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Dak Prescott delivers monster night, helps end 30-year road playoff drought

Happy Tuesday, . The left Raymond James Stadium Monday night with a 31-14 victory over the Buccaneers to earn their first road playoff win in over 30 years.

had an all-time playoff performance in last night's victory, producing 329 total yards, five touchdowns, and a 143.3 . Prescott became just one of five players with four-plus passing touchdowns and at least one rushing touchdown in a playoff game.

Everyone put Prescott on blast last week after his poor performance against Washington in the season finale. Well, all he did was respond with arguably the best game of his career.

“I didn't listen to anybody else's opinions, anybody else's thoughts,” Prescott said on after the game when asked about being consistently asked about the Cowboys' playoff woes. “I have a great supporting cast, a team that believes in me.”

Prescott helped Dallas earn its first road playoff victory since the 1992 Game. The last win was over the at Candlestick Park.

The Cowboys lost eight straight road playoff games prior to Monday's victory.

The Cowboys' offensive was solid all night long. This is the type of game I wish Dallas could have every week.

I understand it can be hard to do that week in and week out, and things happen, but last night was a great team win (outside of the kicking game).

For someone who has been money all year, became the first player since 1932 to miss four extra points in a single game. Doing so kept the Buccaneers within relative striking distance even with the visitors controlling the contest.

Let's get that fixed before next week.

As the Cowboys now have their sights set on a red-hot 49ers team, this is the Prescott the Cowboys will need to reach their first conference title game in 30 years.

Things won't come as easy for them as last night, but to win a playoff game against the goat has to make them feel good.

Even more so because everyone wrote them off after week 18.

If any of you would like to check out my post last week when I said RELAX, now you know why! This team hasn't lost two in a row all season for a reason. When this team is clicking like they did on , they can beat anyone.

Mistake-free football. Outside of Maher, this was nearly a perfect night for the boys.

This was a team win first and foremost, but Prescott played probably the best game of his career when he needed it the most. What he did leading up to this game didn't even matter after it was final.

The Cowboys have a quick turnaround due to the dumb scheduling. The Cowboys will play Sunday evening against the 49ers, who played on Saturday.

It makes no sense as to why they did this.

Nonetheless, Dallas will need to come into this game ready to stop the run and they will need another masterpiece from Prescott.

is now 0-1 against the Cowboys in the .

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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Hello Shane! Big Time Win for the Cowboys! Dak Prescott was special last night. Got to admit, I didn’t see that coming at all. Great game for the defense as well. Pressured Brady constantly! Didn’t allow the Bucs running game to get going. Now the question becomes, what to do about Bret Maher? Personally I think the Cowboys should hold a kicking competition today and move on from Maher. The Maher that was cut by Dallas once, is the Maher that’s back in Dallas now. Can’t afford to have PAT’s missed at San Francisco or be afraid to attempt short field goals because you have NO CONFIDENCE in Maher. They probably won’t cut Maher, but they probably should!!!!


Great game by DP and the entire team (save Maher). After the slow start, everything was clinking offensively. Defense put a lot of pressures on Brady, who is basically their entire offense, as their run game stinks.

O-line gave DP all day, absolutely no pressure, so he did what he was supposed to do. Bucs D blew coverages and Cowboy WRs were wide open repeatedly. As I commented here, Bucs we’re the worst team in the PS, BY FAR, so I was not very surprised by this outcome. On to SF.

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