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Dak Prescott Took the Next Step in 2019, Still Needs to Improve in a few Areas

2019 will be remembered as one of the most frustrating seasons in recent Dallas Cowboy's . A team that had so much promise was only able to break even at 8-8 and missed the .

There were a few bright spots this season, though, and one was the progression of . He set career highs in passing yards (4,902) and touchdown passes (30). Seven times this season he threw for 300 yards or more, including three games over 400. Also, he had six games with three or more touchdown tosses.

Prescott finished second in yards and fourth in touchdowns for all quarterbacks. With first-year taking the shackles off, we now know the true arm talent that Prescott has, which was limited under former OC . With that being said, there are still a few areas he can improve on and take his game to an even higher level.

1. Be more accurate with his throws

Some will probably look at this and say what do you mean a guy that threw for almost 5,000 yards has to be more accurate. Well, there's more to throwing the ball than simply getting it to your receivers, you have to have touch and placement. The idea is to hit your receivers in stride and allow them to maximize winning on routes. Although Prescott threw for a lot of yards and touchdowns, there were yards and possible points left on the field because of slightly inaccurate throws. In his , his receiving core didn't do him any favors by dropping the fourth-most passes in the NFL, which is something they'll need to improve. However, it's incumbent on him to place the ball where it needs to be. Once Prescott takes his accuracy to the next level there's no telling how good he can be.

2. Use his legs more

This is the part of Prescott's game that I personally would like to see improve as much as anything. At 6'2 and around 240 pounds, he's basically a running with the football and can really punish defenders, especially if he gets to the third level against smaller . If you go back and watch the film from this season, there was an abundance of opportunities that Prescott missed to use his legs and keep drives going and put up points. He had career lows in rushing attempts, yards, touchdowns, runs for first downs, and yards per game this season. Granted he's no , but this is a part of Prescott's game that needs to be utilized more and would take his overall production into another orbit.

Prescott proved in 2019 that he can sling the football with the best the NFL has to offer. Now, if he can improve in these few areas the sky will only be the floor, not the limit for where his game can go.


Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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Oscar Reyes

Dak Prescott (CHOKE THE CHICKEN) should’ve taken the 30 million when it was offered. He’s a Pathetic Fool to have turned down that offer. Prescott has a lot of work ahead of him. He’s in Desperate and Dire need to be Accurate and Consistent. He needs to learn to Read the Defense plus know when to throw the ball away to avoid a loss in yards

Scott McMan

Improving accuracy is easier said than done. Sadly, having the ability to know the instant to let a ball go when not doing a timing pattern is instinctive. You either have it, or you don’t. When Romo would let a ball go on a deep route, odds were, it would come down in a very favorable place for his WR to catch. Prescott overthrows too much. Also, on crossing patterns, he throws too late. I hope he can learn, but it’s very difficult to master what comes naturally to most top QBs. He also needs to command more control. Get in guys faces and be a field general. Garrett was a very passive coach, but now maybe Dallas will bring in someone who is more dominant and instills some discipline. In turn, this can help Prescott to extend that attitude onto the field. The team as a whole showed little discipline and it was often their downfall.


#1 period.

The number of times he throws behind receivers causing the ball to go incomplete or the receiver to be immediately tackled is mind boggling. If he would hit receivers in stride on simple crossing patterns and allow Zeke to catch balls while in motion, it would supercharge our passing game.

Jonathan Hensley

Dak’s downfield passing accuracy is fantastic the vast majority of the time. He’s a downfield killer.

As to his accuracy, it’s Dak’s mediocre ball placement that haunts his short-medium game. His crossing route accuracy is erratic. It’s maddening how often he throws behind the receiver running a crossing route. Many of his apologists use the simplistic mantra, “If it hits the receiver in the hands…” That’s some tired BS and it has led to many of his interceptions.

Some of Dak’s development has been hampered by poor staffing choices: Kellen Moore, despite incredible talent as OC, should never have been a developing player’s QB coach, and now Kitna, a QB never known for precision accuracy.

Dak knows the weak areas of his game. He is a professional. There is no doubt in my mind he will work hard to hone this last skill and be a more complete quarterback next season.

Maybe Dak will never develop good ball placement in this final area. Maybe the Dak we watched all season is as good as he will ever get. We shall see.


It is correct that he had careers highs in yard and tds, but the vast majority of those yards are empty. They came at the end of games that we were already losing. How many big throws in tight moments did Dak make this year? How many times when we really needed it did he make a play. I would ask did he not run this year because he didn’t have his contact and didn’t want to put himself on the line with a big contract looming? Everyone talks about leadership, intangibles with Dak. Where was any of that this year? You don’t pay 35 million to a qb who doesn’t elevate the play of others around him. Dak was valuable when he was using his legs providing that threat, he seems like he wants to be a pocket passer and he’s simply just not accurate enough, consistently for that to be his game.

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