Cowboys Offseason: 3 Trades to take Advantage of Cap Strapped Teams

    As COVID-19 changed the financial landscape of the NFL with attendance numbers a fraction of their norms, the league is faced with the reality that 2020 revenues likely saw a drop. Every , the NFL uses those revenues along with projections for future seasons to determine the salary cap for the upcoming season. Over the last five to six years, the salary cap has grown about $10 million a year. Heading into the , there's a strong possibility that the cap is stagnant or sees a regression.

    Before the , the league and the NFL Player's Association agreed that the salary cap for 2021 would be no less than $175 million. Several teams are already considerably over the cap for 2021. Still, a $15 million regression in addition to the expected $10 million growth could mean a net loss of $25 million to the salary cap as teams projected out to 2021.

    When teams work out long-term deals for their star players, they consider the projected growth of league revenue to structure the deal. While the league's next television deal is expected to dwarf the previous one with Amazon and other streaming services expected to be players on the NFL TV landscape, for 2021, teams will have to work with what they have.

    Figuring a floor of $176 million for the salary cap as projected by, there are currently 14 teams projected to be over the cap before the start of the league year.

    The are currently $112 million over the cap heading into the 2021 offseason. The follow at -$53 million in cap space, and the are next at -$36 million.

    Though the cap is a fixed number, contracts can be manipulated to make them work for your team's cap reality. However, the three teams listed above have a lot of work to do if they're going to find themselves salary cap compliant. And perhaps this is where the could help.

    The Cowboys have a team that is ready to contend if they can find a few pieces to help a that was one of the worst in football in 2020. Let's look at a few trades that the Cowboys could make to help alleviate the cap strain a couple of NFL teams face.

    Marshon Lattimore, Cornerback, New Orleans Saints

    As mentioned before, the New Orleans Saints are currently projected to be $112 million over the cap for 2021. Even after they clear some of contract off the cap with a post-June 1st designation, they still have a ton of work to do.

    The Cowboys need help at opposite of Trevon Diggs, and Marson Lattimore could be the fix they need.

    Lattimore, drafted in 2017, is going into the final year of his rookie contract. He's got no more guaranteed money left on his deal, but they'd be unlikely to cut him outright. He's a player they'd like to have as part of their future, but if they need to clear $10 million off the cap, Lattimore might be someone they'd be willing to move for 2021 or future draft compensation.

    Though he allowed eight passing touchdowns in 2020, he's been a pretty good player in his short time in the NFL. He also plays with a bit of an and swagger that would be nice to have on the outside.

    With just one year left on his deal, the Cowboys could try to work out an extension or let him play it out before him to a long-term contract. Or they could take the one-year rental and recoup the draft pick sent to the Saints with a compensatory pick in the .

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    Also from New Orleans: Malcolm Jenkins, Malcolm Brown, Demario Davis

    Minkah Fitzpatrick, Safety, Pittsburgh Steelers

    If at first, you don't try, try, try again.

    That's how the saying goes, right?

    As I've noted several times over the last week, the Dallas Cowboys have needed to find a legit playmaker at for their defense. Someone with range to play the deep middle but could also play in man coverage when required.

    Back during the , when the Cowboys were flirting with the idea of trading for , Fitzpatrick was another name that came up at the safety position. There was little indication that the Cowboys expressed interest in the one-time first-round draft pick. However, that doesn't mean they shouldn't make a call to the Pittsburgh Steelers to see if they're interested in moving their playmaking safety.

    The Steelers are projected to e $34 million over the cap this offseason if there is cap regression. Though his $2 million cap hit for 2021 isn't much of a burden, there's the upcoming extension that they'll have to work out with Fitzpatrick to keep him in Pittsburgh long-term. 2021 is the final year of his contract, and the Steelers will need to decide this offseason or before March 18th of 2022 what they want to do financially with Fitzpatrick.

    As is coming to the end of his career, the Steelers are at a bit of a crossroads. Do they try to hold onto their roster that helped them reach the while looking for a new ? Or do they look to unload players and begin the process of rebuilding?

    With T.J. Watt also requiring an extension in the near future, one that is likely to set the market for edge rushers, they might have to make a difficult decision here, and the Cowboys should help them come to that decision.

    Grady Jarrett, Defensive Tackle, Atlanta Falcons

    If there's a move out there that makes way too much sense, it's the Cowboys sending draft picks to the Atlanta Falcons for Defensive Grady Jarrett. The Cowboys need a wrecking ball at , and Grady Jarrett has been just that for the Falcons.

    Drafted by in the fifth round of Quinn's first as with the Falcons, Jarrett has become one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL. Jarrett had five in 2020 and was fifth in the NFL with 57 total pressures per .

    Grady Jarrett is scheduled to count $20 million on Atlanta's salary cap in 2021. They need to rework that number or him to get their salary cap situation in order. The Falcons are a projected $36 million over the cap at this point.

    If the Cowboys were to make a move for Jarrett, they would likely need to restructure his contract to make him fit with the other big names they have. He'd be the player the Cowboys have been looking for to play on the interior. Sure, the Cowboys have and Neville Gallimore, but neither player has proven to be a legit defensive tackle at this point. They could still develop into reliable run defenders, but if the Cowboys are looking for a fix this offseason, trading for Garrett would be a bold but great move to help fix the middle of your defense.

    Other Falcons to Consider:

    John Williams
    John Williams
    Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could. Make sure you check out the Inside The Cowboys Podcast featuring John Williams and other analysts following America's Team.


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    After starting the season in the worst way possible,...

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    James Vargas

    Interesting options here. Doubt Minkah is traded by the Steelers which such a low cap hit this year. The first thing the Cowboys need, is to define their QB situation. Based on that, then you will be able to determine what roster trade or moves can be made. Not an easy situation for Mr Jones.

    Don Howard

    You do realize Dallas is cap strapped too because of the Zeke Amari , Jaylon and DeMarcus contracts who are ALL OVER PAID


    Yeah and you add on top of that , we’re supposed to pay Dakota between 40 and 48 mill as well , so how can we afford these guys ?

    Cowboys fan

    First off…. Who said anything to this guy about Dak getting paid between 40m and 48m?? That’s the first I’ve heard of it!! He mite end up getting paid around 40m a year, but he’s not gonna get paid more than Patrick Mahomes and I doubt he’ll be paid more than Watson, but that one is possible, but definitely not Patrick Mahomes money!! So he’ll probably be paid between 38m and 40m…. Not 40m and 48m!! That just won’t happen!!
    And 2nd…. Why would we waste draft capital on trading for another 3 tech DT!? That makes no sense!! We already have 2 that’s good enough to start for us, we don’t need another one!! If we’re gonna waste draft capital on a DT, it needs to be a 1 tech DT!! That’s where we need the help!! The other 2 players I’m cool with, but I can’t agree with trading for Grady Jarrett!!


    Cowboys fan , if it was just 38-40 mill the Cowboys would’ve gotten a deal done LONG AGO ,Dak is wanting between D Watson money (40 mill) and Mahomes money (50 mill) if it was closer to D Watson money they’d get a deal done which is why I think it’s closer to Mahomes money ,

    If you look at stats between D Watson and Dak then yeah Dak got the case to take more than Watson but as I said , you got to dig deeper than stats, if everything was about stats , Tom Brady would be out of the league long ago , but instead he’s in his 10th Super Bowl and looking for his 7th win , IMO as well as many ppls opinions outside of CowboysNation, D Watson is better than Dak , I agree that it’s ridiculous to pay Dak that kind of money but that looks like what it’s gonna take to get Dak or if we go my route of franchising him and seeing with a better team , and THE WORST DIVISION IN THE NFL how good Dak is and if he’s worthy of being paid the kind of money he’s wanting

    Ruben Trevino

    Lets see if Jerry Jones does his magic in free agency! We will see ! If he can wants to win !!