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Dak Prescott’s Contract Extension The Final Move To Make Before 2020 Kicks Off

When it comes to the market, the have had a bit of an up and down .

Though it began with the loss of some key defensive contributors in and , it turned around nicely due to ’s extension and the signings of veteran defensive tackles and .

Then, of course, the Cowboys went through and dominated the , finding receiver available 17th overall and in the .

One blatant move remains for America’s Team to make however.: finalizing Dak Prescott’s .

Bleacher Report posted a list of the final move each to make to solidify their , with Prescott’s lingering contract making the cut for Dallas. Though some could argue that a for Jets could actually be the move that seals the deal for a 2020 run, taking care of their own quarterback takes rightful precedent here.

“The Cowboys now have less than seven weeks to get something done. If they don’t, Prescott will hold all of the leverage, thus leaving the franchise in a precarious position for 2021 and beyond.”

Of course, the seven weeks deadline Brent Sobleski mentions here is in reference to the mid-July deadline for Prescott to sign the . So far, there’s no indication that he will do so, which would create even further drama right before the really kicks off.

The Cowboys have reportedly offered Prescott what they feel is a fair offer, but Prescott’s demands are on the table and popularly noted as well.

Now – we continue to wait and see who blinks first.

What do you think?


Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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  1. Please all you jokers out here lets move on from Dak hes not top tier u guys are snoring loud enough to disrupt contract negotiations and yeah way to make your qb feel wanted and stood behind hes worth every penny of that 35 mil hes seeking and my only issue is Dak gonna risk it all over a year 5 vs. 4 yrs hell Dak take the 5yr Deal show their asses wat your really worth at 35 mil a yr. you are the highest paid qb in the league and only won 1 playoff game so say u dont live up u gotz good pay for 5yrs and if you prove urself one of the elites with some more playoff experience and hopefully you do a Aikman and company and make this a dynasty again we have all the positions covered all they need is their number 1 their leader to take them home lets go cowboys.

    "Cowboys Superbowl bound". 2020 watch out Kansas City Cowboys are comin for ya!!!

  2. Make Dak a good offer if he does not want to sign it is time to move on .Remember no super bowls!Remember They signed Andy Dalton pretty good Quaterback.Trade for Jammal Adams & move on this has gone on long enough.

  3. The problem with rolling with Dalton for a few yrs and then JUST drafting a QB is that you almost have to be picking in the top 5-!0 to get a potentially elite QB and that would require Cowboys really sucking bad in a few yrs. Again that’s why QBs are drafted #1 every yr and average QBs get big contracts (Dak). Go back over the last 15 yrs and look at the QBs that have been in the super bowl most have been elite and if they weren’t they had elite defenses.

  4. Would be really ballsy to roll with dalton and let Dak go to a crappy team where he will be more exposed. but we know that’s not gonna happen though i bet alot cowboys fans wish it would

  5. Players don’t often take less $ than they can get especially on their first big contract. Dak probably feels that he more then gave the cowboys their moneys worth on his rookie contract now its time to get paid. But totally agree with u VAM he ain’t worth what he’s asking. Can he be worth it in the future? With Brees and Brady on way out its Not inconceivable that he can continue to improve and evolve into top 5-7 QB in league at least we better hoor he does cuz i think we all know he will be paid.

  6. Prescott is NOT a “market setting” talent. Why should Cowboys pay him what Mahones may get in the future. Prescott is above average. Certainly not a CLUTCH player. Not ELITE, or so called FRANCHISE.

    Latest report says that a contract was IMMINENT, EARLY LAST YEAR. But after Prescott had 3 good games against slug teams, (Giants, Redskins and Fins) Prescott and/or his agent UPED their ludicrous demands to stupid money. Then Prescott came back down to his real level, especially against Pats (27 QBR) and second Philly game (37).

    Tom Brady, winner of 6 SUPER BOWLS, makes $25 million/yr. The Diva, with 1 payoff win, apparently wants somewhere north of $35 million/yr. INSANITY!!!

    Bottom line, GREEDY, SELF CENTERED Prescott is hurting the team in numerous ways. Don’t blow up the cap for him. Roll with Dalton with this very talented offense. IMHO, we can win with DALTON. Then next draft, pick up a promising QB. DONE!

  7. For all the outstanding moves Dallas have made, they are screwing this up royally. The price of QBs continues to sky rocket.

    They should have signed him to a deal when they 1st had the chance but they wanted to wait. That cost them $8-10 million a year right then instead of having him locked up for what would have amounted to 4 extra years (or maybe 5)

    They have now “set the market” at DE, WR, RB and now about to set it at QB. . . if and only if they can get this done before Mahomes’ deal is cut.

    Or they could have let him test the market and either matched his offer (likely lower than what he’s negotiating for now) or gotten 2 1st round picks, signed Teddy Bridgewater or Cam for less and moved on down the road.

    Yeah, Dak is showing himself to be a greedy son of a gun with little interest in the team . . .Still, Dallas is in great shape even overpaying for Dak with a 3 year window to win it all.

    3 years from now they can add $60 million in cap space by dumping by then the aging stars (which includes Tron) and in theory with the way they have drafted, have completely rebuilt the team.

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