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Dallas Cowboys Good, Bad, and Ugly From Week 8 Against Philadelphia Eagles

What do you know!? The weren't completely terrible in 's first career start in the NFL against the . In fact, this might just be one of the more complete games they've played. Although they played better it sadly wasn't enough in the end to secure the victory against a divisional opponent.

After the way the Dallas Cowboys have been playing lately I thought my weekly The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly articles were finished considering there wasn't really anything good to write about, but I guess I was wrong. Here we are again, so let's get to it… Shall we!?

The Good

Call me crazy, but the Dallas Cowboys wasn't terrible against the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday night in Week 8. In fact, that's what I'm going with as the good this week. Who would've thought that would ever happen the way they've played this season. Truth be told, the defense was was actually the bright spot highlighted by ' two interceptions. It took half the season, but they finally played with an attitude and confidence. Hopefully it catches on.

The Bad

For a change I actually had a difficult time deciding exactly what to go with here. In the end though I think this Week 8 matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles came down to one play… Ben DiNucci's sack, fumble that helped put the Eagles up 21-9 with a little over five minutes to go in the fourth quarter. For me, that was the bad. That play alone put an end to a potential scoring drive for the Cowboys and quite possibly an end to their season as well.

The Ugly

It wasn't all that surprising to see the Dallas Cowboys struggle considering they were starting a rookie behind a banged up . What was surprising though was 's offensive playcalling creativity. I was little scared for Ben DiNucci after seeing get his head taken off last week, but thankfully the offense didn't play as bad as I thought. They were just ugly. I actually wouldn't mind to seeing more of that offensive creativity.

What was your good, bad, and ugly for the Dallas Cowboys in Week 8?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Martin FM

It’s incredible how any team can run us as they wish. I don’t think is an attitude problem but defensive problem, if 2 interception and a couple of Sacks worth a comment to Say and improve after 8 dissaster defensive games? I clap for Diggs and Wilson, DLaw did what he has to, and he has to improve Even better. The coach problem is Big very Big not only defensively, McCarthy is not listened as he said, that is a big issue because that things are resolved un The locker room.

Martin FM

Now se face Pittsburg, undefeated, one of The best defense, great offense, You can take it as another challenge to improve, for me we have to fire McCarthy Nolan and The other guys, keep just Kellen Moore as OC or Head Coach of bring people who deserves being there

Cowboy Fan Ed

The Good: I’m with you in the fact that the defense at least got some stops! And I liked the fact the offense put a few wrinkles in the playbook! The Bad: We managed to jurk a defeat out of the jaws of victory ! With the turnovers we caused and turned around and couldn’t score with them was bad! The Ugly: ole D man did his best I’m sure but I thought it really showed that a QB from James Maddison was what it was! He is not ready for this League!


The Good:
1. Diggs’ two great INTs.
2. Defense played with more intensity, showed more fight.
3. Lawrence and LVE showed up well.
4. D. Wilson delayed blitz on Wentz, strong tackle, strip, and recovery.

The Bad: Refs BAD calls,
1. On 3rd and long for Philly, R Gregory called for roughing Wentz. They get first down instead on four and long.
2. Fumble that went for TD for Philly. Philly player was down and touched, then ball strip out. was NOT a live ball at that point. Horrible call by inept officiating last night.

The Ugly:
1. When we were driving, I think in 3rd quarter, running the the ball down their throats, we AGAIN tried a trick play with Ced Wilson, that killed the drive with a huge loss (missed FG?). Should have kept running the ball. It looked like Ced was trying to throw a pass, but WHY at that point, when we were running so WELL.
2. Hate to say it because he seems like a great guy and made a great comeback from that injury, but Jaylon Smith is not the player some may think he is. Can’t get off blocks well, and not that quick. One play in particular, he had RB Boston squared up, with enough depth for a good angle, but Boston just ran outside of him with ease. Smith looked like he was running in sand. Was not even close..


Defense looked decent against a terrible offense, d law diggs came to play.
Elliott had several good looks running behind Martin. Good job until u just stopped!
Zurline makes solid line drive field goal no one thought he would make.
Changing up the play calling, and looking like u are having fun with it. Was refreshing and fun to watch until u throw them in at the wrong times.

Aldon Smith although has had a solid comeback was lost in this game and was often bullied. Jaylon Smith, seems lost and confused while just simply getting beat. Gallop seemed to be the only target for denuchi everyone else was 2nd progression or not on the throwing list, not utilizing the God tier trio. Zurline shanks 1 right. Calling gadget plays at the wrong time. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Lee had 1 good stop then disapeared.
Team constantly allowed decent field position either by turnovers or by special teams.

Some players should not be playing in the NFL. We found 1 last night. It was funny when colinsworth stated that denuchi was poised and the camera did a close up on denuchi, he looked as if he was shaking like a leaf and when he hiked that ball he saw 3 eagles bullcharge in. It reminded me of wwz when the zombies went around the sick person on the street that person ducked. The defensive line was continuously being washed out as if they were high school players. Nobody on the o line knows how to pick up a blitz. Thank goodness for zeke at times who doesn’t get enough credit for making crucial blocks. TURNOVERS!! Crawford’s salary!!!! Nuff said on that 1. Lastly, refs bad calls. Nuff said on that 1 too.

Gary b

People get too excited when we have a decent outing against an equally inferior team (Eagles/Giants). Wentz tried his best to give away that game to us, like he does with most of his opponents. We just weren’t good enuf to go out and take it.

The rest of this season will tell us which of our players are quitters and which are fighters. These players will show their true colors as we continue to stumble thru this cursed season. The coaches will also show what they got. We want players/ coaches that dont wilt under pressure and show ingenuity and fortitude during these difficult times.

Any doubts about how much we miss Dak’s leadership and production? This team gave up when he went down. He was the one guy that could rally us and give us hope we could win. Without him there is a huge vacuum leadership and production wise.

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