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Dak Prescott Leaves Practice, Shoulder MRI Negative for Major Injury

The alarms went off earlier today when was seen dealing with the team's medical staff and left practice. Thankfully, Dallas has confirmed that Dak is only dealing with a right shoulder strain following an MRI.

Prescott reported soreness in his throwing arm early in today's practice and did not return. , , and handled the throws and it was Gilbert who got the 1st-team work in Dak's absence.

Any talk around the starting QB is a bad thing for all teams. But after 2020, it's especially maddening for Prescott and who are counting on his healthy return to get Dallas back to the .

It is worth noting that the Cowboys have a game coming next Thursday, the meeting against the Steelers. If Dallas decides to play it safe and keep Prescott out of that game, it would give Gilbert another chance to start (albeit ) against Pittsburgh.

Dallas' near upset of the Steelers was Gilbert's only appearance in 2020, subbing for one week until return from injury.

Thankfully for Dak and for Dallas, this appears to be a small and forgettable blip on the radar. Hopefully Prescott will return soon and continue preparing for the season, and we'll get to see him line up with the starters next week in Canton.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Donnie Collins

I am Cowboys fan but it upsets me when dak says he feeli g good and ready to play and says he is a leader and than this happens and just walks out of camp he should have said his arm was sore and wanted to make sure everything was okay but he didn’t that’s not a leader


Ha! Stop


Not sure DP would have played next week vs Pittsburgh anyway, in a very early PS game. Now as for this “soreness”, “strain”, it certainly doesn’t make one feel warm and fuzzy that our $40 million QB has ANY issue with his THROWING shoulder.

Cowboys fan

You people apparently don’t understand how it works to be a QB!! A QB has to use his legs a lot when he throws a football, and Dak just came back from a serious leg injury, so he may not be using his legs as much to throw the ball and there for it puts a lot of stress on his arm!! Plus you have to take in to account that he was out of football for almost a year without any kind of practice or throwing a football or anything, so of course he’s gonna have these minor muscle issues until he’s back to normal!! This is only his 5th practice he’s had of any kind in almost a year, so give him time to get back used to it and he’ll be fine!!

Steven Peck

Maybe just maybe Dak is pushing himself just a little bit to much,QB coach needs to keep an eye on him when he comes back and not to early because Dak wants to be on the practice field and may not be ready as he’s saying.I just hope that he’s hasn’t injured that shoulder more seriously than we are being told.

Cowboy Fan Ed

This is exactly the reason we need a backup QB that has been battle tested in the NFL Arena! I hope Gilbert develops into a superstar but we just can’t afford to bank a whole season on him Learning on the job!! We are one snap away from having to go to a backup QB and if we want to have any type of different season than we have had the last few years we need a quality backup!

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