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Cowboys Somehow Moving Into Underdog Status in NFC East

Based on the current chatter, you’d think the Eagles went 12-5 and swept the East last year. But while the Dallas accomplished those things and are the reigning Division Champions, many seem to be favoring Philadelphia going into 2022.

Just yesterday we shared an article from a national sports media outlet that ranked Nick Sirianni over Mike McCarthy among all NFL head coaches. Eagles RB Miles Sanders is out here calling his squad an “all-star team.”

Even Vegas, while still favoring Dallas to win the division this season, is giving Philadelphia nearly identical .

While we certainly don’t like seeing our Cowboys disrespected, I have no issue if the mainstream wants to put the spotlight on another squad ahead of the season. Dallas is usually the team having to avoid “eating the cheese” and believing the hype; underdog status is something rarely seen around here.

Bill Simmons has often talked about the “nobody believes in us” mentality and how it can fuel teams to achieve. It’s something the Cowboys haven’t usually had going for them, but could come into play in 2022.

Hyping up the Eagles is one factor, but some are downgrading Dallas after their offseason. Many are wondering how the team will fare after the losses of , La’el Collins, and . Excitement about the draft is mitigated by questioned early picks in OL and DE .

It’s fair to wonder how the will fair without Gregory, or how will hold up as the new starter at right . If you’re worried about the ’s effectiveness with or as a top-three WR, you’re not crazy.

Still, the Cowboys have some big things going in their favor. They still have the best QB in the division in . They have an elite, game-changing defensive player in .

And despite some reasonable concerns, has still proven more as an NFL than any of the divisional rivals’.

So by all means, pump up Philly and anyone else while you’re at it. Tell this team they’re not good enough to win the division or do anything meaningful in the .

It’s not often that the Cowboys get to prove people wrong in a good way.

What do you think?

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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  1. It’s July 7th and I’m already sick of hearing about the eagles. I heard some guy on the radio the other day that said he had the eagles right behind the cheifs and bills in hi power rankings. The eagles may be a little better, but give me Dak over Hurts anyway. Question. If Dak and Hurts switched teams this year, who would you pick to win the division? Hurts is a great leader but his leadership doesn’t make his throwing accuracy any better. There are lots of things QBs improve on, but making huge strides in being more accurate isn’t typically something that improves dramatically over a players career. The windows to throw to on the NFL are so small it makes accuracy critical for an NFL QB. Just being 6″ off can be the difference between a completion and a tipped ball for an interception for a pick 6. I could be wrong, but if both teams stay relatively healthy I can’t see the Eagles overtaking the Cowboys for the division this year. And if the eagles don’t win the division this year they will probably move on from Hurts and probably start a rebuild. But for my Cowboys sake, I hope Hurts sticks around. He’s just good enough to give philly hope but not good enough to put them over the top.

  2. This is GREAT!! Pump up the Eagles…PLEASE!!! Every time the Eagles are pumped up and Dallas is the underdog, the Cowboys always do better. When the Cowboys are being hyped up, they tend to underperform!!

    I still believe there is too much emphasis on talent lost regarding the Cowboys! How many times have we seen in sports where the most talented team didn’t come through! (i.e. Last year’s playoff game)… “Proper Mentality Releases Physical Potential”

  3. So Jalen Hurts who when he played the Dallas Cowboys had a QB rating of 70 and 86 and threw 2 pics in each game, had 2 of the worst 2 games I have ever seen against one team, is somehow going to turn into Tom Brady against the cowboys this year???? Really????? However believes this is a flat out idiot and doesn’t know d**k about football!!!! In fact he is so bad against the Cowboys I hope he is their QB for the next 10 years. I even hope he has sons that play QB and end up on the eagles so the Cowboys can destroy them as well for years to come!!!!!!!

  4. I don’t see why some people are worried about the losses of Randy Gregory and La’el Collins and having Terence Steele starting all season for us, and having Tyler Smith starting at guard for us!! First of all, Randy Gregory wasn’t even that good, and definitely wasn’t worth the money he was given!! We signed Donte Fowler and brought back Armstrong, and drafted Sam Williams….. Donte Fowler is better than Gregory in my opinion he hasn’t had less than 30 pressures in the last 2 or 3 seasons, which is more than Gregory has ever had in a season, and Fowler has more sacks in just 2 of his seasons than Gregory has had in his whole career, and now Fowler gets to work under Dan Quinn as the DC, so as long as Fowler gets a decent amount of playing time, I think he’ll have a better season for us than Gregory ever had!! And then Armstrong…. Who will start off being the only other person that mite get more playing time than Fowler, isn’t no slouch either…. He had his breakout season last season, and ended up with just about as many sacks as Gregory did, with less reps at edge rusher than Gregory had!! If he gets more playing time this year, it’s possible that he has a better season than Gregory ever has too!! So there’s 2 players that are possibly better than Gregory, 1 for sure in my opinion that can take Gregory’s place, so I’m not worried about about the loss of Gregory…. I think losing Gregory is a blessing in disguise!! Now on to Tyler Smith…. I don’t know why anybody is worried about him starting for us…. Last I remember, we started a rookie in Connor Williams, and let him keep the job for 4 years, and he wasn’t near as big or physical as Tyler Smith is…. And I know a lot of people are worried about his penalties, but I don’t think that’s anything to worry about…. Most of the penalties he was called for wasn’t really penalties, he was just called for them cause he’s so physical, and I don’t think he’ll be called for stuff like that in the pros!! So I don’t think we have anything to worry about with him, I actually think he’ll be better than Williams from the beginning, and he’ll help us with our running game too!! Now on to Steele…. I’m not understanding why this is even a problem on anybodies mind…. He started most of last season for us cause of Collins getting suspended, and even kept the job after Collins got back from his suspension!! And he was just as good as Collins is, if not better, so I don’t see what the problem is with that!! The only real losses we had this off season was Amari Cooper and Cedric Wilson, but I don’t think that’s a big deal either…. Our top 2 receivers are still better than what most teams in the NFL have, and then you throw in Jalen Tolbert, who I think will be a really good receiver in this league, and James Washington who is pretty much just another Micheal Gallup, and has a chance to be even better with more playing time, and a QB that’s got the arm to get the ball to him on deep routes!! And we still have a really good receiving group…. A receiver group who are no worse than top 10 in the NFL, maybe better!! And that’s not including some of the UDFA receivers we have too…. Like Tj Vasher!! So we haven’t gotten that much worse at receiver…. We may have went from having a top 3 group of receivers to maybe 6th or 7th at worst!! So I don’t think we have anything to worry about with that!! Plus we still have the best QB in the East!! So I think we’re the bet

    • I forgot to add something to my long comment…. After all I said about our team…. I think our defense has gotten a lot better than it was last year, as far as talent goes, plus having Dan Quinn for a 2nd year will only make it even better!! And even after losing a couple good receivers, I think our offense will be about the same as last year, after losing the receivers, but gaining a better offensive linemen, our O-line will be better in my opinion, which will make the running game better, and that will make our passing game just as good!! Which should even things out for losing the receivers!! If that makes sense!?

      • So all of a sudden the eagles are 20+ points better than us. Wow . what was the score of the first game? 44-21.
        The eagles were horrible.
        Our defense will be much improved this year, i bet right now that DQ has seen all these talking heads opinion, of how the eagles are going to win the east..
        He will have our team ready, you can bet on that.

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