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Cowboys Training Camp: Flying Under the Radar

Day three of Cowboys training kicks off today and as I did, I'm sure you tuned in to hear from different players after camp concluded each day.

As I was checking in to see how things have been going, I noticed something that I liked the first day Wednesday. being hands-on with his most important players up close and personal.

The two videos below show Quinn working with the three players who pose as the best pass rushers on the team. will float everywhere, but the first day he was seen blitzing a fair amount and had a few “hits” on . The other two, and , I have high hopes for next season.

I can't speak for other fans, but for myself, seeing Quinn get that one-on-one time with arguably his three most units on during the first day is awesome to see.

This type of stuff helps build player development. Quinn isn't just sending them off to do a drill and have an assistant watch or checking on them now and again. Although no showed it, From the looks of it, he spent time with the . said the Cowboys are “special to have him.” He is the key to the success of the Cowboys next season.

We will continue to see growth from other players throughout , but Quinn addressing this group on day one is great. I also enjoy how Parsons continues to work on the crafts of his game. He knows he will be moving all over the place next season, and on day one, he is getting his hand on the ground and putting in work to be great. I will follow this group very closely over the next handful of weeks.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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