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Dak Prescott Contract: 5 Weeks Until July 15th Franchise Tender Deadline

Five weeks from today, all NFL players who’ve received franchise tender offers from their teams this season will become ineligible to sign a long-term contract. This is a big date for the and Dak Prescott, who remain embroiled in the most newsworthy negotiation of the 2020 .

The placed the exclusive on Prescott before free agency opened in March. They’re paying roughly $5 million more to prevent him from talking to other teams, resulting in a $31.4 million cap hit in 2020 on his one-year deal.

Dallas has maintained all along that they see the franchise tag as a temporary placeholder and intend to sign Dak to a long-term contract. But if they don’t get it done in the next five weeks, they will have to defer those talks until after the .

Here’s the specific description of what happens on July 15th in the NFL’s own words:

” At 4:00 p.m., New York time, deadline for any club that designated a Franchise Player to sign such player to a multiyear contract or extension. After this date, the player may sign only a one-year contract with his prior club for the 2020 season, and such contract cannot be extended until after the club’s last regular season game.”

The Cowboys and Prescott continue to squabble over how many years are on the contract and the total compensation. Both want to get it done but have dug their heels in on certain points in the deal.

There are logical reasons why the talks haven’t been resolved quickly. I outlined these in greater detail in early May, but suffice to say that personal circumstances for Dak, the overhaul of Dallas’ , and other issues related to and disrupted business practices are all culprits.

Still, these talks could easily be where they are today even without delays. There’s a popular saying in business and sports that “deadlines make deals.”

The last Cowboys to get the franchise tag was DE , who ended up his long-term deal much earlier in April of 2019. However, you have to keep in mind that this was his second year on the tag after playing with the one-year franchise deal in 2018.

The last Dallas player to get the tag before Tank was WR . The Cowboys got his in 2015 done on the July 15th deadline day.

So yes, July 15th isn’t far away. And it’s becoming more worrisome by the week.

But the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott now have over a month to talk without other significant football concerns. This will afford them every opportunity to agree to terms if they’re willing to finally concede certain demands.

What do you think?

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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  1. This seasons Boys are as refreshing as when JJ was here…. We have pro caliber Dee line, pro bowl LB core, some hot shot young corners (stole Diggs) if Haha can shape back into form you just took a monster leap towards the SB… Let’s not even talk about that offence… I Beleive Jarwin is going to have a break out season, Cooper, Gallup, Elliott a deep O line (Fredrickson will be missed) once again stole potentially the top receiver I. This year’s class CeeDee Lamb (watch this guys highlites… WOW)… As for Dak, we’ll the market was set by the idiits in LA and Phili, so if you want to blame anyone for the price tags go there… To lower the costs of a QB is near impossible, 35M over 5/yrswould be great but the garaunteed money is going to have to be 110M or more to compensate for the 2023 TV deal… Question is do you really want to wait till Mahomes to sign a new deal then negotiate… No way.

  2. Everything old is new again…back when Romo was the QB,he’d help give the Cowboys a lead, especially in the latter quarters, and the defense would collapse and give uo easy scores, and Romo would get the blame. The Cowboys defense has sucked for awhile, and the schemes on both sides of the ball were so predictable, Stevie Wonder could see what was coming. NAME an available QB who would be better..

  3. O HELL TO THE NAW!!!! Tyron isnt allowed to leave unless 1 of 3 things happen!
    1. Hes 33-35 & retires
    2. He completely falls off
    3. He gets career ending injury or he demands outrageous amount of $…
    Weve all seen what happens when hes not playing how badly Dallas struggles! Granted, now we have much better backups & a few of them but losing him would downgrade our O-Line an entire letter grade! So No thanks! Release Crawford & whoever else to make the cap room! Crawford gone alone would give us the amount of $ to retain him! SMH, dont even speak this into existence!!!!!!!

  4. I don’t think we have to offer him that but i bet we do. Its not what he’s worth it’s what they are willing to pay him. Ur preaching to the choir about his talent level. I agree he isn’t worth the money and isn’t a top tier QB but QBs are always overvalued as they are such a precious commodity

  5. I don’t think anyone can begrudge Dak for wanting to be paid and every player is potentially one hit away from the end of their career. It’s also true that cowboys struck gold by getting him in the 4th round allowing them to pay him peanuts the last 4 yrs while getting pro bowl level play (in the reg season) which also freed up more money to construct team around him. The thing that blows now (and this isn’t Dak fault) is that we will have to make him the highest pd player in the NFL and he is arguably only the 7th or 8th best QB in the league. SO now his huge contract eats up a big part of the salary cap which means less money to sign other players. Now in closing i think even the Dak detractors out there would agree that the cowboys have been incredibly fortunate to have Dak on that cheap rookie deal for 4 yrs while playing at that level . Usually the QB is highest pd player on the team. Hopefully Dak will continue to improve and justify his upcoming contract because we know rarely do teams make super bowl appearances without a top 5 QB

    • Gary b, why do we have to make him the highest paid player in NFL? He is NOT a market setting talent. Just saw Chris Simms top 40 QBs in 2019, he has him number 13. IMHO, he is above average. He is overrated overall, because he plays for the DALLAS COWBOYS. Real simply.
      2016 – 78.8
      2017 – 69.5
      2018 – 56.2
      2019 – 70.2
      Sorry, but I don’t see this guy getting better, too inconsistent. Front office stacked the offense for him, so this year will be VERY TELLING. Deep into playoff or what will be the next excuse for him?

    • I feel if they offered Top 5 money, as the Cowboys said they did, that’s a fair offer. I think he is a good QB not a great QB and Dallas should stick to their guns on this one. I know it’s gonna suck to have to draft another QB and wait for development but Dak isn’t Russ or Mahomes or Rodgers. So I don’t think he should try to base his negotiations on what Watson or Mahomes may get in their contract.
      Hopefully it gets resolved soon.

    • Why does everybody keep saying to trade Dak!? Just like I said to everybody else that’s said to trade Dak…. He can NOT be traded!! He’s NOT under contract with us and he has NOT signed his franchise tag, so until he signs either one of them, he can NOT be traded…. Period!!

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