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Dak Prescott Needs Playoff Run to Distinguish Himself From Tony Romo

For six seasons now, the battle for the hearts and minds of between and predecessor has been a constant topic. If Prescott can lead Dallas in a deep playoff run this year it could finally help him take a step forward and distinguish himself from Romo in the of all-time Cowboys QBs.

At this point there's little disputing the Mt. Rushmore of quarterbacks who've played for America's Team. Apologies to diehard fans, but there's now a pretty clear top four in , , Romo, and Prescott (put them in whatever order you wish).

Depending on how much weight you give team accomplishments like championships and overall win-loss records as opposed to individual statistics, you may feel that Tony Romo is the greatest Cowboys QB of all time as the franchise leader in passing yards and touchdowns. Or you might quickly defer to Staubach or Aikman based on the glory they helped bring to the Cowboys.

Prescott's not going to need much time to catch up to these greats statistically. Dak will likely pass both Roger and Troy in passing touchdowns next season and Staubach in yards. In the next 2-3 years he should pass Romo and Aikman in passing yards assuming he plays full seasons. Prescott is currently 105 touchdowns behind Romo, which he may need a little more time to pass based on his current annual output.

And by the way, Dak Prescott is currently the highest-rated passer in Cowboys . His career completion percentage and TD-INT ratio beat any of the other greats. Just wanted to share that with you.

The notion of catching up to Romo came to my mind last week when Dak, with five touchdowns in the Week 18 finale against the Eagles and 37 for the year, set the new franchise single-season record for passing TDs. But even with that feat, many were quick to try to discredit Prescott's achievement based on the new 17th game or other criticisms of his play.

Dak Prescott, Tony Romo
Dak Prescott & Tony Romo

It's no secret that Romo's ghost still haunts Prescott with certain parts of . Many remain bitter that Tony didn't get his job back in 2016 when he returned from . Some still suggest that the Cowboys might have won the Super Bowl that year had Tony been QB1 for the .

While Romo's overall greatness is something we all appreciate, talking like he was Captain January is pure fiction. In fact, Prescott's performance in the 2016 playoff loss to Green Bay was arguably equal to or better than any single playoff game Tony played in his entire career.

Right now these are two very similar players in terms of their overall contributions to the Cowboys. They have both put up prolific passing numbers and been overall winners. They've both had times where they carried the team and cost the team, and they've both had challenges to overcome based on the roster overall.

The playoffs is where things especially even out between them. Prescott is 1-2 in his three playoffs games and Romo is 2-4; they've each won one and lost two for every three postseason games they've played.

Dak Prescott has a chance this season, and hopefully many more to come, to help the Cowboys advance past the with two wins over the next two games. Getting Dallas to the Championship Game is something that Tony Romo never accomplished, nor has any other Cowboys QB since Troy Aikman in 1995.

If Dallas can finally enjoy a longer run in the playoffs again, even some of the more unreasonable Romo loyalists will have to give Prescott his due.

No doubt, some will still find ways to sling mud at Dak. Whatever their agenda or bias in the matter, some will never be happy with what he achieves.

But for those of us with a more balanced perspective, right now things are pretty even between Dak Prescott and Tony Romo. Both are underdogs who've achieved big things in the NFL despite pre-draft beliefs. And in the near future, both will easily be the most statistically prolific passers in .

As we look ahead to the 49ers on Sunday and whatever could come next, Prescott has the opportunity to add something more to his resume. And if he ever wants to truly distinguish himself from Tony Romo among Dallas' all-time greats, playoff success is the last great obstacle on that path.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Ethan L Chazin

ummmm. No! As a 40 year fan, I WILL take Danny White over Dak. Maybe not Romo


Well that’s just showing your lack of knowledge after all these years.

James Vargas

It’s just another football era. You can’t make comparissons between the two based only on stats. Danny White was a great QB in his era. Took the ✭ to at least a couple of NFC Championship games

Oscar R Reyes

The Do Call Writer of this Pathetic Shameless Article definitely needs to do his research. I DEFINITELY would never compare Tony Romo with Dak Prescott (DAFFY DUCK). Tony Romo never took the Cowboys to a Conference Champion Game nor to a Super Bowl Game. Why not compare DAFFY DUCK to Troy Aikman. Aikman definitely took the Cowboys to a Conference Champion Game and to a Super Bowl Game and he also won MVP. I’ve been a Die Hard Cowboys Fan since the Tom Landry Era. DAFFY DUCK definitely needs to take the Cowboys first to a Conference Champion Game and DAFFY DUCK definitely needs to lead the Cowboys to finally win a Conference Champion Game under DAFFY DUCK Belt. Definitely only time will tell us exactly how far DAFFY DUCK will take the Cowboys in the Playoffs. The first game on the road to this year’s Super Bowl Game is San Francisco 49ers. I definitely hope that the Cowboys definitely defeat the San Francisco 49ers. The Cowboys definitely need to have Home Field Advantage in the Playoffs.

James Vargas

Pathetic Shameless Article ? Then go read to another site. Or better yet, why don’t you write an article ? All the writers in this site do a great job.

Bob Sponge

I DEFINITELY see what you’re saying about Dak and Tony. I’m a fan of both but I’m DEFINITELY hoping that Dak delivers more than Tony did. Not to prove he’s better but so that Cowboys Nation can get out of this rut. And I’m DEFINITELY confused about the Daffy Duck thing too. DEFINITELY.

Mr. Cowboys 1966

I would take Danny White over both Romo and Prescott. White took the Cowboys to three NFC Championship,[1981′-1982-1983,], games. It would be great to see Dak make it to the NFC Championship game. Dak would then be ranked behind White. White should be in the Ring of Honor. In addition White was also a Punter and won a Super Bowl ring in 1978. As a Cowboys fan since 1966 with Don Meredith and Bob Hayes It’s time that Danny White gets his just due.


Agreed that Danny White should get his due. During that string of 9 straight seasons in the playoffs that they rattled off from the mid-70’s to the mid-80’s, Danny White was the QB for 4 of them.


Until Dak wins a Super Bowl he is not even in the conversation with Roger the dodger and Troy Aikman. If he gets us to the conference championship then maybe same conversation as Danny White. Back in the 70s the running game was heavily focused on. Today has more passing and more dynamic recievers. So stats can’t compare.

Sal S

Danny White was a better QB than Romo, Prescott’s leadership ability, something Romo lacked during his tenure, puts him ahead of Romo.


Danny White was a defense away from three Super Bowl appearances

Cowboys fan

Tony Romo should have made it to at least the NFC championship game once…. He and Dez got screwed over by the refs and the CATCH/non catch against Green Bay that year!! And if they didn’t get screwed out of that game I think that team would have made it to the Super Bowl!! That team was one of the best teams we had in years, and it was one of the best teams in the NFL that year, definitely good enough to get to the Super Bowl!! I’m not saying I like Romo better than Prescott because of that, I’m saying Romo needs to get some kind of credit for it!! Everybody knows we should’ve won that game!! And rules were changed in the NFL because of that one CATCH/non catch that screwed us out of going to the NFC championship GAME!! If that play happened after the rule change, we would of been in the championship game that year!!


Agree with David’s comments, and let’s remember Staubach started his Cowboy career as a 27 year-old rookie, as he served our Country for FOUR years in the Navy, including a one-year stint in Viet Nam.

IMO, Staubach is one of the best NFL QBs of all time, so he is clearly better than the other three primarily mentioned in the article, no Troy. In his 11-year career, he led the Cowboys to FIVE Super Bowls, starting four and winning two. THATS FIVE SUPER BOWL APPEARENCES IN ELEVEN YEARS!

Three-time SB champion, Aikman is clearly in second place, well above the other two primarily mentioned in the article.

Disagree with Jess on DW, and as already mentioned, underrated Danny White, led the Cowboys to THREE consecutive NFC Championships, (during the Montana years, and only “The Catch” prevented a SB berth in one of those games), so he deserves be in the mix, maybe in third place right now.

Romo was the Cowboy starter for 10 of his 14 years with the team, had three double digit win seasons, and 2-4 post season record, in that time frame. He does hold some Cowboy passing records and had his up and down moments, however in the PS, didn’t shine very brightly.

As far as Prescott, in five full seasons, just one PS win so far, but let’s see what happens this year and going forward. If he can lead the team to an NFC Championship this PS, he could jump ahead of TR.


Correction, DW led Cowboys to three NFC Championship GAMES.

FDR ggfd

Prescott now falls behind Romo with one win in four appearances (.250) vs 2 wins in 6 (.333)

Nick L Brunson

Both very good QB’s. Both accomplished about the same in their first 5-6 years. Both held back by coaching and disfunction (Jones). Both missed time due to injury. Romo threw INTs at a higher rate, Dak fumbles a lot. With both you felt like there was always a chance. Full context: Dak had more help (defense, run game, o-line). The game is more QB-receiver friendly now. The division overall has been worse. Also, not sure if Dak has a signature win, something like winning at New Orleans in 2009 when the Saints were undefeated. Then crushing Philly week 17 for the division (with limited talent: Marion Barber RB1, Miles Austin WR1). Romo did a lot with little that year. Haven’t seen that yet from Dak, but I believe it’s coming. Either way, Cowboys are lucky to have both.

Robert Guzman

Dak isn’t the passer Romo was, Dak gets single coverage on the outside regularly, teams fear zeke and stack 8 in the box, look at the film, they don’t fear Dak going over the top, he misses wide open targets like he missed Amari on the first drive for what would have been a 20 yard gain and kept the drive alive, he only beat two playoff teams last year, eagles and pats, his stats come in blow out wins , ex eagles and covid stricken washing team with barely enough to play. After 6 years Dak is what he is, Romo took 3-4 teams to 8-8 that were horrible, Jerry admitted that much, Dak has had far better weapons and teams at his disposal and it’s not even close.

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