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DAL 27, NO 17: Cowboys get 4 Picks, Improve to 8-4 w/ Road Win

Have the Cowboys put their November woes behind them? It wasn't pretty, but at least they've started December with a 27-17 road win over the New Orleans Saints.

The stood out in this one with four interceptions of Saints QB . CB got his ninth pick of 2021 and DT snatched one out of the air and took it to the house. Safeties and also joined in the fun.

got his 10th sack of the year and stood out in several other moments, continuing his campaign for and perhaps even greater accolades. We also enjoyed the return of after missing 10 games with a broken foot, and Tank didn't disappoint with several big plays throughout the night.

The defensive turnovers were essential to Dallas' success as the never really got hot. The 20 offensive points were enough to beat a severely shorthanded Saints team, but struggles with the run game and a lack of consistency in the will leave many worried as we get into the home stretch of the season.

had 238 passing yards and a TD to , but his one interception was a very questionable throw into coverage and he had a few misses on other opportunities. Outside of one 58-yard breakaway by for a score, the running backs were mostly stymied all night.

Still, picking this game apart may be unfair given the week Dallas has had. and several assistant were missing due to COVID and served as the interim HC.

For Quinn, who battled for years in the South while head coach of the Falcons, this was assuredly a nice moment. Quinn had a 5-8 record against Payton's Saints during his time in Atlanta.

This win moves Dallas to 8-4 on the year and give them positive momentum before a long break between games. The Cowboys will have 10 days to rest, heal, and prepare for their first meeting with the Washington Football Team in .

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Dak threw the INT because he was hit in the face as he threw and the refs missed the call. The refs also missed a call when they called a critical phantom penalty against NO. So, bad calls evened out.
In between turnovers, the defense got run over. The offense play calling seemed to have no game plan evident…just Moore seeming to call random plays.
The Boys were all big plays and no consistency anywhere but a win is a win.
The coaches need to take this 10 days and reorganize.


Agree siempre, a win is a win. But this win was, IMO, unimpressive. Four INTs, including a pick six, and they win by only 10 points. And against a highly undermanned NO team and a very compromised QB, who clearly could not throw with that injured finger. Surprised NO stayed with him.

Some good play from several players for us, mostly on defense, but EE again was almost non existence. Take TP long run out and the run game was not good. DP made a couple of good throws early, then was flat. This offense needs work, and not in the WR position, who made great catches and YACs.


I agree Vam. I stopped watching in the third quarter as the play was so poor. I am really hoping for a boost in defensive play the next couple weeks as Gregory and our other defensive lineman gets back in the rotation. I am really excited to see both Parsons and Gregory rushing from time to time. The offense is absolutely out of sync. The line is not plowing holes like they did early in the year. I still would like them to at least experiment with Steele at RT and Collins at left guard. Somehow they need to get the best players on the field. Zeke is not himself. Pollard needs to be the guy for right now. He has to the house potential on every carry. Hopefully ten days off can get this team some rest and no more covid issues crop up. Not an impressive win to be sure, but thankfully a W none the less.

Cowboy Fan Ed

Yep a win is a win but it seems that we are playing on about three cylinders out of eight! Our timing is off on offense and our defense is relying on turnovers to stop drives instead of being able to stop them man to man! One other thing that concerns me is we just beat another team with a losing record that had multiple injuries and the game was a-lot closer than what the score indicated! I hate to sound all negative but until we start finding a way to beat the good teams and dominate the loosing record teams we will just be an average team!! That’s the way I see it and tell me if I’m wrong! BUT I know that we have the talent to be a championship team we just have to put it all together !


The Cowboys ran the ball better when Conner Williams was at right guard. If he can cut the penalties down. Maybe that’s the answer?


You guys have all said really great comments so I will just add a few observations:
1. Our s/t are starting to pay dividends angar is a real asset punting
2. Our LBs are pretty bad besides Parson, LVE is a scrub
3. McGovern and Biadiaz are weak and we need to figure out how to take advantage of only a few more years with Tyron and Zack
4. TPS unique skills and blinding speed are not being properly utilized
5. Jayron Kearse was a fantastic FA acquisition he is flat out balling
6. Imagine a starting D line of tank, osi, gallimore and Gregory with parsons added in with gholston, Armstrong and Watkins subbing in


Solid job by Q. Handled all situations very well.

Whoever is responsible for the running back rotation the past several weeks and throwing in the final 5 minutes needs to be harnessed unfortunately.

Too late for LC to left guard imo, even though I am for it. It is time to check his grades compared to Steele though. Biadasz does seem to be performing better since McGovern has been inserted. Perhaps a coincidence.

Special bounce back congrats to Brown for his performance and conduct from Thanksgiving.


Agree with everyone’s comments on here, we won cuz they didn’t have Kamara and Hill was playing with a splint, idk why Payton kept him in, I would’ve played Simien and brought Hill in on 3rd and short or goal line situations

Our offense honestly sucked, we had some splash plays thanks to Pollard, Ceedee, Coop on like one play, and Gallup for a TD on a Fade route, but when we didn’t have our guys making something out of nothing, we couldn’t do anything our O-Line couldn’t block and oddly enough, I saw Smith give up a couple pressures, and he blew one block, and Martin blew one play. Idk what is wrong with our line, but they were AWFUL, when the D is getting to Zeke or Pollard 2 yards behind the line of scrimmage, then you suck

Our D played well with Parsons making plays, Lawrence made some plays, and our secondary(What a pick Kearse) but as i said , this was wo Kamara and they had a handicapped QB

A win is a win, but it was one fugly win, we’ll see what happens in the coming, looking at our schedule, we should probably win every game except maybe the Cards game, but i imagine we’ll lose vs. Cards and drop 1 of the 2 games vs. Washington

Ethan L Chazin

My observations are…a win is a win, in Dec on the road. Take it, get 10 days of rest and close out strong in your final FIVE games. BUT…

LVE is a scrub, he looks completely lost on the field. No wonder they didn’t pick up his year 5 option. No other LB playing well except all-world rookie Parsons. Why not start Gifford in LVE’s place? Progress-stopper!
McGovern and Biadiaz getting blown back off the line, can’t sustain blocks, Tron holding consistently O line is a shell of its former self La’el Collins doesn’t look the same as his former shut down RT self.
Zeke’s injury is really hurting our run game, while Pollard’s many gifts are being wasted due to under-utilization
Kellen Moore is completely lost in his play-calling sends the RBs straight ahead, he’s coaching his way out of consideration for HC gigs there’s no longer any pre-snap motion to the offense
Dak Prescott sure not playing like a franchise QB, he needs everything to be perfect around him, he refuses to run for 1st downs, he’s missing open reads, his accuracy is all out of whack.
Javon Kearse was a phenomenal FA get, the dude is flat-out balling, kazee and hooker nice additions
Imagine what our D would look like with Tank, Osi, Gallimore and Gregory starting, Parsons a 5th end option and with back ups Armstrong, Gholston, and Watkins.

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