Dallas Cowboys Good, Bad, and Ugly From the 2020 Season Finale

    We can finally close the book on the . The New York Giants saw to that yesterday afternoon with the 23-19 victory over the Cowboys. It's no doubt been a disappointing season, but Dallas' future still looks surprisingly bright despite everything that went wrong this year.

    With the 2020 season now behind us we can now start focusing more on the future. I'm personally really excited about the and all that can happen to hopefully make the Dallas Cowboys a better team moving forward. Before we go full offseason mode though, let's get to this week's edition of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

    The Good

    capped off his 2020 season as an unexpected starter with seven catches for 70 yards. He was the Dallas Cowboys most reliable target in against the New York Giants and ended up leading the team in not only catches, but receiving yards as well. He was the good for me from the Cowboys season finale. Moving forward it will be really interesting to see how both he and will coexist next season.

    The Bad

    After throwing for 377 passing yards and three touchdowns against the in Week 17 was expected to pick up where he left off in the Dallas Cowboys season finale against the New York Giants. Sadly, that wasn't the case. He was off target with a lot of his throws all afternoon, several of which went right into the hands of Giants defenders. If he would've played anywhere close to the way he did last week it likely would've resulted in a Cowboys victory.

    The Ugly

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    The entire season finale for the Dallas Cowboys was pretty ugly, but ultimately I think 's decision not to challenge Austin Pettis' catch late in the game was the reason they lost to the Giants. That catch ended up resulting in a Giants field goal, putting them ahead for points. On the Cowboys next possession they were able to drive down the field into FG range, but had to try to score a touchdown instead. We all know how that ended…an Andy Dalton INT.

    What is your good, bad, and ugly from the Dallas Cowboys 2020 season finale?

    Brian Martin
    Brian Martin
    Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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    Like it or Not, It’s Time to Give the Front Office Credit

    All of a sudden the Cowboys have won three...

    Brett Maher Continues to Kick With Confidence

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    Dalton’s a sporadic failure, just like all the other high paid failures on “this” team. How does it feel to sit home LOSERS? Dalton can kiss my dog’s @$$. Anytime a bonus or money is involved with players salaries, it always, and I mean always fails. Keep dreaming Jerry. No championships for you. You just don’t get it. Time to trade Elli-idiot, Tankless, Sporadic, and many others, At least one shining gem in all of this…Garrett Gilbert can play very well, but you’ll be too stupid to keep him by finding another old washed up loser somewhere near retirement.

    Cowboy Fan Ed

    The Good: I’ll agree that Ole Schultz looked good, the kicker showed up today , glad this on again off again season is over! Bottom line we didn’t deserve nor does the Giants , Eagles, or The no names to be in the playoffs! The Bad: AD was off! but can’t put all the blame on him! OL had him running for his life and dropped balls by Gallup and Lamb! The Ugly: The Giants moving the ball at will especially first half and taking the Challenge flag home with us and not using it!

    Arron Drye

    The Good, Dalton and Neville Gallimore. That 3rd round pick played really well. I look forward to watching him develop even more. That bad, zeke Elliott. He seems like he can’t find that extra gear anymore. He ran hard yesterday but doesn’t find the cut back lanes anymore and doesn’t have the extra burst of speed. I get we have a beat up O-Line but that doesn’t excuse the lack of burst through the line. Also bad Jaylon Smith. Tired of his antics after he makes a play. The runner could have picked up 5 yards and a first down and he is celebrating that he made a stop. He says, watch my film. Well, anyone who watches will notice his bad angles, filling wrong gaps and just overall poor play. When he does finally make a tackle he celebrates and looks dumb. The ugly, the whole season and coaching staff. McCarthy cost us several games due to coaching mistakes. Rams game, we went for it on 4th down instead of kicking the FG, we lost by 3. I don’t even mind going for it on 4th just pick a better play. Obviously, the no challenge flag against the Giants. Thanksgiving day we did a fake punt that was awful and led to REDSKINS scoring and blowing the game wide open. McCarthy says he spent a year on Analytics but he made some terrible choices. Why not go for 2 against the Giants when 1 point does nothing for you. Mike Nolan has to go, you can’t have the worst defense in Cowboys history and have any credible excuses regardless of COVID or not. The team didn’t play hard for him. That speaks more on the players but still he has to go. Now we are talking about tying up 40 million on one player in Dak that will eat up a salary cap that is not kind to us. Just don’t see it getting better.

    Mike M

    The good 2….the Cowboys losing to the Gints, since the former Redskin team won – Dallas gets the 10th pick!


    Man Mike M. Your good, bad, and ugly was better than the writers!


    A lot of good points by everyone here. Dalton was off to start the game, BUT came on very well in the second half, showed toughness with first down runs, that with being harassed and pressured most of the game, sacked 6 times. BTW, did we make a play to get former 1st rounder Leonard Williams. The guy was all over the field yesterday. Giants got him for a 2020 3rd and a 2021 5th, a bargain, still in his prime! No disrespect, but we get players like Eli Ankou and Walter Palmore???

    The Good; Zuerlein, Wilson, Dalton, Niswander, Defense in second half, held Giants 0 for 4 on 3rd downs.

    The Bad; O-Line, J Smith (agree and commented on the BAD ANGLES), Stupid personal fouls.

    The Ugly: Losing the game by not challenging the Giant NON CATCH. Real simple, with the catch overturned, Giants DO NOT GET THE FG, instead have to punt. We then WIN WITH A FG, which we were in easy range to make. Also, to a lesser extent, not going for 2 point conversion??? I don’t usually criticize the coaching staff, BUT IMO, MM lost this game for the players and fans. The buck stops with him, and he should take the BLAME. Mindboggling how he does NOT throw that challenge flag. In the big picture, the game turned out to be meaningless in respect to the postseason. But after putting together 3 good wins in a row, this game ended our season on a down note that DID NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN.

    That being said, we have the draft to look forward to and hopefully we can pick wisely and get our team back to a viable contender. This front office has a lot a big decisions to make in relation to coaching staff, and rebuilding certain areas of the team that are in dire need of help.


    I’ve said this about Dalton if you give him an above average O-Line ( we don’t have that this year) a top 10 RB ( WE AIN’T HAD THAT SINCE ZEKE ROOKIE YEAR ) and a better than average defense ( No we still didn’t have that ) good weapons then we’re gonna run away with this division but none of that happened


    McCarthy should prob be fired but we know how Jerry loves him some puppet coaches , which is why Bill Parcells was the last good head coach we had and before him , the great Jimmy Johnson . I think Nolan should be given a 2nd chance , give him better players in offseason through free agency and draft and give him a full training camp and OTA’s like what they had before covid and i think he’ll be a lot better next year


    But TBH the players need to just say YOU KNOW WHAT ? FORGET THE COACHES WE GONNA GO AND JUST BALL OUT , but that didn’t happen this year , why are we paying D-Law top DE money to only get 6 sacks this year ? why are we paying Zeke 3rd highest in the NFL among RBs type of money to not get 1000 yds in a year where we needed that with Dak hurt ? Or paying top O-line money to a O-line that can’t stay healthy? THE ONLY WAY THE COWBOYS CAN TURN THIS AROUND NEXT YEAR OR YEARS TO COME HAS TO START WITH THE PLAYERS PLAYING TO WHAT IS EXPECTED OF THEM PERIOD.

    Gary b

    Okay first with the good:

    *NISWINDER- has been sensational in a small sample size. Given how compromised our punting and subsequently our field position has been in recent yrs, is it a stretch that Niswander might have been good for a couple of extra wins the last two seasons?

    *ZUERLINE- See above

    *DALTON SCHULTZ- a very pleasant surprise! A better pass catcher then I thought and the guy refuses to be tackled. Be interesting how they use him with Jarwin next year. A good problem to have.

    D WILSON- appear to have finaly found our playmaking strong safety. Hopefully he gets better with exp.

    THE ROOKIE CLASS- Several starters who all have varying degrees of promise.

    TURNOVERS- whether partly by luck or partly by hard hitting, we finally helped our defense out. (where were those earlier in the season). Though in their defense we were decimated by injuries, especially in the beginning.

    Now for the bad:

    ZEKE- He just doesn’t have it anymore. OL issues notwithstanding we simply can’t have that type of production from him again next year. If he stumbles out of the gate next year, bench him. The success of the team is more important then any one player. It’s plain as day he doesn’t have the burst/speed/quickness anymore.

    The DL- we have to find a space eating stud that can occupy blockers and stop the run. If our opponents continue to run roughshod over us, nothing else matters.

    Free safety and the CB position opposite Diggs- Gotta find quality players at those two positions. We were torched way too much this year.

    OL depth – With the injury history of Smith/Collins its imperative we continue to solidify this position. Tyler/Knight/Steele have potential, but the OL falling apart this year was devastating for us.

    The coaching staff- Nolan has to go. Have to get the bad taste out of our mouth of this historically bad defense. Need a fresh voice and clean slate moving forward.
    I’ll add that it seemed like from the beginning of the year McCarthy and Co. were intent (sometimes foolishly) on showing they weren’t afraid to take risks. Several decisions especially early in the year bordered on reckless and smacked of desperation. The culmination of this was failing to throw the challenge flag on the Pettis catch. Basically emblematic of the season for this coaching staff.

    Final note- Starting with the #10 pick in the draft we can address some of our position needs. We have I believe nine total picks. Including two in the 3rd and two in the 4th. We should be able to replenish our squad to a large degree.

    In many ways this season was an aberration. Get all of our players healthy, nail this draft and come back next year ready to get to work.

    Gary b

    Forgot to mention the LBs . Smith is a liability and is ineffective unless moving in a straight line. Get him in space and he’s helpless . That coupled with LVE injury history and average play this year. We need to address this position in the draft or free agency.

    Basically we’re lacking at all three levels of the defense. DL into the LBs and finally into the secondary.


    Basically our defense sucks XD

    though i will say we got some promising players in Diggs and WIlson , we need a good coverage LB or another good CB with that 10th pick and solve the other areas of need through later round picks and free agency


    Regardless of what you call it….LOSING is a disease and it’s all ugly! Harbaugh and Urban Meyer may come back to the NFL. Need a Defensive Coordinator? Harbaugh and Meyer are headed to the NFL (maybe). Try one Jerry. You have the money to waste. Mike Singletary may be available if you pays the price. Could be the stadium maintenance man may be better than Nolan, Jerry, call the doctor because your team has losing leprosy and all of them should be marooned on an island off of Antarctica. I have nothing nice to say about any of them because LOSING IS A TEAM SPORT. See Jerry, these fans actually know what they are talking about. Maybe your kid Steve and you should listen (for once). ANOTHER YEAR OF FAILURE AND EMPTY MEDIA HYPE. Thanks for nothing. Sell the damn team to someone who wants to win. Maybe Jimmy will want to buy it.

    Ed Holton

    Andy Dalton is mostly at fault he wasn’t on the same page as everyone on the team zeke wasn’t in the game because his main player was out for the season my opinion have him get used to the back-up in case this happens so he can understand the different styles of dak and Andy so he’s familiar with both players style of playing the game…dak is known for if no receivers are open to run the ball Andy Dalton is a throwing and hand off player…hes not known for his running ability like dak is if he needs to run…dak hardly missed a game then to put zeke with a player he barely knew his style that’s setting him up for confusing because he’s not used to the style he’s used to dak Prescott…work both QBs so he knows both styles… I’m a die hard Dallas fan and yes I support my team win or lose playoffs or no playoffs