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Dak Prescott on Playoff Loss: “I Don’t Know If It’s Gone Yet”

It wasn't supposed to end so quickly for the . After a 12-5 campaign in 2021 which saw the Cowboys produce the top in points and yards while also possessing the No.1 in terms of turnovers and stopping teams on third down, they were expected to make noise in the but failed miserably.

The Cowboys looked unprepared and flat against the in the wild-card round and suffered a disappointing 23-17 loss at home, making it the 11th consecutive playoff appearance in which they didn't reach the Championship Game.

recently spoke about the loss to the 49ers, and it doesn't appear it's leaving his mind anytime soon.

“I don't know if it's gone yet,” Prescott said. “I don't know if ever will, honestly. I think there's probably some games, some moments in an athlete's career that just stick with them forever, and I'm sure that will be one of them.”

Prescott set the Cowboys franchise record for touchdown passes with 37 and totaled double-digit wins for the third time in his career. However, after a year of rehabbing his surgically repaired ankle, he dealt with a strained shoulder that kept him out for the and a calf strain that cost him a game in the regular season.

The former was selected to be an alternate in the . It would've been the third appearance for Prescott but he chose to let his body rest which makes sense with the multiple he suffered in 2021.

“Just didn't want to take any more, I guess you could say hits, or just wear on the body,” said Prescott. “I wanted to turn the page and get ready to start next season.”

The pressure to lead the Cowboys on a deep playoff run won't be any less for Prescott in 2022, it will probably grow larger. With every season the passes without postseason success, coupled with what he gets paid, Prescott will be scrutinized, fairly or unfairly, it just comes with the quarterback position, especially with the Cowboys.

Prescott is now preparing for his seventh season in the NFL. He'll have to be better down the stretch in 2022 than he was this season in which he failed to reach 300 yards in eight of his last 10 starts and struggled with his accuracy. Also, he has to get the Cowboys to the NFC Championship Game at least, it's that simple.



Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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Yeah good luck on that dak isnt taking us to anywhere but maybe the first round of the playoffs and out. Overpaid over-hyped and chokes against good teams


Very true. But very few people are willing to say that

Cowboy Fan Ed

Don’t know about Dak but it sure hasn’t left me yet! When you get beat fair and square by a team and you know that they were a better team then hats off to them….. but when you know your team is as good or even better and you keep them in the game because you don’t execute and make stupid penalties at crucial times then to loose ought to stick in your mind like a knife! Somebody needs to step up take the blame and do something about it in the future!


Hard to step up and take the blame when you can easily pass it off onto the officials and have your coaches back you up for doing so.

Howard Stevens

The question is whether Dak is more interested in winning or making money? His contract and agent obviously favor money over winning but I think Dak will realize he can have both. He needs to extend the contact for at least 2 years at his current level so the team can have depth.


Prescott is tired of getting hit. I was tired of him not only getting hit but also running for cover when in the pocket. Where was his protection? Why do most teams use play-action plus extra blockers up front successfully?
We have 3 stellar wide receivers. Momentarily freezing LB with play-action, an extra blocker or two would establish a running game. Ya’ know, successful passing games depend on a solid running attack.
It seems to me that the OC needs to revisit basic football and then work his “wizardry” built upon that.
Prescott is still a premier QB in the league. More time in the pocket is key.


Ya know….they’re saying the same thing up in Green Bay, “It wasn’t supposed to end so quickly.”
Give San Fran some credit!


Dallas has no running game the oline is a mix of old and inexperience and the offensive coordinator is trash

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