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Dak Prescott in at Number 46 on NFL’s Top 100 Behind Jimmy Garoppolo

Lists and rankings are fun. They give us something to talk about and debate. The NFL Top 100 for 2020 is voted on by the players during the 2019 season and is generally a reflection of how a player is playing and how much attention they’re getting at the time.

It’s the ultimate test of subjectivity, as most rankings and lists are, and yet the NFL Top 100 captures our attention every summer just before training camp. Catching out attention late last night on the countdown is where they placed the starting quarterback of America’s Team!

Coming in at number 46 is your quarterback Dak Prescott.

After missing out on the NFL Top 100 in 2019, Dak Prescott makes his triumphant return to the list. At number 46, he’s ahead of four quarterbacks at this point. They are Kirk Cousins, Ryan Tannehill, Josh Allen, and Kyler Murray.

The NFL Network has only released the top 60 names to this point, and so far, the only quarterback to rank ahead of Dak Prescott is San Francisco 49ers signal-caller Jimmy Garoppolo. Garoppolo checks in just three spots ahead of Prescott at number 43.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Dak Prescott made the top 50 of the top 100. He was one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL in 2019. He finished top 5 in QBR, second in passing yards, and threw for nearly 5,000 yards. What is a surprise is that Prescott is behind Jimmy G.

Garoppolo’s presence ahead of Prescott on the list is further evidence that quarterbacks get all the credit for the success, or lack thereof, of their teams. Yes, the San Francisco 49ers went to a Super Bowl, and yes, they were one of the NFC’s best teams in 2019. However, he was the epitome of a bus driver for the 49ers during the NFC playoffs.

The only game Garoppolo attempted more than 20 passes was in the Super Bowl. In the NFC Championship, Garoppolo only threw the ball eight times in a 37-20 win over the Green Bay Packers. In 49ers divisional-round win over the Minnesota Vikings, he only threw the ball 19 times, completing 11 passes for 131 yards, one touchdown, and one interception.

In 2019, Jimmy Garoppolo was 19th in pass attempts, throwing 120 fewer passes than Prescott and yet had more interceptions than Dak Prescott. Prescott threw for nearly 1,000 more yards than Garoppolo. The Niners quarterback had 54% of his passing yards come after the catch. Compare that to Prescott, who had just 39% of his passing yards come after the catch.

The NFL is a results-based league, and the 49ers had a better season than the Dallas Cowboys. That much is true. When one team makes it to the Super Bowl, and the other sits at home, it’s going to affect the way the players’ opinion of those quarterbacks. No position in the NFL gets more credit for a team’s success and more blame for a team’s failures than the quarterback position.

Jimmy Garoppolo ranked of Dak Prescott on any list is all the evidence you need to know that those voting on the list didn’t watch enough of both players. Jimmy Garoppolo is a fine quarterback, but his head coach took the ball out of his hands in the playoffs, including the Super Bowl. Dak Prescott hasn’t gone as far in the playoffs — cough, team accomplishment, cough — but he’s a better player than Jimmy Garoppolo.

What do you think?

John Williams

Written by John Williams

Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could.

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  1. Well done article John ! Hopefully the team as a whole ( including Dak ) gets the job done, because so true that getting to the playoffs requires a total team effort , which was something the cowboys lacked last yr

  2. Plays come in from the coaches, so Garoppolo has no control of how many passes he can throw, hence his passing yards. Sad people have to knock others to boost their guy up. The man led his team to the SUPER BOWL. AGAIN, PRESCOTT HAS ONE PLAYOFF WIN IN FOUR YEARS, and that is a fact that NO ONE CAN SPIN. But apparently facts are not always palatable to some people.

    If you want to cherry pick, lets look at Prescott’s performance in KEY GAMES, against GOOD opponents last year, NOT AGAINST SLUG TEAMS where he feasted, and PADDED his stats.

    Pats game – 19 of 33, 212 yds, 6.4 avg, 0 TDs, 1 INT, 64 QB rate, producing 9 points
    Saints game – 22 of 33, 223 yds, 6.8 avg, 0 TDs, 1 INT, 73 QB rate, 10 points
    Second Eagles (for division) – 25 of 44, 265 yds, 6 avg, 0 TDs, 0 INTs, 74 rate, 9 points

    So the PLAYERS VOTED Garoppolo better than Prescott. But they wouldn’t know better because they haven’t watched enough. Love it.

    AGAIN, this guy is HURTING MY TEAM. Now our great LT may be at risk of being a cap casualty. Not even sure this guy wants to be a Cowboy. When you look at the generous offers he has repeatedly turned down, one has to wonder. Cowboy fans deserve better.

    • Jimmy did NOT lead his team to the Super Bowl…. The defense lead the team to the Super Bowl!! And it doesn’t matter what you say, he is NOT better than Dak!! Anybody that thinks that are crazy!! And BTW, Dak was playing with a hurt shoulder in the 2nd eagles game, so that one can’t be held against him!! And every QB has a bad game every now and then!! It just so happens that Dak had a couple bad ones against decent teams!! Like the article said, this is a team sport, it’s not won or lost by one player!! So that one playoff win is on the TEAM, not just Dak!! And the 49ers made it to the Super Bowl cause of the team, NOT cause Jimmy G is so good!! Which for the record is definitely not that good!! If it wasn’t for his defense they wouldn’t have went to the Super Bowl, and that’s a fact!!

  3. Ok I’ll take the cherry picking in the other direction.
    Wanna talk about play calling, Dak was the victim of atrocious play calling the likes of which P Mahomes couldn’t have overcome. He had 2 OT (Martin/Smith) hobbled most of the yr Elliott’s fat ass came into the season out of shape (again) and he took an hr to hit the hole most of the yr (2 runs over 20 yds over 300 att). I stand by my contention that it’s a TEAM game and if the TEAM plays well then it usually results in a win. As far as the Eagles game everyone knows he was legitimately injured. The Saints game missing both tackles and I believe both WRs. The Patriots game in atrocious weather, nobody played good including Brady. All of them close games. If the TEAM had played better we could have won any/or all those games. Easy to put every loss on Dak but the fact is this TEAM has underperformed over the past several yrs and if they hadn’t, Dak would have more then one playoff win. With that said I don’t think Dak is worth his asking price and I think he is being a greedy SOB. Instead of playing QB for the Dallas friggin Cowboys (who are loaded on offense) apparently he only cares about getting every dollar he can.
    There was a time (I guess) when Dak could’ve been signed to a reasonable contract, but apparently that time has passed. He isn’t worth breaking ur cap for but that doesn’t mean he’s not a very good (not elite) QB. Anybody have Quincy Carter’s # maybe he’s still available.

    • Gary b, a lot of excuses for the diva in that post, but I see you were playing devil’s advocate. Totally agree with you though, the diva is one greedy SOB. That is not debatable, IMHO

  4. The most important quality of a quarterback is leadership. Statistics are great for Monday discussions, but leadership wins ball games. Yes it is the ultimate team game, but great quarterbacks inspire teams with lesser players to win. The eagles, saints & patriots were lesser talent, but their quarterbacks LEAD their teams to victory. Staubach, Bradshaw, Montana had lesser statistics, but they were leaders. Yes, I’d say we had last year the best 8-8 quarterback in the game.
    Great quarterbacks shine in the big games. Dak lost everyone by simply not scoring. You can’t blame a defense that holds a team to less than 20 points. If defense does that, offense should win every game. Nobody asks a super bowl champion quarterback if his stats were good enough to be there. The quarterback is paid so much because his is the leader. If he is just a player on the team, pay him as such. If he makes the difference, pay him. Dak didn’t shine last year. All he did was pad stats with a larger than normal weak opponents.

  5. Mark u made some good points but then you lost me. The Eagles won their division, the Saint’s won the conference championship and the Patriots won the super bowl and yet they were lesser talents than the 8-8 cowboys? Yet the cowboys had a chance to win all those games. Can’t have it both ways boys. Dak was legitimately injured in the 2nd Eagles game and for sure could have played better in the others. I’ve never ever said Dak is a great QB nor does anyone else in here. He is a very good QB (not elite) in my opinion. He can be successful if the team around him plays well (which the cowboys have not) cuz no he isn’t elite enuf to carry a team. Blaming Dak for every loss shifts any blame the cowboys TEAM has for underperforming . Funny I never hear ANY criticism of any player but Dak. If our coach hadn’t sucked and more players had played well we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. As far as his contract goes I’m on record that he doesn’t deserve what he is asking for. Cowboys had chance to sign a very good QB to a reasonable contract 2 yrs ago and didn’t have the foresight to do so. Be careful for what u ask for this team could be entering QB purgatory and again NOBODY has any alternatives just criticism. If not Dak who is ur QB moving forward? I’m waiting?

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