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Cowboys Training Camp: 5 Most Intriguing Players to Watch

There is certainly no shortage of players to watch this year at the , but some are more intriguing than others. Today, I want to share with you five players in particular I will be keeping a close eye on.

All five of these players really have an undefined role right now, but they could all make a huge impact on the Cowboys . I also tried to stray away from picking the obvious players. Everyone will surely be watching the Cowboys 2018 draft class, and rightfully so, but I wanted to shine the light on a few others who I personally find a little more intriguing.

Continue reading below to see the five most intriguing players I will be watching at this year's Dallas Cowboys training camp.

DE, Randy Gregory

Randy Gregory
Dallas Cowboys DE

The Dallas Cowboys recently reinstated is arguably the most intriguing player at this year's training camp. No one really knows what to expect when he is able to finally put the pads back on considering all the time he's been away from the game while serving his , but his talent is undeniable.

It will be really interesting to find out what kind of shape Gregory is in. Has he been able to put in the time in the weight room during his time away? How is his conditioning? Can he earn a defensive role in 2018, maybe challenge for the starting job? All of these unanswered questions is why I personally believe he might just be the most intriguing Cowboys player to watch throughout training camp and in games.

WR/RB, Tavon Austin

Tavon Austin
Dallas Cowboys RB/WR

Tavon Austin is another one of the Dallas Cowboys players who I find most intriguing heading into training camp. It's not often the Cowboys for a player, but that's exactly what they did to acquire the diminutive weapon.

I for one will be watching how the Cowboys plan to utilize Austin. has already described Austin as a “web-back”, but nobody really knows what that is. Austin will probably be utilized as both a and on , but will likely see time as a return specialist as well.

I believe Austin can be a really good weapon if utilized correctly in 2018. But, “if used correctly” is the key here. Linehan hasn't been able to utilize the weapons at his disposal to the best of their abilities in the past in my . Hopefully that changes this year.

TE, Blake Jarwin

Blake Jarwin
Dallas Cowboys TE (Kevin Terrell via AP)

You can pretty much pick any on the Dallas Cowboys roster to watch throughout training camp, but for me I'm going to be paying extra close attention to Blake Jarwin. He has already supposedly caught the attention of the Cowboys during earlier practices, so I expect that to carry over into training camp and preseason.

I fully understand it's a huge jump to go from (UFA) to potential starter, but from everything I hear about Jarwin, he may be able to do just that. Of course, he's going to have to outshine the other TEs on the Cowboys roster. But, that's why I find him to be one of the most intriguing players to watch.

DT, Jihad Ward

Jihad Ward
Dallas Cowboys DT

Like Tavon Austin, Jihad Ward is another player the Dallas Cowboys decided to trade for earlier this offseason. But unlike Austin, Ward isn't receiving the same kind of fanfare, but probably should be. Ward could end up being the more important of the two acquisitions when all is said and done.

Jihad Ward is another player who has been spoken pretty highly of by the staff and his teammates already since joining the Cowboys. He is likely going to step in as a starting 3-technique for while he once again misses the first four games of the season while serving his . I'm personally looking forward to seeing how he performs against and the rest of the Cowboys talented OL in training camp.

S, Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods
Dallas Cowboys S

Out of all of the players going to training camp with the Dallas Cowboys, I think I'm most excited to see how Xavier Woods looks now that he is expected to be in the running as a potential starting . I think his potential is one of the reasons the Cowboys haven't added another veteran safety (), but that could all change if they don't like what they see from the young .

Personally, I'm willing to roll the dice on Xavier Woods and as the starting safeties heading into the 2018 season, with Kavon Frazier substituting in in certain situations. I think Woods for one showed enough promise last season get the benefit of the doubt, especially since he should be even better with a year the system and an offseason in the Cowboys strength and conditioning program.

Which players do you find the most intriguing to watch at the Dallas Cowboys training camp?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Important to know for Woods is that it is year 2, and it’s possible
he won’t look like a FS starter yet. But unless the trade is made for
Earl Thomas, I expect Woods to rise to that level during the year and be
a play maker down the stretch. Just as interesting is SS. Can Frazier
take over? The door should be open if he can. Heath has done an amazing
job hanging on the bottom of the roster, for years on end… ;^)

And after being average at best at FS, some pressure is on Byron Jones to
make the transition to CB and be good there. He has the talent for it.
Another interesting camp situation to watch.

If the Cowboys come out of the minefield with Gregory, and when Irving gets
back and assuming Lawrence is healthy, that pass rush is going to be
gigantic for the fledgling secondary. They’ll look a lot better when the
opposing QB is running for his life.

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