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Cowboys vs Colts — Over/Under Reactions

Week 13 is here, as the (8-3) prepare to take on the (4-7-1) on . Sunday’s game against the Colts will be the first of a three-game stretch for the Cowboys taking on the AFC South. As we do every week, let’s dive into the over/under reactions going into Sunday’s game.


This will be a “trap” game for the Cowboys if they allow it.

As shows, the Cowboys tend to play down to the level of their opponent. You can look back at the game against the in week 10 to understand what I’m talking about. It might be a long day for the Cowboys if they continue this trait on Sunday.

alluded to this on Thursday while speaking to the media, saying:

“They understand it’s a prime-time game. They understand who we are. There are not many teams like us. We got to play every team to the maximum extent and not overlook no one because that’s how upsets happen.”

Sure, the Colts aren’t a very good football team – but they are scrappy. The Colts fired their in the middle of this season and hired interim head coach Jeff Saturday. Saturday is 1-2 so far in his tenure, but the Colts could’ve easily won all three of those games. If it wasn’t for a missed field goal after a takeaway, the Colts were on their way to beating the just two weeks ago.

The Cowboys need to keep this mindset coming into Sunday to avoid an upset, and realize they have the better team at every position on the field. Dallas also knows they control their destiny when it comes to winning the East and potentially securing the #1 overall seed in the NFC. If the Cowboys hope to achieve either of those, they will need to take care of business on Sunday.


Micah Parsons will feast on the Colts’

Let’s be honest – this isn’t much of an underreaction. Micah Parsons is an absolute game-wrecker on a weekly basis. Parsons ranks second in the league in sacks and could very well be on his way to being named .

The Colts’ offense ranks in the bottom half of the league, and they have given up 43 sacks so far this season (most in the NFL). The Cowboys must be aware that the Colts will be coming into this game with a plan to run the ball. If the Cowboys can load up the box on to slow down Colts’ RB , then the Colts will be forced to drop back and throw the ball. The Cowboys’ defense is at its best when they get to rush the passer in passing situations, and this is the prime opportunity for Micah Parsons to hunt his target.

Discipline will be the key for this match-up to be successful. The Cowboys knew the Green Bay Packers were going to run the ball against them, and the Packers’ continued to run the ball with success even while down 14 points. Dallas needs to have a to stop the run and be disciplined enough to completely take Jonathan Taylor out of the game. If they can contain Taylor and leave the Colts with no choice but to throw the ball, then I expect Micah Parsons to not only jump to first place in on the year – but take a commanding lead.

Christian Cline
Christian Cline
Cowboys advocate since '96 / WKU Alumni / Former TV Villain / Follow me on Twitter @ChristianCline

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