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Dallas Cowboys: Why You Should Bet On Their Win Next NFL Season

The new NFL season has just commenced and football fans are flocking to the stadiums to watch the spectacle and even place bets. It's always fun to speculate who will take the trophy home, especially when we are this early in the season. Wherever we speculate the outcomes we tend to take the previous season as a reference point. One of the teams that had solid success in 2021 is the , and many believe they will win NFL 2022.

Here we will talk about football betting and why punters should put their money on the Dallas Cowboys this season. Of course, it's still too early so these are just speculations, and for all we know, things will look drastically different by the end of the season.

They Will Likely Win NFC East

The won 12 games, but bookmakers project their wins for this season to be at 10.5. Even if this number is lower compared to last season it's still very high compared to other teams.

The only two teams that have better projections are the and . Of course, punters don't always react as predicted and currently over 90% of players are betting that the Cowboys will finish with fewer than 10 wins.

However, as far as the goes they are by far the best contender.

The for this year are +135, and the only other team that has somewhat similar odds is the at +165. Last year the Cowboys were three games ahead of the Eagles at the end of the season, so it's hard to argue that any other team can top the East. That being said, bettors once again don't agree with these odds, and the slight majority is actually putting their money on the Eagles.

This only means the reward for backing the Cowboys will increase. In other words, it is a good reason for bettors who focus on facts to take advantage.

You Can Place Bets Risk-Free at Online Casinos

It's also worth pointing out that those who enjoy online can get all bonus offers that can be used for sports betting. Typically online casinos give out free spins but those operators that host sports betting content give free betting slips as well. It's important to pick the best payout online casino site that you can trust. So if you didn't bet online up to this point make sure to read some reviews and guides on how to find the best payout casino. This also means you'll be able to claim a welcome offer which is known to be the most generous promotion.

Eagles Are Stronger as Well

It may seem that the crowd is overhyping Philadelphia, but there is actually a good reason why bettors aren't too concerned with the results from the last season.

It won't be easy to beat the Eagles as the team has undergone significant improvements. There is a big difference compared to last season as A.J Brown from the Tennessee Titans is now part of the Philadelphia Eagles. This isn't the only change to the team's roster as both Haason Reddick and have joined.

Talented Players

Dallas Cowboys: Why You Should Bet On Their Win Next NFL Season
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Finally, let's talk about the bread and butter of the Dallas Cowboys, and that is the athletes. The team consists of top-tier players who demonstrated time and again that they can give any opponent a run for their money.

To sum up, betting on the Dallas Cowboys really makes sense. They currently have a cushy schedule and the rewards are better due to the overwhelming hype for the Eagles.

Although it's difficult to say who will win the , they are really likely to win the NFC East. Hopefully, you found this overview helpful, and insightful. Remember to bet responsibly and to choose legitimate and regulated online operators when you decide to place a bet.

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