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Dak Prescott: Despite Belief, Deal Wasn’t Close In 2019

Time for your regularly scheduled Dak Prescott contract discussion.

The Cowboys franchise quarterback is entering unrestricted free agency this Spring, and while the Jones family has been steadfast in claiming he will be a Cowboy for life, the contract is yet to be completed.

Most expected for Prescott and the Cowboys to close the deal prior to the 2019 season. Instead, Prescott played out the final year of his contract and had a career year, betting on himself and cementing his value as deserving of QB1 money.

At the Super Bowl this week, Dak joined the Dan Patrick Show and was asked about the status with the team, echoing the statements we’ve heard from much of Cowboys Nation the last couple of months.

Dan Patrick Show on Twitter

I been doubted my whole life. It’s nothing new, it’s something I actually enjoy to go out there and prove people wrong.” – from being a 4th round pick to betting on himself with his contract situation, @Dak Prescott continues to prove his doubters wrong

It wasn’t surprising to hear that Dak thought he’d get himself a contract prior to the 2019 season, but it was surprising to hear that the deal was never really close in his eyes.

Stephen Jones has said that the deal is imminent, and all that’s left is to “land the plane” to close the deal. Based on how Prescott spoke here, though, it certainly sounds that he is viewing the current offers very differently than Jones.

Whether he is inked to a longterm deal, or brought back on the franchise tag, Prescott is going to be a Dallas Cowboy in 2020. But if you’re looking to keep your franchise player happy, why not opt for the longterm option? Why keep this in limbo for an entire season, giving the media a chance to potentially insert some outside drama onto the situation? Why allow for these “top free agent” lists to include the guy you claim to value as your starting quarterback of the future?

In the end I do believe this will all work out, but it doesn’t feel great as a Cowboys fan to see this all begin to unfold in a public manner.

Get Dak his money, and let’s move on.

What do you think?

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Kevin Brady

Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.


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  1. I’m sick of the media trying to say what a person should make. Second I’m sick of this whole situation. They offered a contract you do not like it buy get out let another team overpay and put the TEAM in shambles. Third it doesn’t matter what someone else got this is what we are paying

  2. I say the cowboys should pay him 100million per year in a 5 year guaranteed deal and field a highschool equivalent team and watch him him do his magic. He’ll feel respected and the team will be epic Failures. I’d watch that.

  3. offer him carson(prince harry) $$. if he doesn’t like it, let dakie duck walk or trade his assets to someone else to overpay him, he really hasn’t beaten any quality teams this year, definitily had some real stink-a roe’ games this year, and now starting to act the part,,,what like there isn’t any young hungry QB’s out there??? hell lets look at this thorson kid we got on the pines for staters….

  4. The press loves Dak and his stats for the past year, without mentioning that he padded those stats in garbage time when the team was losing. He still has problems with accuracy, which no amount of coaching can correct. He cannot carry the team on his shoulders. Put the unrestricted tag on him and see how many other teams will be willing to pay the 27 Mill + two first round draft choices for him. He is a good, middle of the pack QB. Pay him like one, but don’t saddle McCarthy with him long-term.

  5. You like out-of-the-box ideas? Check this out…

    -Trade Dak to Cincy (throw in Elliott if necessary…pleeease)
    -Use the cap space to sign our best FAs plus another stud or two
    -Brink back Dez
    -Sign Brady to a 1-yr deal
    -Draft Joe Burrow and let him learn for a year under the G.O.A.T.
    -Enjoy 5 years of cap heaven
    -Win 5 of the next 6 Super Bowls
    -Call Garrett and fire him again

  6. There are an awful lot of ridiculous so called Cowboys fans posting crazy comments, I would not blame Dak one bit if he has gotten tired of the madness associated with the Cowboys and decides it’s not worth it and concludes that he would like to play elsewhere, somewhere where he will be appreciated. Let the Cowboys conduct a quarterback search for the next ten years.

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