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Dan Quinn Sees Progress in Jaylon Smith, Wants LB on More Blitzes

The Cowboys return to in has been a welcome sight for coaches, players, and fans, perhaps none more so than . Tasked with the tall order of fixing a porous Cowboys led by in 2020, Quinn's impact began in the draft as Dallas used eight picks on his side of the ball. The position group put on notice the most following Quinn's first draft was , with incumbent starters and now joined by and .

It doesn't take much for Smith to make headlines in the media, doing so in the when encouraging those critical of his performance to “watch the tape”. Clearly, after his new coach did so, the Cowboys felt an upgrade was needed at linebacker this season. The Cowboys allowed 2,541 rushing yards a  year ago, the most they've conceded since the 2000 season.

Quinn will still have to find a way to utilize Smith in a LB rotation that also features , a former under Quinn with the Falcons. When asked about Smith's performance in camp thus far, the Cowboys DC said he foresees an increase in Smith's usage as a pass rusher.

Smith played with his hand in the ground at times at Notre Dame, and this versatility made him a top prospect prior to the knee suffered against Ohio State. In 2018, the first season Smith was paired with Vander Esch, he matched his entire college output for with four.

The hands-on approach that Quinn has brought to the practice field is a stark contrast from the teachings of Nolan, who players were publicly critical of. While Quinn has earned praise for getting down to work with all of his new defenders, he may run into a numbers crunch when looking to actually deploy Smith in rush packages.

Cowboys Need Jaylon Smith to Stay Hot as Kyler Murray Comes to Town

The Cowboys have showed they have similar plans for first-round pick Micah Parsons, who's gotten work at both linebacker and . They've also seen Neal struggle in pass coverage thus far. While the thought of maximizing depth at LB by adding them to the rush is a good one on paper, the Cowboys priority here needs to be bodies that can actually play on the second level. Vander Esch will have the opportunity to do so from the WILL position, and whether or not it's Jaylon Smith joining him at MIKE is entirely up to the fifth-year player.

The need for extra help could also be diminished by the Cowboys front four, led by a resurgent at right end. The plan will be to pair Gregory with once he's healthy. On the interior, the Cowboys can expect some pressures from and while addressing the 1T position both in and the draft. and will be tasked with helping the and keeping linemen away from the Cowboys LBs.

Though the Cowboys kicks off in less than a week, the team is a long way from knowing what their defense will look like in 2021. Jaylon Smith will have some role, even if the long term plan is for Parsons and Cox to work their way into more snaps.

If Quinn can truly help Smith regain his form, it will go an incredibly long way in his overhaul of the Cowboys defense. Putting him in position to use the speed he mentioned along with rushing the passer is just one way for Quinn to help Smith – at a time where Jaylon Smith should be doing all he can to help the coaches deciding his playing time.

Sean Martin
Sean Martin
Born January 28th, 1996- Cowboys Super Bowl XXX. Point Boro Panther, Montclair State Red Hawk, and most importantly a proud member of Cowboys Nation! I host "Upon Further Review" on 90.3 WMSC FM and every Friday from 1-4 PM ET. Twitter: @SeanMartinNFL.

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Cowboy Fan Ed

I agree with bringing the heat ! If the QB doesn’t have to to go through his progressions then he starts trying to get the ball out quicker which in turn results in turnovers ! I realize that there will be times when we get burnt but I believe that the risk is worth the reward !

Tony Farthing

I still don’t understand how LVE is “suddenly” a “safe bet”… he fooled the MNolan staff when they named LVE the starting MIKE. LVE performed far worse than JSmith when he was on the field last season. All seems to be forgiven… except for JSmith.

Missed opportunity to allow these guys to reset with an improved DL. Appears staff is looking pass JSmith. Why not trade him before we dimenish his trade value?

Gary b

Who would trade for Smith? He would have likely been cut by the cowboys had it not been for his contract. Agree about LVE though. Even when he was healthy last year, he didn’t play particularly well. BUT I expect both of them to bounce back with improved DL play and a better defensive scheme. Don’t expect either of them to be what they were at their best though.

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