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Cowboys vs Eagles Reignites the Biggest NFL Rivalry

As we reach the midway stage of the regular season, one game truly stands out in the Week 8 lineup as the host the , in one of the tastiest encounters of the year.

Not only is this one of the biggest NFL rivalries according to CBS Sports, when the Cowboys and the Eagles take to the field, this is also considered the most important in the East. Encounters between these two franchises are awash with , incidents, and lots of anecdotes. Likewise, any sense of good nature goes right out the window in this one, because both teams and their fans really detest one another, just to bring some added spice.

Eagles vs. Cowboys: More Than A Rivalry | Philadelphia Eagles

Origins of a Great NFL Rivalry

When we look back over the years at when the Cowboys and the Eagles have met, there are far too many notable moments to recount here, not to mention the fact this is such a historic rivalry dating back nearly sixty years, there have even been entire books written on the subject. However, it is worth highlighting some key points which firmly established the competitiveness and strife between these two great NFL teams.

The very first encounter came on September 30th, 1960. It was only the second game in the history of the Dallas Cowboys franchise, which the Philadelphia Eagles edged with a narrow 27-25 triumph. While the Cowboys didn't win a single game that season, the Eagles went on to win the NFL championship.

Racking up a total of 122 epic games between the two sides, the Cowboys have won 69 games and the Eagles have triumphed in 53 games.

Between 1967 and 1980, the Eagles had only beaten the Cowboys four times in 27 games. However, on January 11th, 1980, the Eagles finally spread their wings and left the Cowboys decidedly saddle-sore, winning the Game 20-7 as one-point underdogs. From that moment on, thanks to the rabid support of two sets of fans, plus a healthy dose of envy and controversy at different points in time, the rivalry has heated up to scorching levels.

Which Team are you Backing?

With both the Cowboys and Eagles having shown contrasting form to open the , it will certainly be worth paying close attention to the money line prices, not to mention the point spreads and totals, along with live markets during the game itself. Considering that neither team have made ideal starts, this matchup is also one that could really change the fortunes of either, as we reach the midway point of the regular season.

Given that 19 states have now legalized , it's practically assured that given the deep rivalry between the Cowboys and the Eagles, fans all around the country will be placing their bets on the outcome of this clash, as these two classic foes go head to head in Week 8 of the . On Sunday, November 1st, when the live-action begins, everyone will be glued to their screens watching.

Having become a household name in the sports betting scene throughout America, DraftKings will be offering plenty of wagering options. Aware that many clients may not be entirely familiar with betting on sports, this company has created a beginner-friendly platform, with many systems in place which are similar to their already famed platform.

Recent Battles Between the Cowboys and the Eagles

Eagles vs. Cowboys Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2019

The last time the Cowboys traveled to take on the Eagles in late December 2019, it was the home side who ran out 17-9 winners at Lincoln Financial Field. While they will be hoping for a repeat of that victory in the upcoming matchup, over the last decade since 2010 the overall series record is quite evenly matched, with the Cowboys just ahead of the Eagles with 11 wins to 9 from those 20 games.

As for home advantage in the last 10 years, well, it hasn't really proven to be much of an advantage at all for either team. The Eagles have only managed to win 3 of their last 10 home encounters against 7 for the Cowboys, with the most notable being the 34-7 blowout victory for Philadelphia back in 2011. Meanwhile, the Cowboys haven't really fared much better on home turf, winning just 4 times as the Eagles claimed 6 triumphs in 10 encounters as the visitors.

In 7 of the last 10 NFL campaigns, the season series has ended up tied with each team winning a game apiece. Of the three series sweeps, the Eagles won both regular-season matchups in 2011, while the Cowboys took all the spoils in 2012 and 2018. While the series was tied last season and the Eagles won the home game, the Cowboys demolished them 37-10 earlier in the , at the .

This Rivalry is One to Savor

Whether you're an avid fan of one of these great NFL rivals or not, because there will undoubtedly be neutral NFL fans from around the globe tuning in, this really is one of those games to have underscored on the calendar. Amidst the build-up and hype ahead of the game, there'll be lots of smack-talk amongst rival fans on social networks, not to mention a healthy dose of teasing between players and coaches from both sides. Enjoy!

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