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Dak Prescott, Brandin Cooks shower each other with praise

If their mutual appreciation is a foreword for the , and could produce something very special this year.

The Dallas Cowboys traded for Brandin Cooks in the hope of adding a much-needed dynamic playmaker to the .

And Dak Prescott feels like they have done just that.

While speaking to the media at the Home Run Derby, Prescott was not shy when throwing praise toward his newest weapon.

Dak Prescott: Home Run Derby | Dallas Cowboys 2023

Dak was asked if he believes Brandin Cooks can bring an element to the offense, to which he emphatically stated, “Yeah he can, definitely.”

He went on to describe his admiration for how Cooks conducts himself by saying, “The moment that guy showed up, just watching him in workouts and how he carries himself from drill-to-drill, what he does pre-workouts [and] post-workouts to take care of his body to have that speed.”

Cooks' speed obviously caught Dak's attention as he continued, “When you throw it to him, it stands out, his speed is different from many others.”

Cooks appears to be bringing his to Dallas as Dak stated, “He's already been helping CeeDee [Lamb], helping the young guys, playing to teach them the little nuances of route-running.”

Dak rounded off his high praise by claiming, “It's gonna be huge for me and huge for the room.”

And the praise was far from one-sided.

In his nine-year career, Brandin Cooks has played with , , and Pro Bowlers and .

But despite the minimal time they've had together, Dak has already made an impression on Cooks.

Speaking to a scrum of interviewers at the Home Rome Derby, Cooks was asked about how Dak fits in compared to Drew Brees and Tom Brady.

Brandin Cooks: Home Run Derby Interview | Dallas Cowboys 2023

“I've been around some great ones, we've been throwing, and let me tell you, that guy can sling that ball. I'm just excited to be able to get going, no doubt. That's all I can say. He's special” Cooks said.

Cooks continued to comment on Dak's . He said, “There's a couple guys I've been around that can lead a team, and the way that he's doing it, to be this young, is unbelievable, for sure.”

Despite going onto his fifth team and turning 30 this year, Cooks is adamant he has plenty of juice left to inject into the Cowboys offense.

When asked if he could still run a 4.3, 40-yard dash as he did at the in 2014, he replied with an emphatic “no question.”

Hearing Dak and Brandin give each other such high praise after so little time together is exciting.

The new pairing is obviously growing a connection off the field. can only hope it translates to success come the start of the season.

Ross Love
Ross Love
Cowboys fan and sports blogger from across the pond in Scotland. Tell me how wrong my opinions are on Twitter @rosslove22

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