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Dak Prescott Calls Being With Dallas Cowboys a ‘Blessing’

The have one of the brightest young stars in the NFL at the in . It's been no secret since before the started that he and the organization were looking to ink him to a long-term deal. After coming out on fire in the first few weeks, the urgency to get Prescott locked in for the foreseeable future increased, yet no deal ever came about.

Instead, Prescott would bet on himself and had one of the best seasons in team . He threw for 4,902 yards (2nd in the NFL), which was one yard shy of 's franchise record set in 2012. Also, his 30 touchdown passes were fourth among quarterbacks league-wide.

Last Saturday in an appearance at the DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket Lounge in Miami, Prescott told NFL Channel host Andrew Siciliano how much it meant to him to be with the Cowboys:

“It's a blessing. It really is. It's a blessing, guys, just to be able to have the platform that I have. I grew up wanting to be the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys,” Prescott said. “As I sit here today, in a way it's amazing. But it's hard work that paid off. When I tell people a lot of times, people ask me did I ever imagine I'd be here. Did I ever see myself here? And I tell them yes. I don't think I would've been here if I didn't see that if I didn't envision that. If I didn't want that. If I didn't work for it.”

This sounded a lot different from his tone two days previous. Prescott's comments about his long-term future showed there's obviously some frustration on his part:

“You would hope and you would think something is going to get done, right?'' Prescott said, according to the Dallas Morning News.

All of this has led to the Cowboys possibly taking another route when it comes to Prescott's future deal. According to 's Adam Schefter, the seems to be where things could be headed.

There's still plenty of time to get a long-term deal done. Both Prescott and the organization want to get this deal done, it's just a matter of crunching the right number at this point. The contractual dance between the Cowboys and Prescott is in full swing.



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