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Dak Prescott on a Historic Pace Through First Four Games of 2020

The first quarter of the season has come and gone and unfortunately the are off to a 1-3 start and there’s not much hope that things will get better, especially on the defensive side of the football. That poor play on , combined with some self-inflicted wounds on has put the onus of winning football games squarely on the backs of the through the first four weeks of the season. With the historic pace that is at, it looks like he’s more than up for the challenge.

After a 500 yard performance in week four against the , Dak Prescott is on pace to throw for 6,760 passing yards in 2020. If that pace holds up, it would shatter thecurrent single season passing record, which belongs to who threw for 5,477 yards in 2013 with the . We all remember the epic back and forth shootout between Peyton Manning and that season, which ended in a 51-48 loss for the Cowboys. It appears that Prescott is in for a similar treatment in 2020

Now, it’s unlikely Dak Prescott will continue his torrid pace of 422.5 passing yards per game. But if the defense is unable to get stops on a regular basis, he’ll certainly be asked to throw quite a bit and the record for passing yards in a season is well within site.

In order for Prescott to break the single season passing record in 2020, he’d have to average 316 yards per game over the final 12 games. That’s more than 100 yards less than his current per game average. Over his last 16 games, Dak Prescott’s averaged 340 passing yards per game.

Some other pace stats for Dak Prescott. He’s on pace for 36 passing touchdowns and 12 rushing touchdowns, both of which would be career highs. Unfortunately, he’s also on pace for 12 interceptions and 12 fumbles lost. He has to do a better job protecting the football. The has to do a better job protecting him. And the has to do a better job not leaving undrafted rookies on an island against elite pass rushers as they did on Sunday.

Now as I said before, the offense shoulders some of the blame for the way things have transpired in the early part of 2020. They’ve turned the football over at an alarming rate and it’s everyone. From the , to , to players down the roster, the Cowboys have struggled to hold onto the football. Against the , , and yesterday against the Cleveland Browns, those turnovers led to two touchdown deficits. Prescott and the offense have been able to rally to get back into the football games to give themselves a chance, but they have to do a better job protecting the football as a group so that they don’t put themselves in two touchdown holes every week. That’s not a sustainable model for winning football games. The offense can’t put their defense in bad positions like they’ve done each of the last three weeks.

While the wins aren’t coming, yet, we’re witnessing the emergence of the next great passing quarterback right before our eyes. Dak Prescott has been incredible through the first four weeks of the season. The lack of wins shouldn’t take away from how good he’s been. If the Cowboys can get average performances from their defense over the next 12 games, then they’ll keep themselves in a good position to collect some wins and hopefully make a run at the East crown and the .

John Williams
John Williams
Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could. Make sure you check out the Inside The Cowboys Podcast featuring John Williams and other analysts following America's Team.

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Dak has obvious flaws as a passer. But, even as his harshest critic, I admit in year 5 he is FINALLY showing improvement. While he still throws balls behind receivers and still shows maddening inaccuracy or short balls and even dump offs, he is finally showing the ability to throw down field. That used to he possibly my BIGGEST complain about him. In the past he would go thru stretches of weeks on end refusing to even attempt a deep ball. He now seems ready to throw vertically nearly every time. I couldn’t care any less about all the wonderful stats–namely the bloated yards –but he has improved. But now we have the most atrocious defense in many years. What a disaster. I factually think that FINALLY our little Dakie Pooh is all growns up…and might be able to make a run at it if we didn’t have rotting garbage for a defense.

gary b

Agree with most of what u said Matt! But I think his accuracy has really improved. He isn’t Drew Brees accurate…but who is? This might be the worst defense in cowboys history. P Mahomes couldn’t throw enuf TDs to compensate for how bad they are.


Who in the hell cares about his stats? I, as most all of the fans, except the unusual ones, or the weekly Fantasizers, could care less. We only care about winning. Everything else is slime under the barrel. Of course, this is another one of the Jones’ good optimism stories to cover up the fact that the “Cow Bitches” are OWNED by other teams. America’s Team is filled with winners. These pathetic losers must be from Russia, Russia, Russia. I sure hope some of you clowns are reading this. The fans are disgusted.


He could throw for 10,000 yards, but who cares if WE DO NOT WIN THE GAMES. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. We have to start RUNNING THE BALL MUCH MORE. Keep this defense OFF THE FIELD. Four games is a more than big enough sample to see we have to change our strategy. We could EASILY be 0-4, except for a horrible blunder by Falcons.

Gary b

I think the more important stat for Dak is how many pts is he putting on the board. Agree they go away from the run too early…..but when they do run this OL is not getting push and Zeke seems to lack the burst and elusiveness to make plays.

The defense is obviously even to the untrained eye by far our biggest problem. Dak will put alot of points on the board, but what will it matter if the defense can’t ever get stops or turnovers.

The amount of problems this team has is almost too long to list. But it starts with the defense, as evidenced by that beatdown they took last week.

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