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David Irving Among Best PFF Pass Rushing Interior Linemen

Cowboys' Pass Rush: Who Will Be QB Sack Leader In 2017?
Oct 16, 2016; Green Bay, WI, USA; Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman David Irving (95) during warmups prior to the game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. Dallas won 30-16. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It's a huge year for Dallas Cowboys' Defensive David Irving. After two good seasons in which he showed the world what he was capable of, Irving will play the under a second-round tender given to him by the Cowboys' .

A decision that made afraid of another NFL team snatching Irving away seems to have paid off for the team. However, concerns surround the young player who's had to deal with a investigation (which has been closed) and who's allegedly  “out of shape.”

While concerns are present, let's give credit where credit is due. Pro recently tweeted its Top 5 interior defenders by “ productivity.”

Among said Top 5 is Cowboys' DT David Irving. and stand as the only two better linemen on the list with Cam Heyward and David Irving tied for third. Matt Idannidis  occupies the fifth spot.

According to PFF, pass rush productivity “measures pressure created on a per snap basis with weighting toward .” Irving was able to rack up seven sacks in just eight games last season but his contributions to the Dallas Cowboys went beyond this simple stat.

Bob Sturm was able to put together a pretty interesting stat back in February which perfectly portrayed Irving's ability to disrupt as a defender. According to the “Splash Plays” stat, Irving was the second best defender on the Cowboys, despite being suspended for the first four games of the season.

It's more than clear that the team counts with one of the best talents at his position in the entire league. Right now, the question is: can he take the next step?

A good, productive year by Irving would undoubtedly result in a juicy contract for him, if not from the Cowboys, from other team. However, it's about time David Irving realizes where he's at in his career.

It's disappointing to hear that he's not practicing because he's “not in shape.” It really is. Irving could earn himself the contract of a lifetime if he's willing to give his very best effort on the field. Sure, it's just the right now. But Irving is far from a proven veteran who can afford to miss offseason practices.

Perhaps this explains why no team in the NFL was willing to give up a second-round pick for Irving. The talent is clearly there. One has to wonder about Irving's commitment and work ethic.

As for the Cowboys defense, hopes remain that Irving will be one of the most important pieces next season. With him and Lawrence on the , the Cowboys can win the battle in the trenches both from the and from the defense week after week.

The defensive line will be one of the team's deepest and one that will have success under the of Lawrence, Crawford and Irving.

However, Irving's time to step up doesn't being in September. It begins now. Once he gets back into shape, it's time for him to start grinding and start working on getting his next big payday.

The Cowboys want to make a run in 2018. They need a capable defense. With Irving and Lawrence playing lights out like they did last year, they're certainly closer to their ultimate goal.

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Sexcdex Xfact

Other teams do investigative work too
Meaning :
David Irving volatile relationship with his daughters mother is said to be well known by Dallas personnel, teammates etc
Then there was the recent custody battle lined with a very serious domestic abuse allegation
This is obviously what scared other teams away & allowed Dallas to tender what I personally feel (worth 1st round tender) only a 2nd round tender to Irvin
Now PFF agrees with my personal assessment of David’s worth & I’m elated that not only has the investigation proved he’s not guilty of domestic violence buy that he’s suitable for dole custody of his daughter
The only negative opinion I “could” have of D. I. is that he chose to ignore his professional health in the midst of all the baby mama drama when other professionals have used to have a motivated doubled-down stance in healthiness dispite life’s dilemmas
I think the Cowboys have been playing well with the salary capped deficient recent years hand the owner dealt themselves with much salary next year to final secure a longterm approach to all their immediate & future positional needs