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Dak Prescott Looks to Continue Dominance vs Washington in Week 14 Matchup

has dominated the East during his career. His record as a starter is 21-6 within the division, and he faces the team he's beaten at the highest rate on Sunday.

Prescott is 7-1 in his career against the Washington Football Team. After losing his first start in the NFL in 2016 to the , Prescott beat Washington a week later for his inaugural victory 27-23 after completing 22 of his 30 passes for 292 yards. The only loss Prescott has suffered to Washington came in Week 7 in 2018.

The numbers for Prescott against Washington have been excellent. He has completed 69.2% of his passes for 1,886 yards with 13 touchdowns to just one interception. However, Prescott hasn't played on that level since returning from his calf that he suffered against the in October.

Over the last five games, Prescott has just seven touchdowns to four interceptions and the Cowboys have gone 2-3 over that span. In Sunday's matchup with Washington, Prescott will have his talented trio of wide receivers , , and together for a full game of snaps for the first time in 2021 due to and COVID protocols, giving him more than enough firepower to turn things around.

guaranteed a Cowboys' win earlier in the week, which undoubtedly added fuel to the fire for this showdown. Prescott was quick to co-sign on his statement while going into further detail about his response.

“Sh-t yeah,” Prescott said, then going on to elaborate on what McCarthy actually meant. “No, it doesn't put us in a bad spot. I mean, obviously if you're preparing for this game and you're a Dallas Cowboy, if you're a fan, you expect to go in and win each and every game. I don't think he's said anything different than everyone in this building's thoughts.

“He just voiced it. Now we have to make sure we're accountable for our words. I think that's all that is, the coach setting the tone for the week and first day back, making sure everybody understands where his mind is and the team's mindset is.”

Washington won both games against Dallas in 2020. However, Prescott didn't play in either and he comes into Sunday's game with nearly a full arsenal of weapons on and a that's getting back and . That doesn't guarantee a win like McCarthy said, but it could mean all the “We Want Dallas” chants from Washington's fan base lately results in a Texas-sized beatdown courtesy of .

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
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You are right with the headline. “Looking” for dominance. Of course, Prescott has not found it because the headlines this morning run the gambit of how bad he stinks. “His” offense is so bad that is the entire offense cannot seem to do much. The problem might be some of OC Moore’s choices, but Moore isn’t throwing the ball now, is he? Moore isn’t the one who is trying to hand it off and can’t hold onto it; or won’t run unless he has no other choice? Maybe it’s the girlfriend problem like Romo, maybe it’s the BED, maybe too much Dallas night life, maybe it’s Moore or Mike Chubs the coach, or something else. He needs to get back in the game that he is overpaid to perform. The fans and sport casters nasty comments will not stop until he lives up to the money ($$$$$). Welcome to the NFL young man. The radar is definitely turned on and everyone is watching if you will be the leader that is capable or not. Yesterday’s performance was just that…. yesterday. You are only as good in the NFL as of today.

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