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Cowboys With Fascinating Second Careers

It should go without saying that our Cowboys are a talented bunch, but what many don't realize is how far their talents stretch off the pitch too. Indeed for some players, a successful career in the NFL isn't enough! These are the players that either had lucrative side hustles whilst playing or went on to have full-blown second careers after .

Emmitt Smith

There's no denying the great 's talent when it comes to playing great football. He is the all-time Rushing Leader with 18,355 yards and 175 touchdowns to his name, but not only that he's helped the to victory no less than three times.

It was no surprise when Emmitt made it into the back in 2010. So, we can safely say that Emmitt Smith is a force to be reckoned with on the field and the same can be said for his abilities when it comes to poker. He made it onto the Poker News website for his prowess at the table.

Also in 2010, he made it to the World Series of Poker, which as the name suggests, is the ultimate poker competition. Professionals and skilled amateurs from all around the globe come together to compete. Although Emmitt didn't take home a title, making it there is a real achievement in itself.

Ezekiel Elliott

Five years into his time with the Cowboys and Ezekiel Elliott is showing no signs of slowing down. He's known for his grit and fearlessness, even taking on more than once in his NFL debut, which is no mean feat. A few games in and Elliott's “feed me” gesture had captivated fans, some enough to mimic it from the stands.

Well, it turns out that Elliott's feed me gesture applies to his business life too.

Outside of football, he's been using his notorious signal to make a few extra bucks (not that he's short any after his incredible $90-million ). Even so, during 2018 he held several pop-ups with merchandise relating to his “feed me” motif. Fans have lapped up the items and Elliott shows no signs of stopping.

If you're on the lookout for gifts for fans then his clothing is a great place to start.

Cole Beasley

Cowboys With Fascinating Second Careers 1
flexes his pipes on his album “The Autobiography”

Although Cole Beasley left the Dallas Cowboys for the , we were the first to sign him, so he still makes the list. It turns out that Beasley has more skills than just athleticism, he's quite the musician as well. Beasley sings on his debut album ‘The Autobiography‘ which features no less than thirteen original songs.


Although it's not making him quite as much money as his football contracts, it's been played more than one million times on Spotify and features on 57,000 people's frequently played albums, so it's doing impressively well, especially for a side project. However, despite the impressive play statistics, Spotify only gives artists $0.00437 per play, so those million are worth $4,370.

Perhaps the problem lies with the music industry rather than Cole Beasley's music?

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