    All in all I’m excited. Wanted baun but got the steal of Anae. His technique as an edge rusher looks pretty intelligent which will make up for some lack of strength.
    I don’t even want to get into lamb or Diggs. Wow.
    Biadasz was who I wanted over ruiz or cushenberry anyway. Kid woulda prob went in first rd early second last yr but the injuries set him back a bit lady yr but still won the Remington award. But he’s a farm boy so he’s tough.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if both Diggs and Robinson end up starting at some point in 2020. I think they are the future of the position. As far as Awuzie is concerned, making a move to S in a contract year probably isn’t something he’d really want to do. There’s no way of really knowing if he’d be better there than at CB anyway. If the move is made, I think he will be more of a hybrid CB/S instead of making a full-time switch.

      • In a contract year I think I would be more privvy to doing as I was asked than to continue to be mediocre at my current position. Really does he have a choice? His numbers doesn’t scream leverage by any means. That’s just me tho.
        If chido could move to safety and prove to be versatile and good at it… That would only help his chances of being resigned or resume in free agency. We know the cowboys love Swiss army knife versatility. The only way it could hurt chido is if is a horrible safety which is a possibility too.

        • I’m sure he would do whatever the coaching staff asked of him, but I personally don’t see him playing safety full-time.

  3. So my question is who is going to play strong safety? The safeties on the roster are all free safeties. If they move a corner to safety. Seems like that corner would be a free safety also. Corners are not really known for their tackling.

    • That thought has occurred to me as well. Mike McCarthy has said he doesn’t put much value in labeling the safeties as strong or free. This is definitely going to be something worth keeping an eye on the remainder of the offseason.

    • That’s exactly what I have been saying since before the draft!! And that’s exactly why I wanted us to draft Xavier Mckinney!! He could’ve been that strong safety for us!!

      • McKinney would have been an excellent addition to the Cowboys secondary, but I’ll take CeeDee Lamb over him any day of the week. Can’t really fault the Cowboys with sticking to their board and drafting the BPA in each round.

  4. This story answers a lot of questions. Robinson was not like the other picks. All the other pucks were big conference players who had excelled against top competitors. Robinson was a s mg all program guy who had looked outmatched against top competitors. Robinson was like the Boys oast drafts.
    But, he is a 4th round guy who can fail and not hurt the team.
    One ‘pet cat” in the 4th is ok .

  5. This story answers a lot of questions. Robinson was not like the other picks. All the other pucks were big conference players who had excelled against top competitors. Robinson was a small program guy who had looked outmatched against top competitors. Robinson was like the Boys oast drafts.
    But, he is a 4th round guy who can fail and not hurt the team.
    One ‘pet cat” in the 4th is ok .

  6. Last year after the draft, in an interview with The Draft Show he identified his pet cat at Tony Pollard. Nice 4th round pick that year too. Hopefully Robinson turns out to be another Pollard-level talent.

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