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Cowboys Potential FA Target: Former Seahawks WR Paul Richardson

Bargain shopping has turned into the ' preferred approach to these last several years, but that won't be the case forever. In fact, that could change this year, which is why I decided to take a look at potential who could draw interest from the Cowboys.

The Cowboys clearly have several holes that need to be addressed this , and it's unlikely they can fill all those holes through the draft, even with 10 draft picks at their disposal. With so many needs, the Cowboys could become more active in free agency this year.

After the way the Dallas Cowboys' wide receivers performed in 2017, it looks like a position that could be at the top of the list to upgrade, either through the draft or free agency. Upgrading through the draft is always a crap shoot, but there are a few WRs on the market who could come in and be an immediate upgrade.

Today, we're taking a look at former Paul Richardson, and why the Cowboys could show interest in him in free agency.

WR Paul Richardson (6'0, 185, 25 years old)

Paul Richardson
Seattle Seahawks WR Paul Richardson

Paul Richardson was selected 45th overall in the of the 2014 by the Seattle Seahawks. It was rumored at the time the Dallas Cowboys had interest in him, but they ended up making a with the to move up from 47 to 34th overall to select .

Regardless of what could've been, the Cowboys now have another chance to add the former Seahawk to their receiver core, but will they?

There is reason to believe the Cowboys could still have interest in Richardson. There's no question in my mind that he would be an upgrade at the position, but Dallas is already invested pretty heavily in their current WRs. That, of course, could change once we get further into free agency.

Although talented, Richardson is a bit of an enigma.

His career never really took off like some thought, but that is mostly due to setting him back. But, he was finally 100% healthy this last season (contract year), and proved he has the ability to be a weapon in the .

Richardson's 2017 stats: 44 receptions, 703 receiving yards, 16.0 YPC, 6 touchdowns.

Richardson would bring an entirely different element to the Cowboys than what they currently have — speed (4.28 40-yd dash). But, that's not all he is as a wide receiver. He's a smooth route runner who isn't afraid to work the middle of the field. He also has strong dependable hands, a wide catch radius, and knows how to high-point the ball.

Of course, Paul Richardson comes with baggage. He has already had two ACL injuries, one in college and another one that pretty much wiped out his entire 2015 season. But this baggage could be good news for the Cowboys, regarding contract talks.

I think Richardson would be lucky to get a contract similar to what Robert Woods received from the last offseason. Woods received a five-year $34-million contract with $10 million fully guaranteed.

Woods has been a much more productive receiver in the NFL than Richardson, and he hasn't had a problem with injuries either. That should make Richardson a more affordable free agent, which is good news for the thrifty-spending Dallas Cowboys.

What do you think about Paul Richardson as a Cowboys FA target?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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i think he’s a good WR but with the two knee injuries, the moment he’s stepped foot at the STAR he would get hurt and we’d be out looking for another WR.

because of this….i say pass.

get one in the draft and USE HIM!

Brian Martin

I agree that the draft is probably the better option, but for the right price I’d consider it.

John Williams

I’m all about this. I just don’t think he’ll be affordable for what Dallas can spend at WR at the moment, unless you get rid of Beasley.

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