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Dak Prescott: A+ Leader, But “C” Level QB Play

Let me start by saying this: as a fan of the , I love .

Prescott is everything you want in a franchise . He's a leader the players seem to respond to, he says all the “right” things in the media and, most importantly, he competes like hell every Sunday. Never, not even when failed him to the tune of 6 , has Dak Prescott quit on the Dallas Cowboys.

But in the National Football League that simply isn't enough, and never was that more clear than during last Sunday's loss to the .

On the surface, Sunday looks like one of Prescott's better games in 2018. He threw for over 250 yards for just the second time this year, he brought the Cowboys back from down 10 late in the fourth quarter and gave them a chance at overtime, and he battled back from a vicious head shot which immediately said would sideline him the remainder of the game.

As usual Dak Prescott did not quit, and he helped to give the Cowboys a chance to win.

But when you look a bit deeper than just the surface narrative you see that Prescott is more of a reason the team lost Sunday than nearly won.

Repeatedly Prescott made the same types of mistakes he's been making since his miracle rookie season came to an end, and once again they were the downfall of this Cowboys . Too often he holds onto the ball longer than he should, fails to recognize open receivers, doesn't trust himself to make tight window throws, and abandons clean pockets when he has seemingly no reason to do so.

The two plays which really lost the Cowboys the game on Sunday occurred back to back. And, ironically, they represent Dak Prescott and his Cowboys career in a nut shell.

The first play was third and medium late in the 4th quarter. Prescott and the Cowboys were down 3 and needed the first down to keep a potential game changing drive alive. Prescott stood firm in the pocket, trusted , and delivered a strike for a huge first down. The problem? Holding was called on and the play was brought back.

Then came third and long, with Prescott backed up near his own goal line. Despite the longer distance, Dak Prescott had at least one if not two open options down the field to convert the first down, and enough time in the pocket to make the play. Instead, Prescott felt phantom pressure and spun out of a clean pocket, getting disoriented and fumbling the ball in the end zone.

It went from 13-10 first down Cowboys, to 20-10 game over in a split second. And while, of course, the holding was not his fault, that sack fumble was absolutely egregious. Especially in their own end zone and especially as and were both open for potential first downs.

While the Cowboys skill position players haven't been particularly good this season, the went out and tried to make a change to that this week by trading for . There's no more excuses left for this passing offense.

The Cowboys need to be able to play modern offense in the NFL, and to do so their quarterback has to play better than he has for most of 2018. Now that they are without a pick in 2019 Dak probably has another uncontested year ahead as the starter. But beyond that Prescott will need prove that he belongs and deserves franchise quarterback type money.

For the Cowboys sake, I hope he raises his play to that level soon.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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Chuck Wright

Dak must 100% own the 2 fumbles, they are entirely upon him. But think you have missed the much larger, much more important point. Dak is a read option/RPO (run pass option) type of QB. Scotty L is trying to get him to be a pocket passer ala Matt Stafford or Troy Aikmen. This is not Dak’s talent.

We have NO IDEA how good or bad a QB Dak is until he is put in an offensive system which matches his skill set. And with Wash loading the box to stop Zeke, we did not even see much of play action, no called waggles, I think we ran one bootleg.

An even semi competent OC has 2 more wins at least for Dallas this year and Zeke sitting atop the rushing board.

Want to see a pattern in the losses?

Seattle 16 carries

Wash 15 carries

Houston 20 carries (the exception to the rule)

Carolina 15 carries

The wins?

Giants 17 carries

Lions 25 carries

Jags 25 carries

Ethan Chazin

I call BS on any discussion of scheme. Dak has regressed so far since 1st half last season it is ridiculous cannot read defenses misses open receivers holds the ball way too long and the boys will have to pay him $20+ma season on his next contract thus a 5 year deal for $100m+ they have 9 more games to see if he isacompetent nfl caliber QB and all signs point to a”NO!”

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