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Cowboys Should Look Into A Value Deal For Colts Receiver T.Y. Hilton

The have had quite the so far, and as expected, the approach of their has been met with some criticism. Nevertheless, there's still work to be done, in particular with the corps. A name that's still out there following the early, headline-grabbing waves of NFL is that of four-time wide receiver, .

It's been a rough go for the Cowboys' front office in 2022. However, it was a foregone conclusion that the Cowboys were likely going to be more “sellers” than “buyers,” a notion backed up by 's jettisoning from Dallas. A move that leaves the team short-handed despite having back and with now clearly the number one option.

The Cowboys might be able to land Hilton on a relatively cheap contract

is lucky in the sense that there are quality options available that could be had for a comparably low price. According to Bleacher Report, Hilton, for example, could cost Dallas around $5.5 million on a one-year deal. Considering how much wide receivers have gone for this offseason, it'd be a bargain all things considered.

Hilton has had health issues in the last few years and has seen his production dramatically drop in comparison to past seasons. The last time he cracked 1,000-plus yards was in 2018, but in his , he only had one drop after being targeted 37 times.

In this conjecture of his career, no one will confuse Hilton as a deep threat anymore. Be that as it may, he's still reliable and can still be effective in the middle and could surely be a solid option for intermediate passes. A group made up of Lamb, Gallup, , and Hilton would be a solid one for .

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Cowboy Fan Ed

The Cowboys need to definitely get an Alpha male receiver in that receiving room! Is TY that guy I really don’t know but what I do know is that MG and CD up to this point hasn’t proved to me that they can carry that load !! I keep hearing all the noise how they are going to step up and start leading this team but I haven’t seen that at all the last few seasons! I’m just tired of all the talk of how people are going to do this or that and it hardly ever happens’ Remember at the beginning of this season when they were feeding us the news of how EE was in the best shape of his life and how much quicker he looked ? We all know how that turned out! It’s like what one of my football coaches use to say “ talks cheep” so how about let’s quit talking and start producing!

Shawn Collins

I couldn’t agree more…the league is not about slowly putting the pieces together anymore…its all about this season and with the salary cap Dallas was really in my opinion set up last year to make at the very least a deep playoff run….now they are going into 2022 without Coop,Gregory Wilson,and Lael Collins…and so far it would appear that retaining players that made little impact on the Boys success last season is the formula for free agency…why is Jerry so tight during free agency…he did the same thing last year with big names on the board in free agency a d God did the rushing defense for Dallas stink it up….why not fill some of the holes and spend a little cash like the other teams in the league are doing all around us including snatching up our guy as well

Cowboys fan

It’s not Jerry…. You should pay a little more attention!! Stephen is the one that’s so tight with the money during free agency!! He’s the one that decides on how much to give each free agent they wanna bring in!! If it wasn’t for Jerry giving Stephen more control over the team, Jerry would still be signing big name free agents to big contracts!! I think Stephen only signed one big contract since he took over, and it was Brandon Carr and he feels like it wasn’t a good buy, so he’s scared to make that mistake again!! Even though Brandon Carr wasn’t that bad for us!! He wasn’t worth that much money, but he was definitely a good number 2 corner!! Now we’re stuck with the bottom of the barrel free agents cause Stephen Jones is too stupid to realize what big name free agents are good to sign!! So until Jerry takes back control over everything like he it was in the 90s, we’re gonna be stuck with Stephen making cheap deals with bottom of the barrel talent!! We mite get lucky every now and then when those low priced free agents break out for us like Kearse did last year, but they’re always gonna be on 1 year deals and chances are that we’ll have to let them walk the next year cause Stephen don’t wanna spend big money!! Maybe us fans need to get together and sign a petition to get Stephen out of there, or at least for Jerry to take control away from Stephen!! I guarantee if that happens we’ll have a lot more success and we’ll spend more money on big name free agents too!! But until then, we’re stuck with insanity Stephen doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!! That’s just how it’s gonna be!!


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gary b

I wouldn’t spend 5 million on a #3 WR who is injury prone and not in his prime.

Take that 5 million and find the best FA Guard you can find.

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