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Dak Prescott’s Injury Update

has been seen practicing with other team members this week to try and strengthen his arm. Dak is still suffering from his thumb from week one. Many people expect him to be out for another 3-4 weeks.

These are good signs for him, considering that he is starting to grip the ball better. The Cowboys themselves are expecting him to return by week four or five (possibly). Week five overall seems to be the quickest he will be back.

While it's a good thing that the Cowboys have been working with his hand, I think they should try to consider some rest. When one has a thumb injury, a lot of times too much pressure can delay the healing process. Not saying that it's happening here but the staff should look out for that and avoid it.

At the moment, Dak still has stitches near his thumb. The doctors have yet to take them out due to them thinking the thumb needs longer to heal.

I think and other staff members are pushing him a little too much. While his thumb is recovering, I don't think we can expect him back by week four or even week five.

Last week against the , Dak was seen on the sidelines helping with play callings and field observing. We will probably see him again in the same position this upcoming week.

Overall, while many are high on him returning sooner than later, I disagree. We may not see him until week 6 perhaps. The are trying to keep him relevant because they don't want their fans to think the season is over.

What the Cowboys need to do is let Dak keep practicing with the team during the week, but also watch him closely. They should consider having him take long breaks during practices to help him heal.

It's already bad enough that he's out for 4-6 weeks right now, they shouldn't risk any longer. Once Dak gets his stitches removed we should see him in much better shape than the past few days.

Tony Stahl
Tony Stahl
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