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Dallas Cowboys Good, Bad, and Ugly From Week 7 Against Washington

Dallas Cowboys good, bad, and ugly from Week 7.

In less than a week the Dallas have gone from leading the East division to currently sitting in third place due to the 25-3 loss to the Washington Football Team Sunday afternoon. It was yet another putrid performance all around and one that could have all but doomed any hope of success this year.

No doubt the Dallas Cowboys is already circling the drain. This is a team that is still putting forth the effort for the most part, but the looks of defeat are already starting to surface. Another loss next week to a division foe – the – could likely send this team into a downward spiral there is no hope of coming back from.

It’s something to keep in mind moving forward, but for now let’s get to this week’s edition of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Sadly, this could be the last of these articles because it’s getting harder and harder each week to identify anything positive. Until then though, feel free to use the comment section to voice your own thoughts and opinions on the topic.

Let’s get started…

The Good

HA! I could pretend to say there was some good football played for the Dallas Cowboys at some point Sunday afternoon against the Washington Football Team, but we all know I’d lying. The Cowboys can’t seem to do a single thing right this season and it continued again in Week 7. This is a bad football team plain and simple. If there is a silver lining though, it could be that they should have a Top 5 draft pick in the 2021 .

The Bad

Pick your poison! Poor play throughout doomed the Dallas Cowboys against the division rival Washington Football Team, but I guess the bad for me was ’s . We all knew it was bound to happen with the patch worked , but to see him forced to exit the game on an illegal hit at the hands of Jon Bostic was painful to watch. I feel for No. 14 because I believe he’s a good QB who’s been forced into a terrible situation.

The Ugly

From the top to bottom, the Dallas Cowboys are flat out ugly this season. The Cowboys brass have failed to make moves earlier this season that could improve the , the is failing on a number of levels, and players are have looked completely lost all year. This is a far cry from the team we expected to see this in 2020 and sadly I don’t envision them getting any better as the season progresses. Might as well start planning for the future now.

What is your good, bad, and ugly for the Dallas Cowboys from Week 7?

What do you think?


Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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  1. Agree VAM- A strong OL and DL can cover up holes at other positions. It can make ur running/passing game look better and it can compensate for a subpar secondary, all of which are weak areas for us.

  2. As they say games are won in the trenches, and right now our O and D lines are pretty damn bad. One can blame it on injuries, bad FA signings, draft selection, not signing our own key players, etc. But it is apparent, this, for the most part, lead to where we are now.

  3. McCarthy seems not to be concerned about the teams inability to stop below average offenses. Falling behind early in games has attributed to the horrific start to the season and much of that falls on the defensive side of the ball. Plain and simple, Nolan has to go!!!!!@

  4. Agree Stephen it looks like this team has packed it in. They don’t believe they can win, and they have no leaders capable of righting the ship.

    Not to build Dak up too much, but he had them believing they could win every game, and thru sheer will and determination he carried them on his back. They are like a ship adrift now, with no confidence or belief in themselves or apparently the coaching staff either. This team has zero leadership. Where is the heart? Where is the pride?

  5. Honestly, it looks like the team has just mailed it in on this season. No fire, no heart of backbone as Lawrence falls it. I agree with you that spending more money on contracts probably wouldn’t change this season. The Cowboys, as a team, have quit on this season.

  6. The Good: They Showed up. The Bad: Another quarterback got hurt. Scored only 3 points. The Ugly: Another loss with very poor play by the team players and very horrible coaching.

  7. The Cowboys need mobility at the Quarterback position because the offensive line is easily confused and so is the defense.the coaches have to make adjustments after every series instead of have time they have to point every mistake whenever it is made and I have confidence in my Boys they can right the ship before it’s too late

  8. The good: This game exposed MN that much more in that if he is an NFL defensive coordinator then It will not snow this year in Denver Colorado! Washington’s team rushed the ball like they were one of the best teams in the league instead of the worst team in the NFL in that category! Come on Jerry it’s time to shake it up and make some changes! Even if they don’t work at least go down swinging! The Bad: if I were AD I would tell these guys that suppose to have my back that y’all don’t need me anymore and I would find a group of guys that would stick up for me like a true TEAM should! The Ugly: The boys went into Washington and layed down like a bunch of whipped dogs! No heart, No passion, No pride!

  9. Is there any chance to improve The OL by some player coming from The IR or The practice squad or we have to wait some games to burn a rookie QB with Bad stats for being hurried and sacked?

    • I think there are some free agents who could come in and help the OL or they could trade for some help, but at this point I really don’t see the point. This team is simply just bad.

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