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Cowboys running backs, a different season with a familiar approach

The executives were movers and shakers this . Jerry and Co. acquired and Brandin Cooks via trades. They have unanimously received excellent grades for those moves.

It was not always a clean sweep for Dallas.

Last off-season, the team parted ways with their number one receiver, , and their right , La'el Collins.

While the went thru its ups and downs, put together a formidable group.

However, the initial plan for the , led by two-time Pro Bowler , backfired on .

The collection of Lamb, , , Jalen Tolbert, , and was insufficient to hold the fort down until Michael Gallup and James Washington returned from .

Minus CeeDee, the wide-receiver group hauled in 51 total receptions for 604 yards and three touchdowns.

Brown accounted for 84% of those receptions.

Reliance on those younger, lesser-proven players amounted to almost nothing.

Despite their return to action, relying on Gallup and Washington to solidify the wide-receiver room magnified the more significant issue across the Dallas Cowboys organization.

Poor planning at critical positions in the quickly became apparent.

This , the Cowboys released their third leading career rusher, , because his production and effectiveness didn't align with his salary.

Dallas has aspirations, but underestimating personnel needs isn't an error this front office will be able to overcome.

Tony Pollard and the expectations he will face this year

Is Dallas OK With Travelling this road once again?

The answer to that question will likely come at some point this season.

It does feel like deja vu to a certain degree. The roster breakdown between the receiver position last season and the running backs this season is eerily similar.

As with Gallup last season, Dallas is waiting for an injured player to return, , who will be heavily relied upon.

Now that Zeke has left the building, Pollard projects to be the lead .

A broken ankle is simpler to return from than a torn ACL, but there is still some uncertainty when determining if a player will regain their pre- form.

The acquisition of Ronald Jones shouldn't calm any concerns.

This acquisition is comparable to the James Washington signing last season. Both were previous 2nd round picks in their respective draft classes.

By default, the Dallas Cowboys have positioned Jones as the second or third fiddle in that running back position group. Prayerfully, the injury bug bypasses this team in and training camps, but there is no guarantee.

Admittedly, the mindset is pessimistic at best, but it is a thought that should be on the minds of the Cowboys' executives.

The depth behind both Pollard and Jones could stand to be improved.

, , , and will compete for roles on the team and may be more effective than any on the market.

If Pollard has any setbacks (no indication that he has) or Jones reverts to the player two previous teams walked away from, one of those above-mentioned players will have to step in.

That is a lot to ask for any 2nd-year player, much less an undrafted prospect.

However, it was the same approach for Tolbert, Houston, and Fehoko. The late addition of last season was too little too late.

At this juncture, Dallas may have few options to maneuver through.

Revisiting a Dallas-Elliott reunion could be in the cards. If not, America's team will have to bank on less secure options at the running back position.

It's a long road if they choose to travel, but they have been there before.

Jermaine Arvie
Jermaine Arvie
I currently reside in the Mansfield Texas area. I'm a huge Dallas Cowboy fan. Love to talk sports, love to write. Currently writes for Fansided and as well as Inside The Star.

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