Cowboys RB Bo Scarbrough Running Uphill for Roster Spot

Running Back Bo Scarbrough is used to the big stage, going from the University of Alabama to the Dallas in this year’s draft. But the ’s college pedigree doesn’t insure him of anything in the pros. In fact, he’s likely fighting an uphill battle for a spot.

At best, Scarbrough would be third on the Cowboys’ RB in 2018. ’s experience and versatility make him the better backup to . Smith’s proven ability to play also makes it easier to get him on the active 46 every week.

is also a consideration. The veteran is listed at running back, and even though he may be more of a RB/WR hybrid that roster spot is easier to take from the runners. Elliott’s heavy workload as a starter alleviates the need to go long.

That said, on Thursday I posted my latest 53-man roster projection and had Scarbrough making the team. Here is what I said about his opportunity:

“Scarbrough is an interesting case. We’re all excited about him getting a head of steam running behind the Cowboys’ . But how much will he actually get to play with the first-team line? Will he get to look impressive behind and ?

Helping the rookie is that Rod Smith has an expiring contract, so I think Dallas will find ways to give Bo looks to determine his long-term value. A battering ram is nice as a backup, particularly for later in games after the is already worn down.”

Even if he doesn’t get to run behind and much, Scarbrough can still impress before final cuts. Opposing defenses are pretty bad late in games, and talented runners can often shine as long as their blocking is even semi solvent.

But even if Bo shows well in August, the numbers game may still do him in.

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RB Bo Scarbrough

As already mentioned, Dallas will be using a roster spot on Tavon Austin as a hybrid player. They also may want to go long at receiver with the uncertainty around new arrivals such as , , and .

There’s also to consider. On my last projection I had Dallas keeping just three players. But or could easily make themselves more desirable to keep.

That decision could come down to who the Cowboys think they can get to the . Dallas already had to sign Jarwin last year to keep him from being poached by the Eagles. Gathers would also be tough to stash given what he flashed in the last preseason, let alone what he may do this year.

That’s not to say Scarbrough will be any easier, but the Cowboys also have in the mix. They could be okay with risking the seventh-round rookie to with their former sixth-round pick available.

And really, who’s to say that Jackson won’t be more intriguing than Scarbrough by the end of preseason?

That is why Scabrough is the 53rd man on my last . The depth at his position and other needs on the offensive roster make his spot extremely perilous. I do like his potential, but I’ve learned to never get too attached to a late-round rookie.

What do you think?

Jess Haynie

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