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Cowboys Paying Premium for P Bryan Anger, LS Jake McQuaide in 2022

While things are still very uncertain at the position, the Cowboys aren't messing around at or in 2022. They will bring back two of the league's best in and , and Dallas should expect a lot from them given their premium compensation.

After making the during his first year with the Cowboys, Anger received a new three-year, $9 million contract this . His annual average of $3 million ties him with two others as the third-most expensive punters in the league going into 2022.

McQuaide also re-signed with Dallas last March on another one-year deal. He's also tied for third-highest compensation at the long snapper position, making $1.28 million this year, along with five others.

Of course, compared to what guys are making on and , these amounts don't sound like a lot. But with Anger and McQuaide both making two-to-three times more than others at their positions, expectations for exceptional performance are reasonable.

Even in these specialist roles, guys playing into their mid-30s are always at risk of suffering a sudden drop-off. Anger turns 34 this October and McQuaide will be 35 in December.

Unfortunately, you don't always know it's happened until it's too late. And the middle of the season is a bad time to try to shift gears at any position, but especially these roles where rhythm and chemistry between players are so vital.

Dallas is banking on these two veterans to bring a stabilizing, reliable presence to their units. Remember, Anger is also the holder for field goals and extra points. This will give , , or whoever plays kicker in 2022 an ideal environment for success.

As we've seen at other positions this offseason and in recent years, paying a few extra million isn't something the Cowboys do lightly these days. They could go with Hunter Niswander or some other barely-known punter for a fraction of what they're paying Anger this season, but Dallas sees the value and is willing to pay up.

Hopefully, Bryan Anger and Jake McQuaide will justify those salaries with continued exceptionalism in 2022. The little things count for winning teams; we've seen how just one bad snap or botched punt can completely change a game. These positions matter, and clearly the Cowboys believe that too.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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I thought LP would play for another 20+ yrs. Really, bummed me out that he retired. So, they have to find another “LP” and pay him.

William Bristol

Agree w/ you Rich. Lacdouceur was the bomb. Always got it right.


They should have at least brought in Jordan Silver out of Arkansas. One of the best LS for the last couple years at the NCAA level.

There are a couple of Punters in the USFL that deserve a look as well. Brandon Wright, Brock Miller, Kyle Kramer, and Michael Carrizosa should all get a chance in the NFL, either in camp or as an injury replacement during the season.

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