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Dak Prescott Could Claim More Cowboys Passing Records in 2022

Last year set the ' single-season record for passing touchdowns. He's flirted with others in the past, and the potential to play a 17-game season in 2022 means Dak could claim more franchise records in the very near future.

Prescott's 37th passing touchdown last year eclipsed the previous mark of 36 thrown by in 2007. It was a big jump for Dak from his career-high of 30 set in 2019.

Because he missed one game in the middle of the season, Prescott's record was done in the same 16 games that Romo's was. If Dak plays in all 17 games in 2022, he may very well set the mark even higher.

If the Cowboys stays potent all season long, Prescott might even become the first Dallas passer to hit 40 touchdowns in one year.

That 17th game could also Dak to set a new single-season record for passing yards. With 4,902 yards thrown for in 2019, Prescott is second by just one yard to the 4,903 yards that Romo put up in 2012.

Not only are these single-season marks in range for Dak but he should move up the career leaderboards as well. Prescott only needs 618 passing yards to pass for third on the franchise's all-list.

Throwing for at least 11 touchdowns will also put Dak third on the all-time list, once again passing Staubach. Putting up 23 touchdowns next year will also move him past for second on the list.

One franchise record Prescott already owns is the career . His 98.7 rating is the highest of any Cowboys QB whose had at least 100 attempts or more.

In case you're wondering, Dak is also arguably the most prolific running QB in team . He has the highest single-season marks in rushing yards and touchdowns and the most career rushing TDs. He still trails Staubach by about 800 yards in career rushing, though.

Of course, the fruition of all this depends on Dak Prescott staying healthy and the Cowboys' offensive proficiency. While we'll all be most focused on the team's wins and losses, it will be interesting to track QB1's progress with the franchise milestones as 2022 rolls along.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Great Jess, so DP may “pass” other Cowboy QBs for different assorted records. No disrespect, BUT WHO CARES. For me, give me a GREAT, CLUTCH QB like Aikman or of course Staubach any day. DP is neither great nor, more importantly, clutch, as his poor POSTSEASON RECORD indicates. You can keep these meaningless “records”. As far as that single season TD record, thank the Eagles for not showing up in that last “farce” game of the season for DP to get 5 passing TDs against 2nd and 3rd stringers. Great!

Furthermore, it is a passing game NOW, and a lot more QB friendly, as opposed to more balanced attacks years ago. Staubach started his pro career as a 27-year-old rookie after serving our Country in the Navy for four years, and still played in FIVE SUPER BOWLS. Most of his career, NFL only played a 14-game schedule, as opposed to 17 now. ETC, ETC, ETC.

IMO, as of right now, and unfortunately for Cowboy fans, DP may not even be in the top ten of QBs in the league now. Attempting to somehow elevate him with Troy, and especially Roger, is simply ludicrous.

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