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Dallas Cowboys clinch playoff berth despite loss to Jaguars

Despite the disappointing loss to the Jaguars on Sunday, the still clinched a playoff berth thanks to other game results around the league. Because of the standings after the lost to the on Thursday and the defeated the Sunday night, the Cowboys are ensured a spot in the postseason. This is the first time since 2006 – 2007 that the Cowboys have qualified for postseason play in back-to-back seasons.

Their exact seeding, however, is still yet to be determined. Since the Cowboys defeated the Giants twice, they cannot lose their wild card spot due to the tie breakers considered when determining playoff qualification. In order for Dallas to be locked in as a five seed next week, they would have to beat the Eagles on Saturday, and the Giants would have to beat the Vikings that day.

The Cowboys still have a slim chance of winning the East title, but that scenario is highly unlikely. It would require both for Dallas to win all of their remaining games and for Philadelphia to lose all of their remaining games.

McCarthy's Outlook

Before the outcome of tonight's Giants – Commanders matchup had even been determined, shared his philosophy on seeding with reporters. During his postgame , the Cowboys was asked whether the impact of the loss the to the Jaguars was discouraging.

McCarthy responded, “I've been at this long enough to know that at the end of seventeen games, it sorts itself out. I've been the one seed and been knocked on my a** and won it from the fifth seed… We've just gotta keep our head down and keep working. We'll react properly to this. It's a very accountable locker room.”

McCarthy spoke from personal experience as head coach of the , although the year they won XLV, they had entered the as the sixth seed, not the fifth. Regardless, the crux of his statement remains the same. The first order of business is to secure a spot in the , which the Cowboys have done. After that, seeding determines nothing except who plays in the Wild Card round and who gets home field advantage. Dallas will still face only one opponent at a time, and each playoff game is anybody's game to win.

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