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Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott to Meet With Roger Goodell on Tuesday

This Tuesday, will meet with to discuss an incident with security personnel at a concert in Las Vegas. Given Elliott's with a six-game in 2017 under the policy, there is legitimate concern for how the league could penalize the Cowboys' star for the upcoming season.

Last May, Elliott was seemingly intoxicated and reportedly tried to enter a restricted area of the concert grounds. showed Zeke stepping aggressively towards one of the guards, making minor contact but causing the man to fall backwards.

The video evidence, which was widely circulated thanks to TMZ, is the most damning part of the incident. Not only does it show the security falling, but Elliott appears to be following his female companion in the midst of an argument.

While Zeke's suspension in 2017 was based on accusations which were never proven or pursued in court, any appearance of aggression towards a woman is worrisome when it comes to perceptions and how the NFL may adjudicate this latest issue.

Nothing that happened in the video from May, or from any , is as serious as the domestic violence allegations that Elliott faced in 2017. But if Goodell sees Zeke as a recidivist who didn't learn from the last incident, it could mean an equal or even lengthier suspension this time around.

The Cowboys' was derailed largely by Elliott's absence. The team finished 9-7 and barely missed the despite it, but faced distraction and destabilization on a weekly basis while Zeke and the NFL battled the suspension out in the courts.

Unfortunately, all we can do now is wait and see how Ezekiel Elliott's dealings with Roger Goodell and the league office go this time around.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
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